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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. I collaborated with Luvme Hair to bring you guys another install video. I hope you guys enjoy it.


Products used:

Hot comb: https://amzn.to/2Tq2wm4

Glue: https://www.hairbyerickaj.com/product-...

Wig Cap: https://amzn.to/2RjUjye

Edge Booster: https://amzn.to/2KxfYiT


Undetectable 13x6 Lace Frontal Wig: https://bit.ly/3cHRkrH

Buy 180% Density Lace Frontal Wig, Get Free Flatiron: https://bit.ly/2VNLBd2

Luvme Hair Website: https://bit.ly/2VCaREx

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luvmehair

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luvmehair

Snapchat: Luvme Hair



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EMAIL: [email protected]



AGE: 21


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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is sponsored by lovely hair. Once again, you guys loved my last video with them, which I was not expecting at all honestly crazy. How many views baby was gotten considering I am a smaller youtuber. They were kind enough to want to collaborate with me again, so I'm so excited to show you guys as hey honestly love is here. I lost the footage of me actually unboxing the hair, so you guys could see like what it looks like money comes to you. I'M sorry about that. You don't know what happened. My camera just so happened to delete it hold on guys. I always forget what the wings are called. So let me go back on to the website and see what the week is called. This is the undetectable, invisible ace. Thirteen by six glue is frontal lace, a wig and that's a mouthful. They sent this to me in 20. Inches it not come this color. I got a black. I had footage of that too, but it's gone are pre bleached idea wishing it some more because I'm just kind of picky about the way not turn the front. I hate when you can see the black dots because it doesn't mean that draw at all. This is 180 percent density. To me, it's super. It'S really big. For me, I mean I don't even like it. Oh look there cuz, I'm just not one to like really stupid thing. Wigs, but it's perfect. I mean, I wonder if I straight like it comes in the natural black color doesn't come this color, I dyed it like it can't be dyed. It comes with adjustable straps on at the back and it comes with four columns. Two on the sides. Let'S hop on the back, this lace, guys the lace, the lace I love. This lace, like I wish every week came with legs like this. I got honestly lucky, it's honestly, so good texture is water wave. I don't know if I said that this is the waterway. Take sure, as you guys can see, but you this is odd. Everything went below so you guys can go purchase once again, I'm just gon na. Let you guys go ahead and watch me install this way I'll come back after to let you guys know how I'm liking the hair so far, okay guys! So since I did lose the footage of me unboxing the week, the first time I'm just gon na show you guys everything that came inside of the box, the wig. I should just see the wig later on in the video but yeah, I'm still gon na show you guys everything that came inside. So I got the nice purple box that they always send they're here, man just open this. I was so surprised because they sent a face mask, which is a really essential right now, Santino car virus is still going on, so that was really nice of them. Just assume that this is the bag that the hair came in pamphlets that always come with the legs. They also sent a flat iron, which I thought was really old. I think you can only get these if you spend over a certain amount of money on the wig on the web. Besides, so, what's so cool about this flat iron? Is this like a three and one you can use the outside to wand courier here you can open the bottom part and you can crimp your hair if you want to, and you also can open the top part and you get straighten your hair, you get the 3 in one tool we're getting the last advantage you can put inside of your way it's to weight caps, a hair wax. Stick. I really love these. I got one of these in the first week that I got from another piece of elastic bands, blotting hands and you also get tweezers when it's all eyes will be on it with that five or so light coming on baby. When we go start that I really go, Oh I'm really, just as I think we should. Okay, so hey again, I'm recording this like right after the first clip that you guys saw but um so my thoughts after wearing the hair. I actually wore they here yesterday for a whole day, and then I got rained on so I have to take it off and redo it last night and walk could event on today. I love this hair. Honestly, I'm not a fan of curly hair, normally normally like straight hair, but I really like it it's. I really do like getting it's honestly, so soft, it's still song, even though I dyed it there's two things that I kind of like iffy about with this week. Um what it's my only like a lot of thirteen by six weeks, but I noticed that whenever I do thirteen by six week, if I don't make it myself, there's always like this buckling. This weird buckling that I'll get when trying to lay it on down with glue like it'll ripple. You know, like the ripples, I don't know what it's always with a 13-6 frontal zone. I'Ve never had that problem 13 by 4. I don't think but 13 by 6. Rentals I've managed to fix it. I don't think you can really see it too bad yesterday it was. It was yeah before I took the wig off that I was gon na. Take the wig off anyways after there's been reading it because of the buckling. It'S one problem, but I don't know that's probably not their fault um. Maybe it's me applying it or maybe my head is too. I don't know, I don't know, but yeah I've had that problem. Even when I have many more weeks. So I don't know. Maybe it's just thirteen by sixes or too big for my head. Also. Another thing this week is shedding a good little bit like if ever my finger so much shedding a little bit, but I feel like someone said before that curly wig is more proficient bad. I don't really care about shedding with weeks I mean it's not gon na last forever. I don't really care about the shedding. It isn't bothered me. I mean it's a little bothersome when you have hair laying right everyone your floor, but other than that. I don't really care yeah. Those are the only two things that really stood out to me. I mean the knives were good. They looked good when my god, but you know I just had to go in and do it a little bit more give you guys a close-up on the hairline. Oh there's, like no crusty glue, I mean the hair is good. I only had a game for today. So we'll see how things go also did have to pluck a little bit so yeah just to get it's a little bit more natural. It was looking a little Wiggy on me at first, but that's it guys. Um hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don'T forget to subscribe most importantly and like and comment on this video I just want, thank you guys so much for all the subscribers and all of them you guys are showing. I really do appreciate it see you guys next time. My next video bye, guys

Deja Davis: I’m in love with this hair texture

Style x Felicia: Looks super natural!!!

Helena Joseph: The hair is beautiful and so are you Can you make a video on how to dye your wigs black. I don't prefer the "natural color" either, it always comes out too light.

Melinda Hall: Hey hey miss lady notification squad first!!! Congrats on ur 2nd collaboration! ! This unit is beautiful. Lets get into review.. .20 inches yes!!! Its out of my price range but a girl can dream

No comment: How long can you keep the wig on or do you take it out daily? Thanks for the review, it looks really cute on you.

Seles Says: You are gorgeous I love this wig

Carole Ann Jackson: I would love to see the back being done

Kenya Gardner: Hey.. the hair is beautiful, you did a good job. Your unit and the unit on the website looks totally different. Makes me nervous to purchase.

Crystal Vlogs: Girl you are gorgeous . Hair is

Tesa: Wow.u look just like young nicki its crazy.and the hair is amazing.great job!!!

Lauryn S: Wow you are stunning

Genia G: is the hair crimped? or did it come that way? and could the end result be done with a crimper?

Truly Mademoizelle: Is that a water wave wig? Looks different from the one online.

Lauriane O: What is your honest opinion on Erika. J glue? Compared to others you have probably tried.?

TrudyTalee: Is this the ultra thin lace or the invisible knots?

Shy Shy: You’re so pretty you remind me of Tiara Marie ❤️❤️

Shantay Nelson: You should really do a make up video!

Carole Ann Jackson: Hey hunny what glue are you using

quinette nicole: Did you have to do any plucking ?

Collen Properjones Affiliate Ndlovu: Mines

Lauren Donkin: How has the hair lasted ? A lot of bad reviews about this company

Ayeshan Benbow: can u make it straight

Mel B: Whenever I try to go to the website for this hair it asks for a password!! Im so confused.

Teja Penn: So distracted by the dog in the background

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