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Hair Info: 26inch deep wave HD 5*5 lace closure wig 250% density

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Spritz super hold

Ebin skin protector improved

Ruby kisses 3d face creator foundation #14

Kera Care wax stick

Got2b insta hold spray

Bio silk serum

Ion interchangeable curling wand

Hot comb

Pencil small flat iron (edges)

1.5inch flat iron

Curling iron

Erickaj hold me down spray

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Dog toys - hey guys, welcome back to my channel today's video is this wig. This wig is for my stereo hair. If you know me - and you know I'm going on vacation, you know I'm definitely wearing that stereo hair close your way. I'Ve had this wig on for like four or five days and if you guys hear a lot of background noise, it's because I'm in Grenada, obviously so there's a lot of animals making noise people making noise whatever I just come to show you guys me putting on This hair and my niece actually was doing my hair moisture routine, so you guys are going to see her doing my moisture routine because I tell y'all it's literally so easy to do your wigs and like moisturize, the hair and everything some people be feeling like it's Hard, but it's really not so you're gon na see her she's nine years old and she literally slayed my hair. Look how it's looking it's about! Um 90 dry because we put like gel and stuff in it. So it's about 90 dry! It does get a little bit frizzy, but you can see the ends are super defined. This has been like the course of a whole week me doing this hair because I've had it on for a while and if you guys are interested in this wig, don't forget to check out Asteria hair, we'll have the links down below like I always do, and Let'S get right into this video, I'm gon na have the specs for this wig as well. In my description box, I don't know if it's a 30 inch or something, but it's really long. Let me show you how long it is. I am five three well five. Two and a half five three, so that's where the wig falls on me. So if you guys are a little bit taller, I recommend going even a longer length, but this is about a 30 inch. I believe so. I will have the correct specs in my description box, so make sure you guys check it out. I got more slaps Than the Beatles foreign. I got nothing new at my life, I wan na dance tonight, it's been a year tonight. Don'T let me know we love yourself guys. This is the end of the video. This is how the hair turned out. Super duper gorgeous comment down below some pink hearts. She slayed my moisture routine. I absolutely appreciate her so give her some hearts in the comment section. If you guys feel like she did a great job and don't forget to check out Asteria hair, I will have all their details in my description box. I don't know I just absolutely love how this hair comes out. I feel like a serious hair. Never disappoints me when I'm on vacation, they always come through with the closure, and it looks so good like it literally gives frontal. I just like did some um edges with my edge control, but it literally gives frontal, and it just makes you feel so nice so cute. I just love curly hair, I feel like it just gives a tropical Vibe. So if you guys are into said, don't forget to check them out down below, and I will definitely see you in my next video bye foreign

Re’Mona Lavon: Cannot go wrong with a good closure ☺️

Nakia Nicholson: Love it so pretty! I’m loving curly hair lately

Sandra Conway: Yesss I love this on Beautiful you Zel and that pretty lil girl is super talented ❤❤❤❤❤❤

OHoneyPot: I can’t wait to visit Grenada. This hair is everything ♥️

MissMadam: Love it ❤❤ curly wig is it

Cynthia Patton: Really pretty! I liked it before she wet it down too!! Did you take it off nightly, or did spray last the whole time?

Shania James: She did amazing

Laquida rush: I see why you like this hair it is giving vacation ❤❤❤❤

Leona Alexander: Big batty girl we didn’t look at the length of the hair there trust me I’m obsessed with this hairnow I feel like I need all these wigs, the pressure is getting worsaaa

Cinnamon Cyrus: Amazing zel you rock that hair it's natural hey do u bleach it? Do u curl it to?

Taiya Keller: ❤❤❤❤love it


PrettyNextDoor: Hi Zel do you ever resale your old wigs?

shanna bambi: ❤❤

Rickisha Wynne: It’s giving .. ❤❤❤

Life as Ayesha: ❤❤❤



Daneia Francis: It giving ❤❤❤

JAI MARIE: Are you sure this is 250 density? It looks thinner .

Syrettexo: I love animals so It’s the rooster in the background for me lol

Laquida rush:

Mellase Pruitt:

Cinnamon Cyrus: Animals so it's the rooster in the video for me lord

Cinnamon Cyrus: Man I tired at these animals stupes they are the only thing troubling me right now gal

Cinnamon Cyrus: U look like Cinderella perfect I see u husband in cocoavalley

Cinnamon Cyrus: I hair chicken wow Their a lot of animals is monjaloux wii lol

Cream 7180:

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