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{Need a style that’s vacation friendly? This curly wig from Luvme hair is perfect. I almost forgot how to install a wig, Seriously it’s been a minute. But luckily this wig didn’t require too much. }

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Hello, honey, babes welcome back to another video. Today'S video, i'm giving you a three-in-one. I will be giving you an install a styling and review in this video. So if you would like to watch that review, make sure you stay to the end of this video to see the deets on this hair that i have received from love me hair. This hair is great for vacation for all my girlies, that is on the go like something quick, not too high maintenance and also is short. It'S not going to overheat. You girl this hair had me feeling like a rican okay, but yes, this hair is definitely great for vacation. Also. This look is good for the girls that like to do wet and wavy, looks while they're on vacation or even if you're, going to a pool party girl. You know you want to look exotic or something, but i'm not going to talk this whole video. I might come in and say a few things here and there, but that's about it. I hope you guys enjoy this video remember stay to the end of the videos to see the review and the dates on the hair so to install this wig, i am using the even bond spray versus got to be glue. I like this spray over that, because it really holds down my lace and it doesn't leave no flakes at all y'all like i have sweated with that wig on and it has kept my hair down. Okay, talk about hold me down that spray right. There is top grill go to your local beauty, supply store and get that spray. Y'All, no joke, hey baby me baby me, oh me is my body: be nice, baby, hello, hi babies, it's your girl, young honey and i'm back with another video. So in today's video i am back with this beautiful curly hair review from, of course, my favorite love me, hair, so y'all see if you've seen my previous videos. I'Ve worked with love me, hair and now we're back with a another and new video on this beautiful curly lace, closure wig. Now this curly hair is perfect for the summer time it is a 14 inch, kinky curly wig from love me hair also is a 5x5 lash closure, wig, which it means that it's very low maintenance very easy to put on and it can be worn loose. So let's go ahead and talk about what came in the box. First, you get your wig which came in this bag. Also, they give you some cute little goodies and a small satin baggie, which i am highly appreciative for they gave me some cute little silver earrings. I have to wear these today. It'S gon na go exactly with my outfit also we have received. Let'S see this, this is new. This is new. Let'S see, oh my god y'all! This is a mirror. Look! Oh my god. A cute mirror yay, so you can detect that lace baby because baby what lace? What legs? I don't see it. I know sorry, no lace detected also the way it comes with an elastic strap. So for my extra small head girls, this will definitely come in or if you would like to wear this wig glueless, you can also use this as extra security and it's adjustable like a bra, strap without further ado. This wig comes with three combs two on the side, one in the back as well as straps on the side which i will be showing you. The curls are really really soft, y'all and really balancing like it's really soft. As you can see in the video when i, where i styled the hair, the curls just bounce off, all you need really is a demon brush and a good old spray bottle with some water in it and call it a day for extra curl to get the Curls to really pop what i did was use this mousse any really good news like a lotta body um anything by shea moisture is really good for the curls as well. You can use some gel with some water just to make your curls more defined, but me i, like my curls, really fluffy like this. I, like my curls, being able to move and really fluffy and big, so i didn't wet the hair too much, but for the girls that, like the wet and wavy look, i would definitely suggest some gel some water and just a diamond brush and go on through It girl this wig is definitely for my girls, who are on the go who like to work out so go on a vacation girl. This wig love me hair. Definitely on the head with this wig. They made sure the curls are very soft. Fine, if y'all can see as well as lightweight it does not feel very hot and heavy on my head and it's short what can get better than short curly hair on vacation. This is definitely perfect for the girls that don't like glue don't light spray. They just want to put it on and go get your bra, strap um security band and put it on and then call it a day. For me, i decided to put glue on it, though, just to lay it down a little extra just to really give the wig that oh, what lace type of look, but if you're, not the girl that doesn't want to use glue, you definitely with this wig is Definitely a perfect option for you also. I went ahead and bleached the knots on this wig, but you really don't have to. If you don't mess with bleach, you don't have to because honestly i didn't have to. I could have just put makeup on it and just went, but i decided that i want to just for extra undetectable lace very much match the skin. Also, they already pre-plucked the wig, so you don't really have to go in there and pluck it at all around this area. They really already plus it for you, which is great because i hate plugging i'm not really good at plugging but love me. Hair definitely took care of that and i did not have to plug a thing on this wig. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. That is all i have to say about this lovely wig from love me hair. The link for this wig will be in the description box down below. I hope you, girls, enjoy this video and go check. This wig out go get it. What are you doing, but anyways until next time, my sweet, honey lovelies, see you later

IAMOBrinka: Found you on TikTok! You are gorgeous girl! Love the energy!

Royalstl: Beautiful ❤️

Dana johnson: I have it and I looove it soo much

Sammy Da Goat: First Comment Flawless Look Lovely Hair

Shanerica Hall: how tall are u? this wig is soo pretty on u. I'm trying to see where this would fall on me, I'm 5'7

Alexis Ciara: @yunghoney what's the inch ??? 16inch have a blessed day

Bandz: Yhu damn near looked Puerto Rican

Cameron Holder: p͓̽r͓̽o͓̽m͓̽o͓̽s͓̽m͓̽

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