5X5 Undetectable Kinky Straight Closure Wig Afro Inspired With 4C Edges | Bleaching The Knots

Heyyyyy yall I’m trying a new setup for when I’m recording at home so bare with me while we try new things. I hope you guys loved this with this I wanted to show you guys even though I’ve been doing hair I still makes mistakes as well.

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Now, hey guys, welcome or welcome back to my YouTube channel. If you don't know, my name is Brooklyn. If you already know hey, so thank you for coming back to my YouTube channel today. I do have a hair review for love me here. So this is something different and I feel like a lot of my African American girlies will love so you guys know it comes with the pamphlet or the instructions on how to take care of your wig. It also comes with a wig cap, and this was something new that I got that I was super excited about, but it looks like a bonnet. I haven't opened it yet because I wanted to save it for the video, so I will open that, but I did want to show you guys what came and this, which is an elastic band which I am going to use with the you know, velcro strap and Then it came with an edge brush as well, and you know this is the wig. So this is the Barnet and it is very stretchy. It'S awesome, reversible, oh and this is on their snug. This is so cute. I can't wait because I needed up on it too, and that's so funny because I don't know what happened to mine. So this came into handy. I'M super excited about that one. So, let's get into the wig. So this is the wig. It is a kinky straight and it does have four seat edges. I don't know if you guys can tell so we will be installing this and I will show you guys but um, oh and then here. Let me show you guys. The inside of what the week looks like it is a closure wig, and it comes with the adjustable band to hook onto these, to make it tighter if you need to so we're going to get into bleachness, and one of my girlies asked me to show uh Me bleaching the knots, so that is something that I'm going to show in this. I do okay, yeah I'll, show you guys one second, okay, so I don't have the container that you came into, but it's bw2 um. I think the Reds Clairol um. I don't know if that's the same, but this is what I use um. The volume doesn't matter for me because it just depends on. Oh, my God, I'm scared, it just depends on how much you decide to um use like if you do, hair you'll know, but I'm just using 20, because that's what I have and sometimes when I'm doing hair, I'm multitasking so um I use 20. So I could leave it on and I don't have to sit there and you know watch it so um. I usually use a plastic cup or something. But this is what I have and I don't use this and I use a plastic knife um. I heard people also like spoons now, usually I use one scoop of this, but I don't have the super, so I'm just gon na measure it, and so usually I make mines on the thicker side like a paste, but I'm not oh, so I'm not Jesus. I'M not doing the pace since mine's is only 20 um 20 for the volume and with um the bleach it gets thick and then it starts to dry out when it's not working anymore, when it processed already. So that's one month isn't gon na be on the thicker side, since I do have to process it, I'm not going to say longer, but just to make sure so I don't have to bleach it again. So usually I don't. I do mines like this consistency, consistency where it's like really stuck on there, okay. So this is the consistency that I am doing it for, where it's not like super watery, but it's not super thick, so you're, just gon na take it and you're gon na put it along inside of the lace, and you want to make sure that you get Up here where the baby ears are, but you want to make sure these aren't like, like the hair, isn't flat onto the um, it's not flat onto the lace or you will bleach it, and they're gon na have to cut it or pluck it out. So you can use a hot comb to smooth it back, but they're sticking up. So I don't have to worry about that. So it's gon na be hard to show you how I put it on there but uh. So you want to just hold it up and just like, oh literally, smart, you want to spread it on like that. So I'm going to do that and then I'll be right back. Okay, so I have the inside fully covered and when you're putting it on, you don't want to press it in. You just want to lay it on top, so it doesn't seep through and dye the hair, because then you'll have to use like black spray to cover it up or go over it with black dye. So you left that process. It usually takes about 25 minutes, depending on the volume that you use and also depending on the quality of the hair. But I'm just going to let that sit. And then I'm going to use my Shimmer light shampoo to um wash the lace and I'm gon na leave it on. I usually leave it alone for about five to ten minutes, just to get the brassiness from bleaching the hair. So after I do that I'll be back okay, so um, I am back and I tried to add some more light in here. So it's easy to see. So, yes, I do have my hair ponytail and I will be checking it out. Just have somewhere to go. This weekend, so uh bleach the hair, but I did it when I told you guys not to do, and I actually like you guys, can't tell let's see, but you guys could see where's the brown. So I'm gon na kind of show you guys how you could like temporary fix that. But a good thing you didn't get super light, but I couldn't believe I did that while I'm telling you guys what not to do um so yeah, I'm gon na take my ponytail off and then I'll be back. Once I have my hair slicked back into uh low ponytail, okay, so now that we are all slickback, I'm gon na show you guys how the wig looks on my hair and I'm gon na. Tighten it just to make sure that it's not too tight or too loose, I'm just going to adjust it and try it on just to see. If it's someone like him and I might cut these comes out because I never use them and I hate when I get like snagged on my hair okay, so this is to the tightness the uh me. So this is what the hair looks like I just washed it and um. I didn't a blow dry. I let it air dry. This hair is like so big, but it's so cute. I will wear a poofy like this, so I think I'm gon na do just a middle part, um like with it straight. I also want to show you guys that you can switch this to a side part if you do want to wear it. Come to the side, part you'll just turn it like that make sure the part of the wig is behind your wig means behind your ear and see how I have the least here to here and then you would just take the hair hot comb it down and Then it'll be flat like that, so you can wear it in the side part so for people who feel like they can't maintain a frontal. You can also do that. So I'm just gon na pluck this and I'm gon na be back once it's all plugged. This is what the hairline looks like these are the baby hairs and pull them down and then stuck behind it. So I'll see you guys in a second, so I just got done plucking the hair, and this is what the hairline is looking like. Okay - and this is back and once uh you know, straighten it out or whatever like some of the back. This is how it will look with the hair pushed back. Okay, so I feel like it's gon na be kind of hard to see with the hair on like really looks on my head because of how okay, let me try to reposition my setup, so I could so you guys can actually see the lace up close and Everything give me a second okay, so I guess so. This is what what I'm like. I haven't put any makeup on the lace or anything and if you see me guys looking this way, um I'm looking into the mirror, I had to kind of like move y'all, because if I want to put y'all directly in front of me, I wouldn't have been Able to see myself and then the ring light and the um phone wouldn't have been able to fit. So you see how you know I over bleach that I am going to show you guys. Hello, uh fix that. I just want to kind of like get this in the middle um. Okay. As of right now, I feel like that's in the middle, so these are called. You know the 4C images. Okay. So I'm sorry, my phone ended up cutting off and dying, but I went ahead and straightened this side. I love this so much so I had only smoothed out the roots of this when I plucked it, but I haven't smoothed out the rest because I wanted to show you guys how it looked without me doing it yeah, but this hair is like so soft. It'S so cute, it's easy to straighten, so I want to show you guys this side compared, so you guys see the difference. This is still cute, so um, I'm just going to show you guys how easy it was to straighten this top. Let'S get to it. Perfect! Hey Lobby me: I go through underground garages and so whenever I fly on this side, I didn't take the hot comb to any of my sections. While I was going through, I am it's just um using heat, so I am in my bathroom and I didn't want it to get too high in here and I started sweating because I did put pants on for the video. So elevator up to the room. Show up and then we hit the club touchdown got ta, see what's up area code in my phone. What numbers do I still have? Who do I know from the past hit one should say she got a man hit another one. It goes green wants to change. Foes, so I think I'm actually going to take that and just move that in, but this is literally what the hairline looks like, but I think I actually just want to put the makeup on and cut the lace. So I should show you guys what we're looking like. Okay, so I'm gon na make me my scissors up here, but my makeup isn't so I'm gon na have to go downstairs to get it, but let me actually take this off, so I can cut it. This is what we are looking not too bad, oh okay, so I have my makeup shape and I hope this is the right shade, because I actually think I got lighter okay, so we'll see, oh, that actually turned out to be perfect. Okay, let's see oh this is this is so so pricked. I can't even you can't even tell I definitely thought that I was gon na have to go darker. Let me show you how please this is completely lubeless. I have it put anything down so for my edges of my hair, I am going to go already to docker. Let'S see just a tad bit foreign okay, so this is with it. It just look like if they're not straightened out and then this is what it looks like straightened out. Just if you want to you know a reference. So if you do want to wear like poofy and up, I feel like it looks best like this, but if you plan to wear your hair like straight and you want to like want a flatter side, I say go with this. This looks beautiful. This hair got me feeling myself, okay, so and just to show you guys. This is actually human hair um, I'm using 500 Degrees, I'm using 500 Degrees on my hot comb and my hair is not burning or anything. Seafood like. I could just like little like really precedence and really make sure that I'm getting the roots rather use 4, 30 or 4 50. It'S actually straight in there. Let me see how easy that was. It'S a good, touchdriver perfect! This is the best kinky curly hair that I've ever had. I only had 11 once because the one time that I did have it, I just didn't like it, but I feel like this having the 4C. It just makes it a lot better. I feel like makes it look more natural. She a wife, but I do know one thing though women they come. They go Saturday through Sunday, Monday Monday, through Sunday, yo baby. I love you one day. Maybe we'll someday grow chilling outside you know for me, okay, so I went through and I flattened the hair, and this is what we're looking like, and I really hope you guys can't see my little ponytail in the back, hey guys. So this is the final results of the hair. Thank you guys. So much if you stayed throughout the whole video, I really appreciate it. It means a lot and also you could use my discount code, bro, okay, to receive a percentage off your purchase and make sure you follow me on social media um. All my socials will be listed right here and please turn on your post notification Bell. So you can be notified every time I post a new video. I really hope you guys like this. I actually have another wig review coming soon. So stay tuned. Please Subscribe. It means a lot. I will be coming out with a lot of different videos. I have a late Valentine's video that I have to upload and I want to do it because it will be including my nails. I hope that I was able to help you guys or give you guys some tips that helped a lot and thank you. Bye.

Mafanta Keita: I was praying someone would post a video bleaching the knots of this EXACT wig I literally could find not 1! Thank you girl!!

liana hardy: Very pretty


Yoli’s World: Have you tried curling it yet?

Butterfly101: Hi...Is it "big head friendly" or is the cap size Medium?? I bought sooo many expensive wigs and could not fit them...

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