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Y'All, i never had a fro this big. Yes, this hair is by la me, hair. This is an afro curly hair. Everything will be listed down below, of course, i'm doing a wig install and i'm also going to do a wig review on this hair. I never actually tried this texture hair, i'm going to do the unpackaging and everything review right out of the box going to install it and do also another review. Let'S keep watching so we can get to the end results. So this is love me hair. I did have a bow on the front of it, but it fell off. So this is the package, it came in it's a purple package and it is a very sturdy box. It'S not one of those flimsy boxes. What the wig comes in and as you open the box up so the first thing that comes in your box. Of course you do have a wig cap. That'S going to be available to you. Of course. I already have my wig cap on, but they do give you wig cap centers too, in here next item that comes in a box. I give you this cute little pouch that has all kinds of stuff in it and i will just show you everything that comes in it. So it gives you a love me pen, hairpin, you can put it on your wig. Whenever you get a chance, you get a love me head scarf to wrap your edges at night. So please make sure you do that for long, lasting results. You also get an elastic band which you can connect on the back of your wig as well. If for people who do not know exactly what this is, it is an elastic band. You can just tie to the back of your wig. Your weight can be extra secured hairpins, that's also needed. Hairpins can be used for practically everything whether you have a wig on or not. They do send you a couple of pins. I believe it's probably about up to about five or ten hairpins on here. So what else comes in this package? It does come with an edge brush, every single order is going to come with the edge brush. Has a comb and a brush on the on both of the ends for you to use. They also send you tweezers. Tweezers are also good for when you are starting. Your wig journey, if you want to start plucking getting into the wig this wig comes in this pouch. It does come in a purple. Pouch. Just like the box. Here is the wig we're going to be trying on today. This is the afro kinky curly wig, and i do have a few pointers. I wanted to point out in this wig so far. I have noticed a couple of things, but look at the wig. This is the actual whey powder, the actual curl pattern of the wig. You can tell this: wig is very full already, it's very full, and this is what it looks like in the inside, so it does have so it does have these clips on the side and that's where you can hook up your elastic band um. It does have like a usually that's for another kind of elastic band, but you can hook it up for a stronger hold comb at the bottom. It does also have three cones at the top there's two right here on the side and there's one right here in the middle y'all. So i do want to go ahead and point out what i see in this wig, because it's just popping out to me. This is an hd lace, so i'm very shocked. I can tell it's hd and it's so many good pointers. I can point out with this wig, but that's the one thing, so i can tell it's a hd lace. Y'All can't see this at all. Y'All cannot see this at all. Y'All can't see this lace at all hd. That is what hd is when you cannot see it at all. So i already know this install is going to be probably one of the best installs i'm going to do because of this lace. You can never go wrong with a good lace, so you can tell it's hd as well. You can also see the ridges on the end of the lace. That is one thing you can really notice about a hd lace of the ridges. Do y'all see it, so this is real hd, not like those other companies that say hd. This is real hd and also with this wig it comes pre-plugged. Do y'all see that hairline it does come pre-plucked already, and it also has baby hairs as well. This lace on the wig isn't that big, but you know we're going to cut it off anyway, but as you can see it's already pre-plucked, it does have baby hairs and also another thing it to me. It seems like the knots are already bleached. Look at the inside of the wig you can see it has kind of like brassy color that brassy color lets. You know that they did go ahead and bleach the knots on this wig and, as you can see, you can hardly see the knots hardly see the knots and i'm pretty sure if you were to go back in with a purple, shampoo or any kind of toner And tone the knots you will probably see nothing at all, but the knots are very small on this wig it's pre-plucked and it's as well hd. So i'm ready for this install y'all, ready key curly hair looks like it looks very natural, very natural. I am just getting a couple of strands for shedding, i don't know if y'all can see it, i did get a couple of strands with shedding, but y'all know curl patterns shed a lot more and if this wig has already been bleached like if the knots had Already been bleached, of course it's going to be a couple of strands, but i'm okay, because i'm going to go through this wig and comb it out and everything and to find these curls. I absolutely love these curl powders. Y'All see that love it. So the very first thing i want to do is take my alcohol and just clean my hairline, although i'm not using an actual adhesive, but you do want to make sure your hairline is clean. So everything will stick better as well as you won't be irritated by any products, because of course we use a lot of products. So you just don't want to be irritated by any products that you're using and i'm going to place the comb at the back. In the back of my braids in the back and already look how good this looks and it's not all the way down. Of course, this is hd lace and it does fall right in where my ears are as well, because this wig is a little bit smaller. I don't have too much room, so i'm just going to create a slit right here, i'm going to drench it first and then add products to it. Take my wide tooth comb and just comb through it just a little bit to kind of move. Some of this water throughout the hair and of course you want to start from the ends and work your way up. I never had a pro this big y'all. I'Ve been natural for like a couple of months, so i never actually had a fro this big, so it feels kind of good actually to finally have it and it's like the more water i really put in it the more moisturizer it. The more um moisture gets into this hair, the softer it is like it's really soft once you actually like comb through it and um once you actually come through it and when it's wet it actually is really soft. Compared to this side, you can tell it's a little bit dry, but this one you can tell it has a lot of moisture to it or it's more moisturized detangle. It y'all. I actually really like it um. So i pretty much detangled it and i guess this is what it looks like to be natural y'all. I never had hair this big um. I never had my natural hair. Look this big, you know it makes me feel like a whole different person, and you know i actually do like it. I love how full it is um, so i'm really curious to what it's going to look like in the end. Of course, i think i'm going to do a side part now. This is a 13x4 as well. This is a 13x4 wig, and this is what the parting space is. Looking like, you can part it anywhere. You want um, the hair is already dry. So what i want to do, i'm gon na go back with my water spray it and then i'm gon na go in with my curling cream and just really work. My fingers throughout this hair, so y'all see these curls look at it. I'M gon na take my nairobi, mousse nairobi. Mousse is pretty much like a setting lotion a setting kind of mousse. It'S gon na hold everything in place, so i'm gon na just top everything off with the nairobi moves and keep working throughout the wig. This is what it is looking like so far. These are my curls. I am going to see what is looking like my edge brush and cut the remaining lace off y'all this. This lace is so hd. I see my wig cap underneath and i i did a pretty good job on my wig cap, but i can actually see it from underneath, like this lace is so thin. It'S so hdd like it's basically like you have nothing on your actual head like this is like i now wore hd before, but this hd, like is real hd like it feels so thin like it's. It'S like it's really good, really good! That'S all! I'M gon na say it's really good, so this is what my so. This is what the hairline is looking like so far, and there is a couple of people. There is a couple of pieces. I do need a place back down, but this is what the hairline is looking like ended up going with a middle part instead of the side part - and this is the end results i hope y'all did enjoy this video i'm coming to an end to this video. This is again a afro kinky, curly wig, and it does have a hd lace. This is from love me, hair. If you did enjoy this video, please give me a thumbs up and if you haven't already done so, please subscribe to my channel. Thank you again for watching you

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