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Because it's crazy - because I'm doing this here with you - because I really really want to like since I did not get paid for this review - sometimes I'm like pay higher in order for me to it. But honestly, I felt like I needed to do this, but I really was like you know who says you need to do this from you hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel. If you guys don't already know, I am Shay today, I'm gon na be doing a hair, a review. Now, I'm gon na be overview with a love me hair, and this is the unit that I have in my hair right now. This is my second time buying from this company with my ownage two queens, and this is my second install for this hair. So I've had this here for like a month, and I have back-to-back washing, of course, and everything and all that all actually stuff. But this is my second time with this install, so I kind of have like a kiss what I have are just of what it's about what I like about, of what I don't like about it, etc, etc, etc. So, first of all, I just want you to know nothing in this. Video is sponsored at all. Like I spent my old coins. I know it's very, like nominees is very, very rare to see a hair review where this is not getting paid. Okay, because a lot of people they just want the coins, I could have probably got this sponsored, but I was like no I'm gon na be my own coins and I'm gon na be like a regular customer before I even review this hair and I'm gon na See what's the real T, I wan na see what's real cat like what she give it before anything, I just wanted to say the shipping was three days so when I first ordered it instead, seven days now, I had a vegetable to in like five days August. Hey I was like is gon na be here in seven days, but Dean Shaw was knock on my door and it came in three days and I'm the slow. I was really concerned because I'm like damn the coronavirus is coming from China, I'm not with it, but then I got a fake. I wash that out. I know what the coronavirus a lot of stuff was going on and I didn't think I would get my package on time. I was so worried like I was so sad. I was depressed okay, so when I got it in three days I was like and sure enough. I did wash it and I didn't put it to my head and I don't have the chrome virus, so I was cool on that. So the unit that I have in my head right now is a 24 inch. I'Ve got it in 180 density and it was precooked and it is a body weight. I did put some curls in it with my one and a half inch curling wand on to curl it, and it really takes curls. Well, I really really loved how it came out. If you know me, I am, I love hair fluffy hair. I like a lot of thickness. That is just I love to like shake, and everything is still there okay, so this was very shorter density. It was true demand and the body wave it was still there after, whose watch the second time just FYI. My hair stylist did pluck it some more. The plucking was bomb on it, but I really really wanted to go to for that. More more natural look, so my hair stylist did pluck it to my liking. On the website. I had lace frontal and have full lace weights. The photos focus was more expensive, but for my preference, I love having the lace frontal because I feel like when I get the full lace weight. It'S more thinner and I really really love my hair to have body. So I feel like when I get the lace frontal it's more hair on it. I feel I don't know why, but I feel like it's more density on it like it's more. It gives me more hair, so on this website it says that the lace is Swiss. Medium brown, so I guess it's a Swiss lace and then the lace did come in medium brown, so it was matching. It did match my own skin color, but my hair stylist did bleach it more so that I could really get that natural natural it could blend. So that it could blend anymore because it wasn't like seamless blending, but once I put that once put that bleach in it, it was. It was popping okay and before you say the price, I did use a coupon code. They always have coupon codes on their own website, so sponsored, but they always have coupons cons on their website. So I make sure I use those okay, so I used the coupon code at that time. I don't even I paid $ 200. They gave me a weight cap, which was so amazing because it's just like it, I can say without it and the beauty supply stores these are like dollar. I think a dollar ninety-nine bucks, I think a dollar or eight plus tax, okay um. They gave me a credit card, I don't think I'll be using it, but I was just like what like what they gave me this for than iron, and this is my second crate. I thought I told you guys I order from them before, but this gave me off full-on curling iron slash flat iron like way so that was really like impressive. I was like okay, the first time that I got to see. I was just like okay, it's either. They trying to buy me with the stuff that they put in there, or this is a really bar - that's company, because I've never seen a company pack packed the box, so it's so thick honey. So I really really was feeling it. So they gave me a curling iron. I'Ve never tested out the curling iron. The quality doesn't look that that great, I'm gon na be honest with you. It looks like it's gon na break you like to but pay her okay um. They gave me a hair. Stick a hair wax sticks for all the flyways, which I need right now, but since when I think this I was like girl like what so they gave me um this, which was amazing, I felt like that's all me, then I think this is something I really Really use like something that was anybody come in collage, but they gave me an adjuster and it has like adjust the best job. So this is like pop in so like. If you have like a smaller head, you can adjust it more tighter. It'S like a bra, strap um and if not, you could try it. You gon na just it to regular size, so yeah and it both have adjustable, strap you just odo that is so dope. I'Ve never seen I've never seen again. They gave me some bobby pins, which always comes in handy. You need okay, and they gave me a tweezers to tweet out to pluck, I guess, to pluck the front of the hair um and they gave me a love me clip which is so cute. I think this is so cute. Will I wear it? No, but this is so cute. So that is everything that I thought about, and I was just like wait. Nice, Sun Sunday May is that right. All of this for two hundred and eight dollar 24 inch lace frontal with all this goodies in 180 density posters. I was still I was like not signing right. I was ready. I was ready to be on call like one thing I don't like. I don't like what I don't like that here so like. If I feel like I wasted my money on some bad hair trust me. I will have that money back by tomorrow, because I'm I don't play like I work hard for my coins and I work hard for my money and ain't. Nobody gon na try to play me, but when I first got the hair, if you guys saw my last video, I only i always use Garnier Fructis on all of my wigs. I use the speaking shine, shampoo, conditioner first, the first time that I get my hair. Always a shampoo and conditioner and then after like a while I'll, just conditioner it co wash it or the extra stuff it makes it feel so good. I don't sway to nothing else, so these are my holy growth on all my weaves, all my wigs. All my hair, all my muscles and my my hairstylist actually uses silicone so on this hair. It does have some silicone mix on it. I think it's a bamboo version, but when she put that in my hair it was so mom like it was so long. So I was like okay. I need to get me a couple. Oh, I need to get me some silicone mix for some deep conditioning, but I'm always gon na say Lois mic on your booties, but that silicone mix vide everybody did it, okay right other than that. I used like on a sheen of Sheen chichay c-h-i. I'M gon na probably put a bottle like right here. I just used that on my head, a dime-sized a little little little so that I can have a little bit of shine and that's literally all that I put on my hand but anything else over here. I don't put no sprays, no, nothing because I feel like it just weighs down the hair like so much product when you put so much packing in here, it's gon na look stiff, it's gon na, be it's gon na be doing too much and I'm not ready. I just put a little dime sized rub it and just comb it through my hair and sisters ready to go. So that's all that I use in my hair, the Garnier Fructis and the sheen. The next thing is, I know, I've seen on I've, seen some reviews, but honestly, I'm just think it's. How will you take care of the hair? Did it some specs that I'm gon na get to, but it's like, if you take care of the hair, the hair will be the If you don't it's gon na be kind of like like what do you expect you know, so I really I always use. Look at it right here this and my Barnett. I always tie my hair down every night period. Now, I'm just gon na get into my opinion on the real hair, like what's the T, the real T what's going on having then for the next two months, the last two months, Oh dust in your shed for me shedding, is like one of the biggest things That will turn me off okay, so this hair did not shed like. I thought I was gon na be shedding that crazy. Like do you know how embarrassing it is to have your hair shedding. That is so embarrassing, like good, like so embarrassing, especially if you're like outside and it's just all your clothes and everything like that is a no-go for me, so this hair does not shed. If I call me it's trims will come out, but it's not like shedding like a dog like shedding everywhere like every time I comb through it. Like you know something is coming out like you know, it's not like that. So I was very pleased by the shedding. It'S minute it's very minimal to none, so it does the hair tangles. So this is what I'm gon na say about this okay tangling. For me, it does tingle a little bit but not a lot. Let me hear me out the other day where I got my hair done, but I didn't tie my hair down right. I didn't tie my hair down, so I was sleeping regular so boom next morning the name it was like. I was tugging on it, so I literally had to take the comb and just gently like comb it out, but it come down right. It combed out, amazingly, and it was not even a lot of hair that came out after, but the name was tangled because I didn't wear anything to protect there or I didn't you know it was an up anyway. It was just like out so the nape area, which I expected it to me, was kind of like you know tangled. So that is one thing I can say it does get tingly like if you don't take care of it and if you just have it all over the place and you're not doing too much but as far as tangling like you know, goes here that really really Tangles and it looks disgusting - no, this ain't - it is so like you see, like it talks a little bit, but after that, it's just like okay, okay, okay, I see so it tangles very, very minimal me, especially if you don't take care of it. That'S when you'll probably have like a little problem, but I'm sure if you comb it out it like it is gon na be back to normal. So it didn't it wasn't OD like tingly. It was an OD nappy. You know it wasn't doing all that, but it was a little it did by the neck area. It was a little tugging honestly. I think every hair is like that where, like, if you don't take care of it, don't expect it to be Dabangg, calm, okay period. So the one thing I can say about this here that I really kind of was like, but it wasn't like. Oh, like I'm sold on, like I'm, not buying this no more like um, I'm off this like I'm, not with it, but it's like. Sometimes it can get dry like it can get dry, but you have to put something in it. So, for me, like the first time I put it in it, will it really got like dry so this time around? That'S why my hair stylist use deep conditioner because, like okay, I'm gon na deep conditioner, so this time it's really really actually really good. But last time it was kind of a little buff and the time before that that I bought it did the texture. I wasn't really feeling it like that, even though it was still good quality, it felt like very, like course, that's what I meant course. So that was my only like teen. That was like you know, but other than that. That'S probably the only problem that I have with it and when she did conditioner it was it was ship hopping. So I didn't have a problem with that anymore and I look past it because, but $ 208, I really this hair. I just upside gagging like really got my final opinion on this hair. Is it's so calm? Calm like first of all, the one thing that I'm so done is the lace like you don't ever want to be in a room, especially if you go out a lot. You don't want anybody to ever read you for filth and clocking lates from across the room. So I was sold on that, like what lace is, what makes you talk about? What are you so happy because, ladies period willies, the hairs popping, I love that it holds a curl like I'm more of a beach girl curl like I don't like tight cause. I like, like beach waves, I like, like body Kim Kardashian 2010 days yeah. I like that. I don't know why. But some wigs doesn't fit my head, I'm a big-ass head. Okay, I got a big-ass Hey, so some of the leaves didn't fit me and this one fit me perfectly. So I was I'm so full I'm just you don't even know like. I am boy on this way. Guy mirtha like subscribe and comment, and I'm supposed to turn on that post notification. If you don't want me to try any hair that you got a skeptical tomorrow, you want me to try because it's the Lancome. You want to put this this one just comment it. I really hope, like this video, and I hope I answered your questions and I'll see you guys in my next video bye

IAmShai: Hey loves, this review is only based off of there body wave wig (which I love). I’ve never tried there deep wave ❤️ *Also my first wig that I installed myself was not a perfect fit... it was too small In my opinion.. but the second time my hairstylist installed it and it was perfect. ( idk if I was fitting it wrong or I just got a big ole head) but just wanted to add that.

Belle Papillon Déesse: If it applies, start reporting companies to the BBB when they do bad business & always look them up there prior to making any purchases. I actually went on there to find out Luvme has an F rating. Btw there is a California address listed on the BBB, but they ship from China. One sis looking out for another. Potect your hard earned money.

Simone Lloyd: Its hard to find a youtuber that keeps it real about these hair companies.

Fleek ByNature: Got a lace frontal as a gift from my aunt from luvme when I say this wig is over a year old and still very beautiful baby it’s really bomb you know you struck gold when two bleach jobs and coloring didn’t ruin the hair it’s still very soft and the curls always come back to the natural state

xxCherryRosexx: Bought this hair before I saw this video for my 2020 high school graduation. Honestly I am excited to see how it’ll look on me bc ma’am it looks outstanding on youI hope you’re doing well and everyone else reading the comments. Please be safe and wash your hands

Gemini Songbyrd: Great review! I have a unit from them, it’s good quality for cheap. And yes, I also prefer the lace frontal or closure wigs for fullness.

A5says: I really appreciate your review. And yes that silicon mix is the business. I use it on all my hair even my natural hair.

GlamazonJay: The key here is the silicon mix. I use that in every wig whether human hair or synthetic. That’s the best investment you can make when it comes to wigs. True, it’s not the absolute best quality, but it absolutely not the worst. At all.

Ms. Tabeeshack: Thank you for this review. I think this company is kinda hit or miss. I just purchased 2 wigs and wash, “conditioner” and installed and it’s not bad but just alright

Creative Inspirational Arts: Thank you!!!! I’ve been trying to find out where it shipped from! I was nervous that I got scammed! Great review ❤️

Genesis Riggs: I just ordered mine sat. And getting mine tomorrow. Their delivery is quick/awesome! Thanks for this review!

rach.charles: I bought a u-part wig in body wave from Luvme and after a week the nape started tangling and I could not leave the house without a brush because it kept on tangling. And It doesn't hold a curl at all. It only looks good the first hour or two after styling.

Royalty Recreationz by Alicia: I just ordered this wig and im excited lol I got that same flat iron and yes it’s not looking all that lol it only goes up to 200 degrees but it is 3 in 1 with a tight crimp detail but thanks for the advice

Ashley Cecilia: I'm jealous!! I thought my gifts from them were bomb, but I'd def. take a curling iron! LOL I guess they switch it up, I don't remember if it tells you exactly what you get.

Deidre Whitehurst: Thank u for giving the review. I was on the fence about purchasing the Luvme brand, but seeing your review, I will definitely give it a try. Be blessed beloved...

Per Goddess: Yes for the nape tea ! That’s that- def a new subbie

KenyaMariee: I just recently ordered some hair from them and saw it was from china as well.. now I’m like oh shit but still I want my hair otayyy

KEEPING UP WITH CHANEL🐘: That hair look good asf i always follow your hair company advice u r the truth keep up the GRRREAT WORK n they 100$ cheaper thannn Kendra i literally just ordered so fingers crossed

Tracey Cedoit: I want to buy this hair so bad but I always see comments on YouTube reviews saying the hair is terrible & that they're scamming people … I was looking to get a full lace 22 inch, but I'm very hesitant .

Ja'Maya Sistrunk: I know this is beside the video which I loved I will b ordering from them soon but your dress is so pretty where did you get it from?

Selena Bostick: I wanna get a 150% density , 14 inch straight wig. Is that density small? And is it easy to return?

Pamela Robinson: Is it best to wash it before the install ?

Kinyonia Lafaye: She said “conditioner it” all cute.. I’ll subscribe!!

Miscy Jay: I just ordered the summer celebrity style before reading reviews online and a lot of people same the company is a scam. I hope it's not true :(

Sharon Dickerson: This is the worst week company that I’ve ever experienced

D K: What was the code you used?

Hey Miss West: Thats IT you sold me! Im ordering lol

Rasheedah Naji: You are right my wig is a little tight too.

Val 's Family & Friends: I buy this hair all the time and I love it I would like to know the name of the stuff that your hairdresser puts in your hair I think you called it silk

Brianna McGlothen: I hate to see all these bad comments. I have seven wigs from them and absolutely love their hair. I'm super picky. I only use essations a black owned company products to wash all my weave. I swear by there products ladies.

Naturally Shaii: Omg I currently have a luvme unit installed in my head by me but my name is spelled Shai but it’s pronounced “shy”!

Francesca Howell: I ordered my unit... I didnt like the way the curl look so I straightened it... the hair looks like straight trash... there is no way anyone will install this

Celia: You're tooo cute. THANKS FOR REVIEW!!!❤❤

Brittany Phillips: It looks 20 inch for some reason you still look nice

Esther Sowell: You are doing a good job for the company seem like if you paid for it yourself you wouldn't be trying sooo hard to convince everybody it's over doing it and with all the bad reviews they have I do not believe you great scam tho good luck I hope you get some sponsors

RoyalNykki: Is this the big hair curl pattern and thanks for posting this! Shedding is sooo embarrassing, is a big turn off for me too!!!

Monsie babe2: No match for Kendras though babe it looks fluffy dry and stringy. You’re too cute for that

Dee robinson: Hi , if you have reviewed hair from alipearl , which one would u rather ? This hair company or Ali pearl ?

Scorpio Scorpio “: You sure they didn’t pay you I bought that hair and it was awful shed shed shed I haven’t even had it a month and it’s tangling and they went MIA...

Life Of Joy: How long did it take yours to come

Najshria Young: Lucky I ordered mine last week and I haven’t gotten mine yet it’s been a week

Nikki Robie: Think they payed her to do this

Kashmire Monroe: What’s under your wig.. like what kind of cap do you have on

Qiana Mccracken: Hello, I love your energy. Do you have an email for business inquiries?

Chi Obasi: Please I just ordered, and I just found out that the hair is coming from China, just wanted to know how I can wash a glueless wigs without destroying the wig and curls, because I have no experience with wigs and hair extensions

Scorpio Scorpio “: Haha not true !! I’m a stylist bad joint bad bad

Khamila Baines: Is it glueless? And did you use makeup

Toniqua Fields: I am still so scared to order from them I dont wanna be scammed

Butter Cup: Where did you get your cute outfit from boo? Nd wats the name of it

Sharon Dickerson: Though you gave me a $50 credit. These wigs are still trash. Now instead of having a $200 wig that I have to use as a exercise wig, I have $150 exercise wigThough you gave me a $50 credit. These wigs are still trash. Now instead of having a $200 wig that I have to use as a exercise wig, I have $150 exercise wig

Diamond Wade: Your dress is cute where is it from if you don’t mind sharing

Sah- Sah: I just got mine☹️

MsLolaRenewed: That hair company is trash. I’ve wasted a lot of money on them. Please save your coins!

Beautiful Bosses: Your beautiful

Freedom C: It looks very fake at the top.

Itanzia Collins: My question is y did I have come u tube to read the reviews. See fake ass video

songbird372 P: Ok

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