How To Water Dye A Wig Pink (613 Wig) *Click Here*

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Facebook Cuts man we back with another one, long time no see, but we finna jump straight into it. I'M gon na go ahead and straighten that hair around a little bit. You feel me straighten that hair up poke the inside out. You feel me get ready to spread that lace up and that's step one spare that lace with that got to be Gooseberry. You feel me got the big glue spray sure it's rock solid step, two we're gon na dry, the lace I had to go back in there, though I didn't feel like it was hard enough. You feel me make sure that lays hard when you put your hand on that lace, it Sean move, you feel me. Are we gon na go on here, step three Imperial sink, make sure you get everything about that bottle. You feel me, even if you got to put some water in it, shake it up a little bit and get it all out, and then it won't hurt you. I know y'all gon na be asking what pink is that, but should I wish I know now we're gon na go ahead and put the warm water in there not too much, because you want that hair. You feel me be a good color, I'm gon na call. It with step four dip that hair in the sink all right, bow whatever you use dip your hair under first, don't just fully drop or not and hurt. You feel me, but I don't know why I'm styling in the video. Yes, you can put that hair all in the water and you feel me wish it around. Do what you do but make sure before you um got ta just sitting in there. You want the lace sitting on top of the water that fast, let that sew 10 minutes or your desired time. However, you heard dying and most definitely coming with some more videos too man. I ain't been forgetting about try just been real busy lately taking care of business, but yeah more videos coming real soon. Trust me: fire emerge, step, six rest and conditioner. Now look at the come on now Far Far Man fur in that color is just so vibrant fool, we're rinsed that out real good. You feel me rinse that lace off real good get all that pink out there don't rest the color out, though, if you guys semi-permanent, unless you want to streaks, look a little good. Sometimes I guess yeah, that's fair, though ain't gon na lie for and were you wearing some really be careful if it's semi-permanent to not rinse the dial, because, especially if you're using a high pressure water that I would come right off right there, like I'm, showing you Guys now, but I did it on purpose, though I did it on purpose totally on purpose. As you see I went over it again, you found me just wanted to make that spot a little lighter and then the rest of the hair. Little streak streaky streak, whatever y'all call it but yeah and I will put a finishing product at the end. Well, it wasn't even the finishing product. It was just there in a better View, but it was still wet, though it wasn't done or nothing. Oh yeah make sure to rinse out there with cold water, also not hot, not warm cold, more videos coming soon Erica video, specifically thanks for watching we'll see you out later, I'm out here.

Nylah Nicole: it turned out so cute

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