Luvme Hair Short Cut Curly Minimalist Glueless Lace Wig

This short cut curly minimalist undetectable glueless lace wig is simply beautiful, go to LUVME HAIR AND ORDER USE MY COUPON CODE.

Thanks so much for the compliment, please excuse me for not being able to post the link. Every time we post a link from this company YouTube flags me as copyright and threatening to remove my channel. Please go on the website and look for the title in my description box. sorry for any inconvenience and again thanks so much for watching.

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Oh, no, whatever you guys! Thank you. Thank you again now. This beauty that I have on is straight out of the packaging and she is from my favorite Wig Company love me hair, okay, so what I want you to do is say: keep watching for my review. Have not added anything to these beautiful curves on this unit? Oh, let me do that 360. So you can see the back of it. Really nice full curly bouncy! Oh this one is summer ready. Okay, now this is another great throw and go uh unit from their site. I mean haven't done anything to the curls, but just beautiful, beautiful curls. Again, this is her straight out of the packaging. The only thing I've done to this unit is added some of my favorite powder. Look at that parting uh. The the closure is just it's a beautiful bleach job. Okay, the hairline is really really nice. She does have the bendable ear tabs on the side as well. She has the adjustable uh straps. She also has the elastic band and a comb in the back. What I'm loving about this one is the shoulder length. That'S why she's ready for the summer straight out of the packaging loving the way it frames the face and the more that you manipulate it, I'm quite sure uh. She will grow. Okay, the texture of this unit - oh just put her on Cut The Lace and you are out the door. Yes, okay, so I'm ready. I don't know about you, but I'm ready. So if you like this, one definitely go to the website and add this one in your car and be sure use my coupon code save use coins. Ladies, but definitely add this one to your wig collection: okay, foreign foreign,

patrice moore: This is absolutely gorgeous !! It frame your face nicely ! They did a great job with this beautiful unit !

SandraLynette 54: Hello Gorgeous lady. Amazingly Beautiful hair for an Amazingly Beautiful woman. Looks Super Fantastic on you. Those curls . Perfect length & density with great bounce. Another winner. Thank you for all the wonderful reviews. I'm putting this one on .my Birthday wish list. Blessings to you and your family. Be safe and stay well

Ladybug: Nice style. It's beautiful on you ❤

jujubeeens: Hi this wig is beautiful! Can you share the link to this unit and your coupon code? Thanks!

Tanzy The Glow Up Guru: Love it❤❤❤❤❤

Lina Lina: Always *enjoyed your *hair presentation’s *video’s

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