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Length: 12 inches

Texture: Straight, Real HD Lace x 1

180% Density

Hairline already plucked to perfection. This baby came ready to wear straight out of the box!!



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-Camera: IPhone 14 PRO MAX & Canon EOS M6 Mark II


~Name: Odubote Oluwadamilola

~Age: 25

~Height: 5’10

~Ethnicity: Nigerian (Yoruba)

~Residing country: Germany

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Foreign once again, and how are you guys doing, how have you guys been if you're, a new subscriber welcome to my channel welcome to my world? I hope you speak with me and join the family if you're not a subscriber, I love you guys so guys. I got this hair from Love Me hair and it was sent to me in this very cute box, this cute purple box, lovely hair, and I'm so excited you guys, I'm so excited. So. Yes, let's unbox this. Okay, so opening the box, I have um their logo, which is love me here here and I have this gorgeous gorgeous Wii. You guys. I have the wig here and I have a pause and pause which has I don't know what this is a card or something with their logo. Love me, and I also have a spoolie brush disability brush, and so you have also a scarf if you want to install this unit like as a frontal of course, you have a scarf from lovely hair and, lastly, I have a wig cap. I'M so excited you guys, oh my God, okay, so this hair is fresh out of the box and let's try it on. Oh, my God, the texture, you guys, I'm screaming like what what the texture the is so soft, it's so luscious you guys! Oh, my goodness wow. This is amazing. I like how the strands are so fine. You know it's a beautiful and it's wow, it's just out of the box, and it looks this good. Can you guys see this like it's? It'S screaming quality. It'S screaming class! You guys! Oh, my God, this is so beautiful. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, it's actually a five by five undetectable, invisible walkway and it's in 12 inches as you can see, and it's straight out of the box, and it looks this good. Oh my God, you guys! This is so pretty and no shedding like it's not shedding it's. You say what sis, oh my goodness, so I have my neighbor in front of me here. So I can, you know, put the wig on adjust the wig and just make it look good right. Okay, so the wig has a hook at the back and also a hook inside, so you can hook it on your head with. So, let's sweat the wings - oh, oh hello, so I'm just going to cut the lace off the wig carefully. Looking into my mirror. Oh, my God, you guys, like it's the quality of the strands of this hair from me like. Can you see the hairline it's giving what it's supposed to be given? This is so so pretty you guys it's so beautiful, like I can't just stop growing my hands through the hair. It'S soft like it's so soft, oh God, it is really really soft. Like and shiny wow. I really really like this lovely hair. This is amazing, like this is so gorgeous. Okay, I'm just gon na go ahead now and use my straightener to flatten the top of the Bob wig just to make it flat and also the the whole hair actually just to make it look really better and nice. I mean this is out of the box and it looks this good. Damn sis you're cute you're, fine, I'm feeling myself this hair. You guys, like part of me because wow, oh, oh hello, this hair has been hooked like. I am really really hooked on this hair right now, like, oh, my goodness, basically, and that's it like that's it to this in store. This hair is very easy to install very low maintenance, and it's like my everyday wig now, because because the week is weekend like the book week is Bobby, it's giving this billionaire Vibes. You guys, like any Billionaire's wife kind of vibe, is so luscious so luscious. I can't get enough of this hair. You guys like for real. This hair has me, walked it's without glue, it's not installed, but sis it's given, but this is a very nice ball big airplane. We should actually have in the air close there, because this wig would give you that kind of vibe that kind of class - and it is super easy to install just put it on it's a straightener to run it through your hot comb and that's safe, like that's. It uh I I like it so pretty. Oh my God! Thank you. So much love me here. You outdid yourself this! This hair is beautiful. Oh, it's a carnal, but emphasize you guys how beautiful this hair is is the quality I keep saying is that the quality of the strands of this hair, because goodness So Soft, like um, so soft and so luscious, and basically that's it guys for this install? This is for this unit, guys. That is a very, very easy install if you can install this week in less than what five to ten minutes is an everyday Trot kind of big, very beginner, friendly and also very affordable. So what are you waiting for? They have their Valentine's sales coming up, so you should actually do get yourself. This particular unit because girl, let's give you luxury, just give me about Vibe, it's so pretty it's so, oh, my God, so bougie and so classy. That'S it for this unit. That'S it for this video. I hope you guys learned it thinner too, if you guys enjoyed this video as well, just give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to like this video comment share and subscribe. I'Ll see you in my next one bye, oh hello,

Daniella Andrew: It looks really good on you!!

Kosi Onyeama: Beautiful ❤️

KING LUQ: You look so pretty ❤️❤️❤️

Caramel Crunches: Lovely

Barnabas Ogunbowale: Beautiful❤❤

Oguchi Divine: Beautiful

Babayaga'sfave: that looked so easy and it’s so good on you

Ifeoma Ezenagu: Pretty

Nwaeze Michael: Pretty

Ikujebi Olayinka: It looks good on you

Omoregie Dorothy Cynthia: Nice

Olatunji Eneh: You are so beautiful ❤

Odubote Olayinka: I have to learn this

Busola Odubote: Na to learn this one remain

Abbe Niki: The hair most look good on u bec u are beautiful before

Chiedu Azuatalam:

Angie Gleason: Promo-SM

THEBADASSGAMER Forlife: Beautiful

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