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In this video doing a wig review of the luvme hair pre-plucked, pre-bleached, and pre-styled human hair 5x5 HD Lace Closure wig from LuvMe Hair.

I'm discussing the quality of the wig as well as my thoughts on the wig being completely pre-customized for you right out the box. This wig is perfect if you're looking for a high quality beginner friendly human hair wig. This is also a great beginner wig because it's a 5x5 HD lace closure so you get the frontal look without the frontal wig hassle.

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What'S up guys welcome to my channel XOXO should be here if you're new to my channel hello and welcome and if you're, a OG subscriber, what's good welcome back I'm back with another wig from one of my favorite hair brands. Love me hair. I know like love me can be controversial. Some people love them. Some people hate them, but I love them personally. Two of my cousins recently just got married and they both wore love me hair, wigs and like the first one. I love me here. She had to tell me it looks amazing, but anyways. Let'S get into this - is a bob 555 closure wig with undetectable HD lace. Can I get this neck off? It'S like sticking to me and while I've noticed that a lot of hair brands have been taking this route up, like really throw it on and go type of wigs love me, they didn't really say that's what they were going for for real. I mean obviously that's what they were going for because it's pretty done and everything, but they really brought it. This is what I'm talking about. I want to see if you're telling me a wig is throw it on and go now. The lace is not pre-cut, but that's okay, because everything else is done. Like I mentioned it is undetectable HD lace, you see that what lace? I guess you don't see it and the knots already come pre-bleached for us and it's a 5x5 closure. So, even though they pre-part it for you on the side of this unit, you can switch it to a middle part. It'S even pre-styled like this is what I'm talking about. It'S made to be worn glueless, so it does have the adjustable strap in the back, which is removable. If you don't want that in there and then, of course, you do have your combs on the sides and in the back. My prediction with this is that I probably have to just pluck it out a little bit more to fit on my head, but the pre-flip job on this is amazing. It'S gradient, it looks like it's been plugged and I might not even have to like it like we'll see what I'm putting on my head. So first things. First, I'm gon na start by taking off this kinky straight V part. So we can get started. I'M gon na brush my leave out back and put it under my wig cap. I did do two wig caps. I typically always do two wig caps. Unless my hair is like braided down, so it really lays flat, and then I tinted the cap using my powder foundation from L'Oreal true match, and then I just popped the wig on it did have an elastic band in it. Obviously we talked about that, but you know it's pretty much done like this was a very easy wig. I did end up. You know plucking it out just because my forehead, like I, Lay My wigs kind of right on my hairline, so that illusion of scalp, which is really people's foreheads most of the time. I don't really have that, so I did go ahead and pluck a little bit more just to make it look more natural on my head, quick, two sprays using my oven lace, spray in the red. Can I'm running low, so I'm about ready to try the black. Can finally, it's been like a year using this? Can honestly but hey it gets the job done no complaints about the red can for me. So I once I put the wig on, I did go ahead and brush it back and the size weren't fully down. So I added a little more spray just right to the little Corners right there and then again pushing the hair back because it uh well just pushed the hair back for me, like it's. Just nice use the elastic band that they sent me in the package. It'S a cute little cheetah print or as a leopard. I can't tell the difference either way it got my wig laying down. So that's: what's the point is cutting jacket as usual, because we want that lace to blend. We wanted to give what lace all scalp, and then I used a little bit of spray on my Edge brush just to put the lace back down where I cut it up and I put the elastic band back on. Usually this would be while I style the unit for real, but the wig came pre-styled. I love that about this wig, like there's really very little to no work involved in this unit. So now I'm just combing it out and uh. You know just customizing it to fit what I would like to see because everybody got different head shapes. I wanted it to give some volume in you know a little bit of movement. Y'All know how I like my wigs and then I did feel like I just wanted to pluck it just a little bit more so more, my scalp would be peeking through to make it look more. You know real. I use the lace spray as hairspray to set my little. You know swoop up a little bit and it was looking good. This is how it came, as is without me doing too much, but you of course you already know I would do too much. So I added in some layers uh all throughout the wig. It already had a few layers, but I wanted some more because I wanted the hair to like really like bounce and flow. I wasn't really feeling the way that the shape was sitting on me as is, and sometimes you might have to do that, like you know, wigs are not completely Universal you're gon na have to customize it sometimes to fit you and your face, and all that, especially With a bob Ben hi Ben, that's cute, I like it, you color yourself. No, I came this way. The layers for me did what I needed to do. I wanted to take some of that dip out. I kind of where the hair was flat and then it goes into the curls. It was dipping a little too much for me. Maybe that's just me being picky, I don't know, but I like how it turned out it made. It really work for me and you know, get the style how I wanted it to look on my head love me hair, like they don't let me down. So it was amazing, but I knew it was gon na, be nothing less. Of course, the hair is amazing. Quality, the lace is always amazing, quality, honestly what lace? This is my hair. I just did a silk press if you're interested in the unit. Of course it is down in the description box below and I'll see on my next one bye. You know, I love you.

Beautiebymark: This is totally my style. I usually like their wigs as well. The highlights are placed in the right place, Suoer cute throw-n-go.

Debbie Debeaux: I love it!!! I'll have to look for it with gray vs. blonde, but it's a fave for me!

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