Luvme Frontal Lace Wig Review Ft. Luvme Hair

LUVME frontal lace wig review.

This video from our lovely customer @NinoBambino on Youtube.

She purchased this wig with her own money, wasn't free.

Check out how she excited to get this wig.

Unit: frontal wig body wave 20"

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The detail packaging go right in yeah I talked to clinic then I talked to who gave me a little flat. Iron ha ha. You get a black eye on then there's an end that a little flat I get stocking cap. You get a rat tail comb. Okay, make the wig process really easy. Let me give you tweezers and elasti, so this is like a little um. Wait kid that I yeah. I definitely appreciate so I can keep on my luck. It'S like in this little baggie. So, let's get into the wigs, the weight comes in a little arms duster, which is the company logo on the front, and it says love me here: a hundred percent version here and there website, ten years later, needle removes the hair in it. Okay, these are tiny ant mag in it looking true to month. I'Ve been measured it or anything, but the curls are oh yeah, okay, so they do have a little paper. I guess take the form of the wing. So what the wing construction looks like, they don't have any combs, which is a good thing. They don't have any combs in the immediate front of the wig. You do get combs on the side towards the back of the legs aside and at the very nape. The wait you do get adjustable strap, which is good too. If you just want to walk your wig on and good. I don't remember requesting like a brown lace, but look at the ladies, not bad huh, all right. Now we are enough, so I went ahead while my camera, with Jose heat, hang one again, but my camera was overheat painting it. I run ahead and I the wig on okay. So look at my face, follow the message, but look at the way. I tell now this was my cute side too, like this with the part to follow my cute side. I am excited. I am super pleased with this company. This is like the first time I feel so good. There is just a kid in I am so happy. I think you love me here for this year, like I really like here ha, I will definitely be ordering from this company again, because why not like shipping and dope the stuff that you get with your wig is dope. Then you get your wig is go like it slit it. Thank yo love me for not disappointing. Okay, um y'all, okay, it's I'm dying. I'M done! I'M done! I'M clearly too excited for this video

Hate Lies: This wig is everything

Luvme Hair: Unit: frontal wig body wave 20" View the product link here Here's a coupon code "SALE20" for extra off.

S Macon: I love the wig on you

Morgan Andrews: Don't forget the middle on. She ready.

Ashley Robinson: How much parting space

lola belle: What is the parting space on the frontal wig vs the 360 wig

Wanda Jones: That is not a 20” wig it’s way longer

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