Affordable Luvme Hair Water Wave Undetectable Lace Wig 13X6 Review

Thanks for watching me give a review on LuvMe 13x6 unit in water wave texture. In 26 inches. This is an honest review because I bought this hair.


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Hey guys new money today, I'm going to be showing you guys all about this here that I got from love me. I actually won their contest caught. Love me me contest, and all you have to do is submit like your story with love me here and I had to let me air prior to this um, and I really liked it. I really love that you and it was a full lace. It was just awesome, I love the lace of it was just so nice. I really liked it. So what I want to throw a gift card ya know. I had to give me something else. True love me. I got a 20, I think it's 24. 26 inches I'll have it down below, Oh correctly, its water way of texture, but I actually slept with it into braids, but I needed rewedding before I left out saying and then scratched it and it's just this cute texture. The lace is transparent, undetectable. You cannot really see it when we come up close, like candies block, o bicho a star right there, it's a little white over here - and these are the 13 by 6 - so use a pretty long part and it goes back even further. So those all the way back here this is a construction of the inside of the wig. This is how the inside of the 13 by 6 looks they have combs. I normally cut the combs out. You don't have to yes y'all love me, it is so nice is so soft. I love hair like this, because I can install it without having to straighten it every time. What I have to do this to be that - and I love that because straightening here for me takes hours and in fact this hair still has its nice texture and way to it. Even after I bleached it was awesome. Yes, so let me take you out food. Here'S a little another look at the texture of clothes, super cute, the ends aren't super thin or anything. This is 24 inches. So when I straighten it out see, if is really true length width so far, I feel like it is super super cute thumb. Let'S get some bleach in it, okay, so this is after being bleached. It still has this texture, I just combed it out, so you can't really see, but you actually can't still see still took at the ends. I didn't fry hair or anything. It'S pretty much. A solid color, but there are some places where there are low lights and highlight, and that makes for a better color. It won't you to be like such a black color and look. You know like super dad. I like mine, to look natural because you know this. I am trying to mimic my natural hair color, which is not just one plain flat: color sneak peek of the wig. I don't have one we kept her at all. In that thing, it's gon na it's gon na go to melt no ice cube. This is the air period. It can't wait. I just got an unboxing super super cute, really freaking cute right. I love that it came with this and then the whole like Starkey. They came. We I got in last time with my other than the order, but I still love you so whenever you freeze here it is super super nice. I love the water wave texture of you. First of all, let me say that it does like remain texture II. After you bleach it, so you can bleach it if you want to it's still very soft, it's not sharing. It is not shed a lot. It'S very long. It'S very chewy length. It'S a good thickness for the length. It'S not super teen, the only probably like downside. I would say is that the cat, like the actual frontal of it, is really big like I had to continuously cut it, and I was nervous because I don't like kind of my lace too much, because once you cut it, you can't like put it back. So when I first installed it, the lace was like Ripley, but I actually watched somebody else to do and she had the same problems. So I see that it's not just me installing case. Maybe the functions are just too big, I don't know. Maybe I should get a smaller size, because this was like a one. Size fits all. It'S like a genius not like I've seen other companies have like a small, medium, large and custom, and it wasn't like this though, but it's still very cute. You just have to figure out, you have to just figure it out. It'S why this is my second install now they want to make the video after my person and stop, because I don't like to give a review after just putting in a link - and I don't think I could say: oh yeah. This is great hair because I don't really know, I don't know how it is when I first wake up when I go to sleep, you know like I never really know so I like to do it a fair chance, but I've had this hair for about two Weeks and now so I can definitely say I love, it is good love me. I feel that love me is definitely a trustable company, so I'm here actually on the wind, but you can't really see my whole head in the frame, because the camera that I have is so it's such a small frame to see through to be true, but then Still you can get up on Cebu tell us a shot for real. I wanted to show some clips that me straight in, but at the same time this is water wave. Here you want to see why the wave here you want to see you either way, but I don't like to make a long review just yet yep yeah pin, so all I can say is I love this hair. If you were thinking about getting me, I definitely suggest you to get it and once again, this is the end of my review. If you enjoyed this video, give a thumbs up, comment down below subscribe for more videos, and if you have any ideas and video suggestions that you want me to do, definitely comment down below and I will definitely try if I can get so. Yes. Thank you. So much I'm sorry, I've been gone for so long. Thank you. Thanks for watching

Whiskey On Ice: I just ordered the same wig in 24inches ,hopefully I recieved it in time for my birthday. I really wanted straight hair but they have been sold out for some weeks now And I saw you straightened it and it still came out cute.

CorettaNicole: This hair color is super pretty. After bleaching what color dye did you use??

CC: I had the ripple lace issue too and i just snipped probably half a centimeter I’m on four different spots to make it more flat

nae2: would you still recommend this hair After coloring it?

Ayana Isabel: what was the density of the wig ?

Chacora Paige: How long is delivery

Jaz C: What is the brand of the hair dye ?

I AM CHIDERA: Oh so it’s big head friendly?

Passionate Locs: You're really pretty

Daqueenib Forever: Can you wear it glueless?

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