Butter Silky Straight Glueless 20" Hd Lace Wig Ft. Luvme Hair | Jodi The Island Girl

BUTTER Silky Straight Glueless 20” HD Lace Wig ft. Luvme Hair | Jodi The Island Girl

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Direct link of the wig: https://bit.ly/42h4B55

Length: 20inch

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Hey beautiful people today I'll be installing this silky straight invisible, glueless Lace Wig by the love me hair, absolutely love it! If you want to see how I did it in three easy steps keep on watching. What'S up what's good, what's popping my eyeliners, your favorite island girl is back, and today we are back with a video from of course. I love me here shout out to us. Love me here for sponsoring today's video guys remember to like comment and of course subscribe, but of course, let's get into our unboxing. Shall we you know we always get a lot of goodies from love me here. So today we are working with this unit and, of course, we're gon na get into the details. This is actually 20 inches, so I'm loving the length outside of the package. We also got a drawstring bag, which is uh to use the pretty much store here when we are finished rocking this unit. We also got a little tissue paper with a little nice cute genies and, of course we got our wig cap, which are two, as per usual comes in, and these are extremely handy in wearing your wig as well as this holographic case and inside of her case. It comes with a edge band. Yes, I believe it does have a h-band in it. It also comes with an edge comb um. You know this is vital for the brushing in off our edges, and these are cute pair of single silver, hoop earrings and, of course it comes with our care card and you can go ahead and scan those for all the socials. So today I'll be installing the silky Street. This is a five by five undetectable invisible lace, glueless closure, lace, wig, and this says it has the real HD laces. So, of course you know we have to put that to the test and just by holding it up. I can definitely confirm these knots and seals that they are already pre-bleached, which I absolutely love and, of course you know some Combs that came in it. I saw three at a time but notes that I'm looking back, it's actually Four that comes in it and I love data. I also came up with this Bill. Tanner uh elastic Banner, so it actually helps to keep your Wiggle all snugged, as well as the adjustable ones, the two words the back section of the hair itself. So straight outside the package. I absolutely love the lace. You can tell it's definitely real HD. The unit itself feels so nice and So Soft. So first I am going to well. My my hair was pre-braided as you can see, these need to go, but I just thought since I'm working on really good. That'S the beauty about these glueless wigs they kind of throw them on whenever your hair is not intact like at this very moment. So all I'm doing right now is to apply it a little bit of my my gel towards my edges and I'm gon na go ahead and brush those in just basically having that all the way laid. So I can go ahead and apply. Of course, my wig cap, before applying my wig, but of course you know, I have to go ahead and tint it. I'M going to work, focus more towards where I have the center part. It is indeed the center part, so I'm going to go ahead with the center Parts area and towards the front section, and I'm going to go ahead as well as tint off inside the cap as well with my regular Foundation, I can use a powder as well And, as you can see, it is literally melting right on my skin so to put on the wig I'm going to go ahead now and pull it back at the elastic portion of the built-in part and literally flip that over the this wig is literally guys. A three step, and I'm gon na, go ahead now and adjust the Combs. You need to just to ensure that I have a comfortable fitter adjusting that, as I see fitting we became so. This is a silky Street Unit, which means that it is an iron perm. Straight um, which gives it a more floral or more elegant kind of Vibes. I'M gon na go in now and reiterate, of course, my um. The Strain is offered this um the natural straightness of this week, not by using my flat iron and pretty much going through in sections. What I did was to pretty much apply the wax in just sections, because I want this to be a bone or straight so as much as this hair is a natural straight hair. Bear in mind guys this here is a hundred percent versatile. It is a hundred percent human here, so you can go ahead and you can curl it up. You can already talk, you can wear bone straight. You can wash it. You can just do about anything that you want to do with it, because it does allow that flexibility and the versatility in terms of rocking this unit. So when I'm finishing I'm going to go in and know with my hardcore also to get the top of the hair all flat and then I'm going to move towards the front section now we're pretty much pulling that back before flattening flat ironing that back before I Go ahead and remove the lace and I'm showing you right there how Flawless melt the scalp is, and these guys is a great protective hairstyle. So the even that you want to give your hair a break, then this unit will definitely be for you because it is so easy to work with. So I just went in a zigzag motion, so pretty much remove my edges and just like that guys, I told you literally three steps we are done. I absolutely love this hair. It feels super soft. The length is giving so this easy, 20 inches and they also have other lengths available, so you can go ahead and check my description box for all the details regarding this hair. I appreciate you watching till the end of this video guys uh. If you made it to the end, remember to like or comment and of course subscribe, thank you so much for watching bye. Okay, I

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