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Purchased the Curly undetectable lace front wig from LUVME hair in 18 inches. I absolutely love the afro curly style. Watch for plucking, application and final thoughts.

Link to the wig:

PS: I apologize for the terrible lighting

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Baby, it's the curls! For me, it's the curls for me. Do you see them out there curling freely stiff well still full, hey y'all! Welcome back to my channel today, i'm going to film a hair video for you guys, so i'm going to install a lace front! Wig from love me here, so this will be the first time i'm taking the wig out of the box and actually looking at it myself. So this is kind of like an unboxing video. So here is what the packaging looks like. This is the hair. It comes in this little silky. I don't know what this material is called, but it comes in this package um and then there's also. What is this? I think this is a flat iron. This is a hot comb, actually wow. Okay, it comes with the mini hot comb, pretty cool. I already have one of these, but um nothing wrong with the second one. It also comes with a wig cap. This is clearly not my color and then this translucent pouch, iridescent colored and in the pouch. It has this thing, i don't know what this is. If you guys know um, please let me know in the comments an edge brush, a double ended edge brush with a little comb on this side and the brush on the other side elastic. If you just want to sew this onto your wig love me hair clip, so let's get into the actual wig. So the description on the website says that it's an afro curly, undetectable invisible lace, glueless, frontal lace, wig and then it says real hd lace in 18. Inches okay very hard to see in this lighting, but it's like an almost like a natural curl type texture, and that's exactly why i bought this kind of reminiscent of my actual hair. And so i thought this would be a great purchase and it was on sale. What i'm going to do today is apply this to my head and i will take you guys through the entire process, so stay tuned, if you're interested in seeing how i apply this wig. So i'm just trying on the wig just to see what it looks like on my head before i go in and like make any sort of modifications, typically i'll, go in and like pluck the lace. But it looks like this already came pre-plucked. So, for those of you that are beginners with lace front, wigs pluck just means that they plucked some of the hairs out of the hairline to make it look a little bit more natural. When you apply it, it also comes with some baby hairs. It looks like i'm actually going to go back in and pluck some more because i prefer it to look a little bit more natural and then it kind of peaks a little bit or has like a little bit of curve in the middle. So i'm going to go in and pluck that back as well, because my actual hairline is just straight across but as far as the sides um they look perfect. The fit of this wig is pretty perfect, so i'm excited to put it on my head and then actually style it. So what i'm gon na go do now is wash the hair and then i'm going to pluck the hairline just to make it match a little bit better to mine, and i will show you guys that process as well. Just to let you know, i'm not an expert whatsoever, i just kind of do what works for me. Bear with me as we go through this process, so i'm getting ready to pluck the lace i'm going to start off by just spraying the front of the hair. With some water and the reason i'm doing this is because it helps me to better see like the actual hairline, so i'm wetting it and then i'm just going to brush it back to hold it out of the way all right y'all. So i went ahead and continued to pluck the hairline and then i also bleached the knots i don't know if you guys can tell i did a terrible job, so i didn't film it, but you guys can go search for any other tutorial on how to bleach Knots there's a ton out there. This is what it looks like i kind of bleached some of the hair at the front on accident, but we'll continue to make it work. I'M going to start off by brushing back my baby hair just using this edge brush and the main choice, growth, stimulating edge control and i'm taking my wig cap and applying it to my hair. And this just keeps everything flat and it helps the lace of the wig to actually match better. So it'll look more like a real scalp, even though this is a little bit darker than my skin tone. It still works just to show you guys an up-close view of the hairline you'll be able to see it a little bit better. Once it's on my head all right, let's put the wig on so what i'm doing now is just kind of playing around with the wig just to make sure that i'm having it to sit the right way on my head, so i'm just parting the hair. Just to see like what the scalp looks like and as you can tell my wig cap is a little bit too red. I might switch wig caps. I think it looks best without the wig cap. Also, my baby hairs come pretty far down on my forehead, so i'm not even gon na try to cover those i'll just kind of make it work. Once i glue it down, i will pluck any extra hairs if i need to so in order to glue the hair down, i'm going to use the got to be free spray. I have wig glue, but i like to take my wigs off, so i'm not going to be using that today. Okay, so i zoomed you guys in. I know it's a little bit hard to see because of my dark background, but i'm going to cut off the rest of the lace, so we can kind of fix up these edges. What i'm going to do now is like decide where i want to part my hair. This is where i want my part to be i'm going to spray it with some water so that it's easier to manipulate and then just kind of play with it to get it to look exactly how i want it to look. I'M also going to tweeze the part a little bit so that it looks more natural and then we will do like some baby hairs and somehow i will figure out how to hide this kind of light line, even though i put my foundation on it, it still Is a little bit visible, so i will take care of that all right. I think i did a little something. I'M just gon na cut these hairs a little okay, so this side is looking cute. All right. Y'All we've made some progress, so i kind of feel like these sides look great, but this i'm gon na go ahead and fix that off camera. I changed my shirt to a lighter color just so it could hopefully help you guys see the color in my hair. Better, i'm really liking how this came out. It looks pretty laid. There are some pieces that i do need to fix up, but for the most part it looks okay, so i went in and wet my hair and added some conditioner and you can see. Well, hopefully, you can see, let me zoom in some the definition. I am really loving the curls in this hair, oh zoomed out, you guys can see. Okay, i am obsessed with this hair. The curls itself and the hair is really soft. Like super soft, it was super easy to define, as this dries it's gon na get a lot fluffier, of course, but i'm going to stop playing with it, because i don't want to disrupt the pattern to finish this off. I'M going to take some concealer put it in the part, so that the part is a little bit more defined. So this is the final look if you guys liked it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. Also don't forget to hit that subscribe. Button right here in the bottom left corner, and thank you guys so much for watching. I will see you in the next video

Magdaline 1ONLY: Simply gorgeous! I will be adding this one to my collection.

Cinelliverse: That looks so natural wow! One day I’ll try wigs. I’m so intimidated

Sarai Ashari: Wow that looks so natural! You're giving me the courage to try and install my own lace front wig.

Ms Barbell Barbie: Found your channel looking for a review of this wig because it's sitting in my cart and I'm trying to pull the trigger to buy it it's beautiful! Was debating on 16 or 18 inches but I like the length of yours! Good job! New sub :)

73pinkchocolate: I bought one today.. I pray that it looks as natural on me as it does on you!! It looks so good!! ❤️

bunny: That wire thing is a cross headband that’s what I used it for. It’s cute lol and the hair looks great on you❣️

Shy Shy: I just bought this but in 16” just so it can sit closer to my collar bone than on my shoulders the curls look so bomb and b4 I heat damaged my hair my curls looked similar ‍♀️ I have 3b on the lower half of my hair and 3c on upper half (pain in the ass) but can’t wait to get my unit

Kim Rickards: I love this Q! Super cute

dltbarron: Love it!

Ann Howard: Looks good I have the same headband wig and love it. I will be trying this one. Can you give the name of this wig? Want to make sure I get the write one.

nicole mcrae: Great job!

YANI TSU: Love this.

Lisa McLeod: You go gurl! Looks great! Ummmm Can I put one over sisterlocks?

Keenan Johnson: What’s the longest length and how full is the density ?

am mu: aht!!! aht!!! it's the voice for MMEEE!!! YAASSS!!

Red Carpet Shelley: What length was the wig?

Yamiley Prophete: How many inches is this wig ?

Simone Stuart: It’s to tie down your baby hairs... LoL

Jamila Hoyte: GT !!

Latoya Martin: Check out our video on You Tube Where is my wig? Nia Martin

B.: Rip off! Don't waste your time ladies!!! I just got mines gifts it looks like doll hair!!!

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