Graceful Blonde Highlights Ocean Wave 5X5 Undetectable Glueless Closure Wig | Luvme Hair Review

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One one yeah: what is up you guys welcome back to my channel and if you're new here my name is primoney and today's video is going to be from Love Me hair. So I just finished wrapping up this review for this wig. This wig will be up. First, so make sure you guys go check out that video. They made a mistake this time and actually sent me another wig that I wasn't supposed to have, but we're gon na review it anyway, because why not so we have our user guide y'all the user guide is very important because you have all your information on how To take care of the wig and also how to return your wig, if you do not like your wig, of course, we have our little fun pouch here, but we have our silver hoops. I also have our last band and an edge brush same old, same old love me, hair always has sales so make sure you are keeping up with them. What I have is the graceful blonde highlights: okay ocean wave 5x5 undetectable glueless closure. The one that I have is in 20 inches. Apparently this is what it's supposed to look like. So this is she. This is how she looks like when she comes out the packaging and y'all. It is definitely the pattern for me, as you can see. We have highlights on both sides, so it's basically going to frame our faith because it's not like throughout the hair, it's on the sides only - and this is what the inside of the wig looks like now. They said, there's four cones in it. There is four Combs, so we have two on the side. We also have a comb right right here. I never really use this comb, but you know some people do. I guess, and then we also have a comb in the back and oh, you guys are really gon na like this, the band, the band, that's actually in the wig is detachable, I'm not gon na add any baby hair or anything um, I'm not even gon na. Pluck this wig because it's such a small space, but on the back of my hand this is what it looks like and they did a great job at plucking already. So I'm just gon na cut the lace off and see if I need to add any makeup again. This is supposed to be glueless, so we're gon na see if we could really wear this glueless. So what it looks like without me having to cut the lace off, I'm really in love with this wave pattern. Look at it! Let me go cut this lace off real quick. All I did was just cut the lace off and then this is what it looks like up, close and y'all. It'S glueless, I didn't take the waist apart or anything yet I just wanted to show you guys what the lace looks like up close me personally, I think I'm gon na go back in and pluck it. I just didn't want to pluck it for this video, because sometimes they tell me not to pluck it so just in case I'm not going to and I'm going to separate the waves real quick with my fingers. Oh, this is how it came out of the box, and then this is what it looks like when I actually separate them. I am getting a few tingles. I am getting shedding too by the way we're gon na do the same thing. On this side, I'm going to take my spray bottle. This way the waves are more defined, so this is what it looks like wet and then this is what it looks like dry, so we're going to do the same thing on this side. So this is what it looks like once I did everything I need to do. Let me hear hair already comes with a shine so put the least amount of product that will give you the look that you want and make sure you're scrunching your hair up. I know y'all gave this to me by mistake, but um. I don't think it was a mistake. I think God wanted this to happen, because this is cute huh, I'm gon na turn around, so you guys can see the back. This is how long the hair is on me again. I have 20 inches, so it comes down to right here. They see on the website that you can part this on the side part, so we gon na see, but it wasn't just a normal side part. It was a c side part, so we're gon na do that. I don't have my hot comb right now, so the top part isn't going to be as flat as I would like it to be. But this is what the C part looks like. So you will be able to part it on the side. So if I had to rate this one to ten, I'm gon na give this a strong nine. Only thing that is bothering me right now is how tiny the wig cap is. I also love the fact again. It is gliss and you can part it on either side if you want to, if you're, tired of the middle part and, of course, I'm in love with the streaks in front of the face instead of throughout the hair. I just feel like it frames my face. So much more, I feel like that. Wave pattern is perfect. Like 100 nailed it. The only thing that I need is my little wig grip and then we are good to go, but so that's all I have for you guys today and if you're looking to purchase this wig or anything else that lemon hair has on website make sure you check The description box down below also check out my new shop, look that they also have on their website. My shop look is going to be all the looks that I've ever had for love me hair, so you guys will see them right then, and there, and also I have a special coal for 25 off make sure you like comment subscribe, follow me on my social Media - and I will see you guys next - video bye long enough -

Mika st. fleur: I have the same wig in 14 inches I love it

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