Unboxing Luvmehair Glueless Full Lace Wig (Water Wave Texture)

  • Posted on 18 September, 2019
  • HD Lace Wig
  • By Anonymous

Luvmehair Company


Detail on this wig unit:

* Water wave

* 18’

* Full Lace Wig

* Undetectable Lace

Let me know if you guys would like to see how I apply my wigs with just hair spray in the comment section below!

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Hey you guys so right now, I'm just checking out this wig unit that I got from love me here and this is supposed to be from their undetectable lace, collection and I'm just looking through the lace. I have not bleached the knots, but I did receive a concealer from them, and so I just tested out a little patch and I just use the concealer just to see how it will look and so now I'm just looking at the hair. I love this curl pattern. It looks so nice. This lace is super thin, as you can see that it comes with combs and it does come with a little small elastic just to pull the wig tighter. So it's it's perfect on my head, and so now you can see here that I'm just looking through the whole unit. Looking at the curl pattern, this is a full lace. Wig just cour pattern is so pretty I love it so much. It looks so natural as you can see, I didn't cut the lace yet look at this hairline. I did not pluck anything at all. This is exactly how it comes out. The package I did wash it that's the only thing I did and I left it overnight to air dry. So guys just look at this you and I look at the hairline. It looks so natural, I loved it so much. I didn't cut anything as of yet no baby hairs. This is exactly how it comes. I did not touch anything at all, so you guys see that I'm just using my finger using my hand just to show you guys how thin this lace is. It'S a super thin. It looks so natural. I love everything about this wig. It'S amazing! So now, I'm just gon na get into showing you guys how I do cut my lace on all of my wigs that I receive not just wigs just any closure frontal. Whatever you just have to make sure you pin everything down, everything is straight. Even you don't have to worry about any cutting any extra pieces off. I'M just trying to get the good angle. Now I cut three slits in each lace, just to make sure that everything is perfect and it's even and I have nothing to worry about now. I don't go straight across as you can see, I'm doing like a little zigzag. So now, as you can see, I'm still just looking at it trying to fill it out now, I'm just gon na continue cutting the lace on the other side, I'm just gon na. Do this same exact thing all the way around now. This is how it looks when I'm done cutting the front, I'm still showing you guys how it looks when I put my finger underneath so now, I'm just going into the side. So, as you see here, I have the wig on my head. I'M showing you guys where I'm going to place it, I'm still trying trying to figure that out. Please remember guys that I did not cut anything, but the lace, only the lace, and that was it. So I really met you see, hair like the little baby hairs and everything that came with the wig. I didn't cut anything I didn't do anything but only cut beliefs. I can't believe how realistic this wig looks. It has to be the best wig that I've ever gotten or even worn, I'd, even spray it down or use, and you got to be or use the glue like the lace glue. I didn't do anything yet, but I'm gon na try something different and I'm only going to use mousse and see how that works, because I like to take off my wig everyday. I honestly can't leave it on for more than one day only because my skin is very sensitive and I tend to break out so I'm trying something new and I'm just trying to hurry up and put the wiggle med. So I could get to work, but I'm just trying to mold it just trying to you know stuff like that. I don't have anything but a spoon with me. So I know once I get to work, I'm gon na still play with it some more, but I'm just trying to mold the hair. Exactly I wanted to I'll tie it down, ask place it in light spot. I didn't have any hairspray or anything with me. I ran out and I forgot to bring some home, so I'm so just playing around with it, but so far I'm loving the way it worked. Please remember guys that I only use most almost that was it nothing else almost so, as you guys see here, I'm just tying it down have my scarf. I just wanted to mold it before I walked out the house, because I didn't want to look too crazy and I'm just playing around with the hair. This hair is super soft. It'S like perfect, it's so lightweight! I love it. I don't have any product in it whatsoever. I let it air dry just like this. Now I'm going to show you guys how it looks. I couldn't keep it on for too long, but I just want to show you guys just for the sake of the video. Well guys, this is the finished product now. This is how it looks. I'M gon na spray, some hairspray soon as I get to the salon just to keep it down for the whole day. It looks so natural. I love this wig. Thank you guys for watching you

Paris Roam: Thank you for actually answering people's questions cause some youtubers be trifling

NemaLeem: I have this same wig from Luvme hair. 22 inch water wave and I absolutely love it.

Ms. MJeezy: That’s a pretty wig. I love the texture

Makiyah Michelle: yesss this looks so good!

beepboop: Was it plucked that good straight out the box? Or did you have to do it, looks nice

Cynthia: Can you please provide the direct link to the unit?

rihshotme: Quick question is this a sponsored video & how long did the hair hold up?

skyehtlimit: Did they send you the wig as promo/advertisement or did you personally purchase it? Bc we, as consumers, don’t get the same quality wigs shown in youtubers videos.

Yamyia Lindsey: What length is this hair

Deja Payne: Hey love ❤️, how much was this wig ?

Ashley Martin: I can’t find this specific wig! I looked several times, can you help me out girl?

Maltese Mommie: How much was this wig?

SheziyaSandifer: where's the direct link ?

Mugisha Pascaline: What's the density

Brianna: I got this wig and it didn’t come plucked

Blinkgirlsareperfect: Damn stop being so damn rough with the wig...lol

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