Luvme Hair Unboxing + Initial Hair Review | Glueless Wig 22" Deep Wave

Hey y’all , welcome back to my channel ! I Hope you all enjoyed this video on my deep wave 22 inch wig from Luvme hair

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Super Affordable 26” Amazon wig



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Hey y'all welcome back to my channel and if you're new here welcome it's imagina and today i will be unboxing. Love me here. Okay, so, let's get into it first things. First, they give you so many gifts and i'm just so juiced about it. Like i got this wig for christmas, my sister had bought it for me and the first thing that i seen in the box was this curl and i remind you, i don't even know how to use the curling iron, but i was just so juiced about it Because who gives out a whole curling iron, like i've, heard of places giving out um flat irons, but a curling iron poo that go crazy? Okay, so then they give you this little pamphlet. That, basically just has the care instructions and the return and refund policy on the back, then there's this little pouch and it came with a bunch of little goodies, and i thought it was so cute like holographic yes come through, and so they gave us another elastic Band for the wig some bobby pins. This thing tell me in the comments. Please tell me what it is, but i don't know what this is. I'M thinking it was a headband, but then i was thinking. Maybe you use it to curl your hair. That'S me. Looking like what do i do with it, i didn't know, and also some tweezers was in the bag, and i was justifying those because i love me a good pair of tweezers. Now these tweezers are low-key doll like they kind of suck, but i think it's the thought that counts and it was really nice that they gave it to us so on the packaging paper they leave a cute. Little note i thought that was really cute and then they give us a deluxe wig cap, so two wig caps, nude wig caps, and i thought that was nice and they gave us a cute. Little love me hair, clip if you're into those - and this i did not know was in there like. I said i got this on christmas. I already had opened the box before, but obviously i was rushing through my gifts because i did not know. I had a whole hoco and that's me juice's heck, because that was my initial initial initial. Like i have another hot comb like yeah, i was juiced. So yes, girl, i don't know if you're gon na get a hot comb in your order, but i got a hot comb and a curling iron, a hot comb in a curling iron like you, would think i would have paid 500 dollars like no boo. No, this is honestly really worth it now on to the unit come through packaging. I just love the way that their packaging is looking from the box that it comes in to the little holographic pouch to the back that the hair comes in, like they step that cookies up for real on the box. It says affordable luxury, wigs and it is definitely giving okay. So, as you can see, this is where the parting is, but you can part on the sides and the side parts are as deep as that initial part was okay, so they give you an elastic bin. Already sewn on the wig, which is pretty helpful being that they gave you another elastic band in the box like okay, then the construction inside of the cap looks like this um and then they give you one comb in the front two combs on the sides and One comb in the very back then there's this little piece of lace in the back, i'm not sure what that's for maybe, if you're trying to put your hand in a ponytail like i said, i'm not sure i won't be doing that or using it, but yeah. So i do believe that this week is in fact, 20 inches, but i will have the link down below with the exact measurements and all hey guys. So i'm back - and this is what the unit looks like - i just did a little bit of customization in the front plugged in did some baby hairs plucked the hairline a little bit because it was fairly thin um. Also, i bleached the knots i put a little bit of makeup in my part and on my lace, just some um pressed powder. I could show you guys the powder ruby kisses, no more blemish powder. It was recommended to me like well not recommended to me, but from another youtuber i've seen it and they were like. I use the ripple kisses, so i'm using the ruby kisses. I don't think that um he is a guy. I forgot his youtube name. I swear. I wish i remember, because i loved his videos, but he used ruby kisses, always swore by it, but i think it was not the powder. I think it was like the cream, so yeah mine is the powder but either or i'm sure, work fine, because it works. For me, this is the hair completely dry and i just love the curl pattern like it's like deep enough, but subtle enough. It'S like because i usually wear like kinky curly hair, and i just love this loose curl. She is really cute. This is her completely dry. I put some um mousse in my hair. Not all this moves. I'Ve been having this for like two years, but yes, i used some mousse, not a lot. I also put some gel this gel. I think it's called labella. I use this gel in the front to like you, know, smooth it backwards and then just brushed it and then, of course, some. I use a misting spray bottle because i didn't want the hair to be extremely wet, but my hair gets frizzy. I will definitely just be wetting. It maybe, and i also put gel on the ends, so the ends won't be puffy and it'll still have like. You know the curl, but yes guys so far, so good, i'm loving this hair, literally loving it like. I just love love me, hair. Now, like i'm loving the quality, the quality is definitely worth the price, not only the quality, but all the gifts you get hot comb, curling iron, uh, comb and other things like that's a lot yeah, i'm loving it, i'm loving it. I'M loving it, i can't say it no more! I'M looking like i'm loving my makeup today, but y'all. I will be coming back to you with a hair review. This is just an unboxing slash like initial review, but i will be coming back. Probably so i'll be coming back to you guys, maybe in two weeks to a month, i'm not sure, but when i feel like i have enough like intel on the hair like where i can tell you the shedding the longevity blase blase block like when i know I feel, like i know, about the hair, i'm definitely gon na come back to you guys and let y'all know the tea on this left me here period. You like really melt that lace in i'm thinking the lace. This lets you do good should do good, because i look good in person for sure, and then you know, because you know sometimes the ring light make it look a little better. But truly it looks like this in person. I'M looking in the mirror looks like this. In person, if you are interested in this unit, please click down below in the description box, and i will have the direct link to this week and also just probably just the regular website link. If you just want to go and browse, you know go ahead and do so. 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