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Welcome welcome back to oh, why my shoulder looks so fat y'all. I don't know why my shoulder looks so fat, but that's needed here or there. One girl, Yes, Y'all, read that title right, y'all, ready right! Your girl is I'm single yeah, yeah yeah, so we're gon na hop into that and talk about that in today's video. But honestly, we really are low-key in the rush, because I'm getting ready for this music video right now so like I really need to hurry up. So I was thinking I'm saying I might as well kill two birds with one stone and film this video for you guys, while I install this wig but yeah y'all. So with that being said before we get into the video, this wig is from Queen inversion. Remy hair - and this is a straight unit - I actually went ahead and I bleached a knot. It was actually really cute y'all. I had the edges out and everything, but I had some bleach the knots with it. One time y'all know I got ta make sure the wig is looking as natural as possible and it's a 28 inch straight unit. You know what I'm saying so: yeah y'all everything about this unit will be in the description box below, if you guys are interested but yeah. Thank you so much to Queen Virginia for sending me this unit. I'M excited to install it and it looks amazing. So far. Okay, so Boom the moment you guys have been waiting for Yes, Y'all, so um, it's official, your girl is single. I am back on the market, I'm a free agent, but honestly this breakup has probably been one of the best breakups I've ever had. I mean I really haven't been in that many relationships, so I don't know why I'm saying it like I've been in like five relationships, but that's neither here um yeah, I'm single and we um yeah, so we're just gon na touch on. You know the single life. How it has been for me in this video like what's tea and things of that nature, I'm gon na put y'all on a game without giving y'all too much because y'all know me, I'm not giving y'all too much I'ma never give y'all too much well. I probably gave you a little too much in the past, but we're gon na get into it. Okay, I think I'm gon na do a side part with this wig too. So, let's actually get to it, because I know y'all want to know. What'S going on with me, so yeah yeah, I'm single, I set it for the 500 and thousand ten thousand times. But yes, it's official, I'm single, don't go screaming, don't go crazy, but your girl is back on the market. I am, but I'm not saying it like that, because I need to heal, but at the same time let me stop that's not like ddg okay for real, though basically, yes, me, I did break up um we broke up about a month ago. I feel like it's been a month, but it's probably been about three weeks. Probably that's what Mom painted well damn at this point do better Jay yeah, so it's official me are no longer together, but that doesn't always have to be a bad thing. I feel like this breakup for us is honestly just gon na help us both grow individually, because part of me does feel like when we got together. It was very, and I'm not really like putting all of our business out there. I'M just trying to put y'all on game because I am an influencer, this person that has a heavy presence on social media and I already put my relationship out there. So I guess it's my responsibility, not even responsibility, but you guys deserve to know, but yeah still, not to say um. I feel like when me and Nick both got together. We were give me a second I'm gon na come right back, okay, y'all! So like I was saying, I really forgot what I was talking about, if I'm being honest, but I'm gon na go ahead and pluck this Wiggy on a little bit more. I know all of you guys are going to be asking all these types of questions. What happened this down? The third? Not that I feel like it's pretty obvious, but at the end of the day, the type of guy and I talked to Nick before I make this video I made sure I got his permission because I didn't want it to just be like I'm popping out with A video and now all of a sudden we got beat because we don't have beef, we're cool. We still follow each other. Like and honestly. I don't know what the future holds we might get back together. We might not, but at the end of the day I know what I want, and I know what I do not want in a man right so with the type of lifestyle that I have I'm 19 for those of you who do not know, and I'm pretty Much like this young boss, like I got my own YouTube channel, I'm in school, got my own place, got my own car pay, my own bills, and sometimes for me, like a girl that brings a lot to the table, is hard for you to find. You know a guy that has everything will not have everything it's figured out, but a guy that matches what I got going on like they bring to the table. The same I got going on so in the beginning of our our relationship. It wasn't really a problem because we were just getting to know each other and stuff like that, but once months started to go on, he moved in with me, and it was just a lot of stuff that I'm like hold on pause, I'm low-key settling. This is not what I'm used to that's all, I'm gon na say to be honest, because I don't want to put too much out there. I want to offend anyone or anything like that, but at the end of the day now I know what I'm standing for and what I'm not standing for moving forward and another thing is the next person that I'm dealing with whoever it is they're not going to Go on social media because I think that's my first mistake that I make I got too excited and I feel like that's probably where I went wrong to begin with um, so yeah yeah, that's pretty much the dealio it was just like. I was putting a lot in, I was doing a lot and I'm not saying he wasn't getting reciprocated, but I kind of am but at the same time I don't fault anybody for it, because at the end of the day I decided to do that. I knew what I was signing up for and that's that like, I would never sit up on here and Bash somebody about their financial position like and that's the thing with me. You don't have to be rich and stuff like that, and maybe that was the problem. I don't really know I'm still figuring it out like, but when I meet somebody I don't really look at the money that they have and I know that's probably like girl what you're lying, but I'm really so for real, like because I have my own money. So when you have your own money, you're, not really looking for well, not! Oh, that's not what I'm saying. Let me let me figure out what I'm trying to say when you have your own money and you have your own stuff going on you're, really just looking for that genuine connection. So when I found that genuine connection, I was just super excited about it and I was looking past. Oh, what do they actually bring to the table like what do they want out of life? I was looking past all of that because I saw the person's heart. If that makes sense, so it's like when I'm like talking people and meeting people, I don't look at their financial position and that's the problem and moving forward I'll. I guess acting more ahead on when I'm meeting people, but I'm gon na go ahead and even though I didn't really pluck it, but I feel like I'm running out of time. I can really perfect this wig later. I'M not gon na lie, but it's definitely still gon na look bomb for the video y'all. I think the ball cap is showing because I didn't really do a bobcat method, because the lace is Bomb. The lace isn't showing it's the ball cap, that's showing under the lace, and it's really throwing me off because I don't know how I'm gon na fix it. But so I'm gon na go ahead and let this lace lay a little bit. I'M gon na straighten my hair, get it right and I'm gon na be right back with y'all baby girl, okay y'all, so I'm located around I'm not gon na lies. I'M gon na go ahead and wrap this video, I'm gon na. Do these edges and yeah. I guess that's just pretty much a life update, I'm single mingling, okay, so this is my hair. I'M really really Russian. I'M not gon na lie like. I hope this video wasn't all over the place, but again thank you to Queen Virgin Remy hair for sending me this unit. This is how it turned out y'all, I'm really in a rush to have somewhere to be. I was supposed to been there like. I didn't even finish this side, but this is cool. This is how we're looking. Hopefully that was like a good update. That'S pretty much it! I don't know, but I love y'all, so so so so so so much never ever ever question your work just because somebody else can't see it and that's just on that.

Joi jellybean: Honestly i love being single idk why people make it out to be so bad some times lol. You don't have to worry about other peoples feelings or getting yours hurt and also you can do what you want and get things done. i'm sorry jay :(

Carlisa Mathis: I knew you were single in that video good luck girl. Single is the best way to go. You don’t have to worry about nobody but yourself

promise: I love ur honestly nd transparency in this video u both clearly aren't at the same stage in life nd that's ok. I love that u both ended on good terms nd I pray you'll find someone that is!!!! cause u deserve that

Val: Just what i needed after track practice ‍♀️ love you jayy hope youre okay

Cameron k: I’m just happy for u cause no offense to jac but I felt like you definitely could do a lot better than him and definitely feel like u needed somebody more on your level and felt like u was more on ur grind when u weren’t with him I’m just very happy u know ur worth and what u want out of a man and it also shows how strong u are as a woman cause there’s a lot of women out here that choose to settle and stay with someone who don’t even meet all of their standards

AngieNH12: Well...typically most people under 25 don't have that much money. However, it's always nice to see a man with high ambition and drive to build a foundation for themselves.Good work ethic is attractive.

Niesha Shanae’: I’m sorry that happened to you we’re currently going through the same thing single is the best way to go❤️

janiyah harvard: I'm sorry this happened love u stay positive ❤️‍

Aubrey Jackson: Love your vids jay Be watching you since I was in 4th grade (now currently in 7th ) You always have so much energy and personality Love you ❤❤❤❤❤

Kristian Forte: I love these videos<3 like girl honestly you gon be so successful

Queen Virgin Remy: Really thanks for trying our human hair wig! Love your forgeous share~

Shelly C: Love you jayyyy keep doing what you doing ❤❤❤❤❤

lexe smith: You are doing great don’t worry about that u got this alone ❤️

Jasmine's here: aww i really loved u guys, but i guess thats whats right for the both of you , i love you jay❤❤

Snotty Streets: I hope you’re doing well beautiful ur doing amazing love❤

thatgirlchichi: I love your content and keep doing good❤❤

Angela Denise: i’m happy for u but this video shocked me because the way he matched ur energy was good but were just fans so we don’t know what rlly goes on but i’m happy ur finding urself but ur a beautiful girl i been watching you for forever and im only abt to be 15 lol love u girl ur a boss keep grinding and doing you

Janai Carter: Keep up jay you are doing great. You dont need to worry about anyway.

Blessing O: You are a very pretty girl and young. Date a little older. Hypergamy is the way to go. A man will never respect a woman that makes more than him.That is simply their nature. You are still young and may still think it is ok to date a man with less because you make your on money but trust me. If he's not spoiling you or paying your bills, then it isn't worth it.

I AM ALEXIS LEWIS: He’s young too. I think y’all will come back together when he figures it out❤❤

TelAynaSymonee: That’s exactly what I just dealt with. We agreed to stay friends and see what the futur holds. We broke up bc of the distance we had we were six hrs away

Junior Chaves o Picasso de Yahushua: Your looking wonderful as always

it's Bless: I love u jay you don’t need him frr

badgalrach: Single??? What happening here Keep winning and elevating

Dasani Green: where’d you get the hair from in your last video?. and I LOVE YOUR ENERGY GIRLLL

Aka.naaeemah 💗: i love your youtube videos jayy

im3lda. preety: you are so pretty


ᴍᴇɢᴀɴ🌈🌼: U lieing really u guys were the best couple

Jana Alexandria: i cant wait for the miami vlog OMG

Chris Tolbert: Princess Jay you gorgeous

TRACY PATRICKS: Our hypeman is gone

theyylove_herna M: I kinda knew this would not work in the long term cus I feel like she was doing more than him nd he kinda gets too comfortable with it not trying enough to meet her standards

miyu: we love you sm. love your vids sm & early!!

Kingshad: Omg is that the queen virgin remy that made that radio song when I was young I still hear the song in my head

Maddyonly: Awww Jay baeeee, I clicked so quick

Daily Life of Mirah: first ilysmkeep doing what your doing .

SoThts.Kailah: Really the first view keep ur head up

Brianna Nasha: Awww no don’t tell me that

Keepingupwithnayahmarie: Girl we outside together I’m catching a flight !


Charisma Monaee: ❤

Theyluv._.Robert: Period

Luvv abi: wait a minute your what- hold on i’m on the video i can see why

K.Michelle Vlogs: YASSSS

Autumn Green: Happy for you not gonna like him moving in with you was giving a lot

island kiki: FNF me too girl!

ITS NESSA: Oh wow I can't believe this

Dar'Rhianna Wilson: Ok jay to be single that just means that he wasn't ur forever bf but guess what bae u f.n.f period

Justice De'Chelle: notifications onnn ❤

Sharik C: First ❤️❤️ love u babessss

Lorrainee TV: #IprincessJay

Keshay Ann: heyyy jay

Chytavia Uneayke: Hey Jay❤️

Sophia Bonbon: Back with kuba please

Joslyn Luton: Single!??

Doeidoeidoei: WAIT WHAT

jojosonya sweety: Say what now

Space muffin: WhatJayoh man

jojosonya sweety: Is this a prank

Cristie Ordelus💕: First ❤❤

ᴍᴇɢᴀɴ🌈🌼: First❤️

Makiyah’s Tv: First ❤

ItsMyMy🌸🌺: First❤

Vibing with Chelsea: First ❤

Asmina Williams: hiii jayyy

TGHarmonee _: First❤️

Davida’s Yt:

Simija Lowe: Baee what happenddd?????

Amilia Brown: Earlyy two times in a row

Aleesha Campbell: I refuse to blv

T?: Your what-

Christine Lumingu: Girl

Dar'Rhianna Wilson: Who dat was in the back

Jana Alexandria: earlyyyyy...

Xbeariie Vlogz: First!!

Alyssa🥺💗‼: Yooo WTFF

xoxojustine: oof

Kxng: first

tiana brown: firstt

It’s Sprinkles_world: Sorry that your going through this ur so pretty tho:<

K.Michelle Vlogs: but on a serious note, she had helped me through a lot nd I love you KEEP GOING ⭐️

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