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I'M gon na wear a lid what's up y'all welcome back to the channel, as you guys can see. Today'S gon na be our way against our video another big install um. This hair is by Ellie Grace. Thank you Allie Grace for sending me this hair and this amazing beautiful, hair um. This is a reddish brown color or not it's reddish brown. It is. I love the color. I really do excuse the frizz y'all. I tried to HD lace as body weight. Okay, the texture is body wave and I really love it, something I really love about. This wig was, it came pre-plugs and I think it came pre-bleached or something because I didn't have the bleach and Knots like the knots wasn't black or nothing so yeah. I know the pre-plug or bleach so guess you just lit like this - will save you some time so in this bag. They sent me the wig that I have on and it came. It looks so good. I wish I would have reported when I first got it, but I was just so focused on this donkey, but they gave me this cute little Bonnet, it's a satin Bonnet and it's reversible, I'm pretty sure just got pink on the outside black on the inside and Then they gave me this to tie down the lace wig to make it lay Ally Grace, and they also gave me a wig cap, but it's on so yeah y'all stay tuned for the install I'm most likely. I'M gon na be doing a voiceover because I was listening music so before I get any criticism or just tips, um something I should have did was put a darker foundation on on the wig, because this is too light and it don't really blend in, like it's Obvious that it's like oh wait, you know which I don't like. So that's really what I'm trying to work on and trying to perfect. So yeah. That'S really that's pretty much! It make sure you like comment and subscribe, follow my social medias it'll be on the screen or in the description, so yeah love, y'all. What'S up y'all welcome back to another and stall, as you guys can see, I started off with my hair curly um. What I do to lay my hair down underneath the wig cap is, I split into two sections and then just braid it and then, like I wrap it underneath each other, if that makes sense with the ball. Even this is what I do instead of doing straight backs to my hair, because I'm too lazy to do that like I'd, rather just slick it down and boom. Thank you. In the beginning of the video y'all heard me say that the makeup I used was too light and y'all can definitely tell I need to buy some new um Foundation or something because look how light this is like. It looks like the same color as my wig cap like I definitely need a dark color. I'M going to see the next big I install. I promise to have a darker Foundation because that's just not given at all, but now I'm gluing the wig down today. My forehead, so thank you. Thank you, foreign foreign, so I decided to do a side part because I was just tired of the middle parts. I want to do something new and y'all can see me plug in the heck out of that part because it wasn't giving scalp. But now I'm about to cut these edges, y'all gon na see it's gon na, be real real cute. Just imagine if I had a darker Foundation right there like boom, it will look good like. I definitely need a darker Foundation, all right. Here'S me cutting it foreign foreign wow. This is actually cute. This is actually cute. Curl, like the front like you know how for prom, okay, how much this much yeah right now, this one's yeah! Let'S do this! First, oh, don't play with me! No that's when you got a pin it! What now you do that okay, you're gon na do all of it: yeah I'm gon na wear a wig foreign that look cuter and that's it for this video guys. I hope you all enjoyed me. Your songs, wig, make sure you like comment, subscribe and I'll see you on my next video

makayla : this color on you is everything .

aubree aki: love love loveeee

aaliyah: such a cutie

makayla : love me some asiaaa .

Nelisa Phakathi: Ate this uppp

Marvin Dawson: That Girl is good.

Keaira : Notification gang ❤

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