4C Edges Baby Hair | Most Realistic Wig (Ever) | Ft Luvme Hair

Direct link of the wig: https://bit.ly/3G8ThOm

Length: 20inch

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Today, video is sponsored by love me here and in the packaging. I received these goodies that I'm showing you right now. The wig that I'm gon na be working with today is a 20 inch kinky straight kinky edges 5x5 closure wig with a density of 150, which is more like a 180 to me like this is fully thicky Anna okay. Now let us take a look at the hairline. She is a 4C texture on the front like the kinkiness, it's kinky for the 4C lovers. This is the one right here and also our laces are undetectable swizzlies, which is very thin and soft and inside you are four week Combs and adjustable straps. I'M gon na do baby get busy until I installment, but I will definitely come back to tell you what I think about this amazing wig right here later: foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign baby. It is foreign foreign foreign getting to the end of the video right and what I can say about this wig. I am in love with it like the texture, it Blends so perfectly and I'm like yo. This is the one you feel me because it's giving more of my hair texture and for the ones that we don't know how to do baby hair. Listen to me, you just cut down the hair and you're good to go. You feel me and you don't know you can stutter to whatever desired. Look you like, as in straight or curling iron, Natural State, and you don't have the glue or sprayed on your wig and she is very fluffy. Don'T have to worry about putting makeup on your lace, I'm just accustomed to doing that, and once I hear HD laser undetectable lace, you know that's a hit factor for the thin maze, yeah foreign guys. I will link all the information down below. It will be a direct link and if you haven't already subscribed to my Channel, please do so and hit that notification Bell. So you don't miss any of my new videos anyway later and I will catch you on the next one. Yeah

Cleo P: Love this hair and Install T!

Nafesa Brissett: Looking great

Stephanie Fashionn: Loveeee ❤️

Halekia Osbourne:

B M: What is the name of the song playing. Love the hair !!♥️

Mafanta Keita: Did you bleach the knots?

Simone Harrison:

Nafesa Brissett: ‼️‼️‼️‼️

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