Luvme Hair Wig Review

Hi everyone! Today Im reviewing a Luvme hair Undetectable Lace Glueless 4x4 Closure Bob Wig I've never had a bob wig and I'm definitely loving it so far! (I did bleach the knots after).

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She'S, giving I'm typing on the computer real fast, basically hi, everyone welcome back to my channel. My name is Jan, if you are new here like comment and subscribe down below so today, of course, we have another week with love. Me hair. I don't know I've just been really into changing my hair, changing my style like I've been going to the gym, y'all I've I've been on my new year new me and just changing. My hair feels like a part of that. So the wig is a four by four lace: closure, she's glueless supposed to be pre-bleached. Okay, okay, I see that like she's there um it has the little wig brand in the back, and I believe this is 10 inches excited. I'Ve never had a bob and I'm really hoping it's not going to be giving Dora the Explorer Vibe, so we're gon na see because I've never had um it already looked like I'm gon na have to you know, straighten these ends out, because we don't want no Bumped under we don't want that, but let's see how she's looking, let me put it on now. This wig is from my other video, and, to be honest, all I do for this is I just put a little bit of got to be glue like on my forehead, and I just throw her on whenever I need to make a little video she's, giving I'm Typing on the computer, real fast, basically um, she definitely needs to be flat iron. I want to fly down at first, so I can see the vision and then you know put her on. Thank you, foreign. I love it. I'Ve never had a bob, so this is like a game changer for me, like look at that. Yes, if you did like this, video definitely make sure you like comment and subscribe down below and I'll see everyone next time.

Age of the Aquarius: "it gives i'm typing on the computer real fast" !!! omggg lol stop I laughed out loud! Super cute bob

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