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I will forever be a @LuvmeHairOfficial girl. They never let me down. This unit was super easy to install and looks so natural!

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Foreign hi guys welcome to my channel. If you are new here, my name is Crystal and if you're a returning subscriber, hey girl, so I made this video a few months back: okay, maybe not a few months back in February, so I'm just uploading it now. I got this unit from Love Me hair. This is one of their 4C edges unit. I love this unit so much. I really didn't, have too much trouble installing the unit. It was super easy. The lace Blended in very well like I, was impressed when I installed this unit. You know I did my my usual cutting my lace. I pulled it back. I tried to make sure I did not cut any of that baby hair, because that hair was a little bit longer. So, as always, I add my Fenty Beauty to tint my lace and honey. It looks crazy right now, but please remember trust the process. This hair matched so well, so I did put a little bit of my wax stick and love me sent me a flat iron honey. I was not expecting that flat iron in that box. It definitely did what it was supposed to do. I never knew they had flat irons until I opened my that box and when I tell y'all this hair was thick, it was big, so you're not gon na get no skimpy thin unit with this one. Like I like it, it was definitely what I was looking for it washed. Well it never Tangled. I love it. It looked very, very natural. Now, if you plan on flat ironing some human hair honey, get you a titanium flat iron. I had to learn that the hard way it straightens the hair very well, it's very little flower ways. It works. Trust me now, like I told y'all, the baby hairs were a little bit too long for me, so I did just go in and kind of thin them out shorten them out. I did pluck them just a little bit to thin them out. I use my trusty faithful lot of body mousse put that on my edges, swoop them and honey. We have a whole style. It was super easy. You see me plucking them here, because I felt they were a little bit too thick, so I thinned them out and voila. Look at that hair hair, I'm a whole new person super cute. I wanted to add another hairstyle to this unit, so I tried that Viral hairstyle and it came out super cute. What do y'all think comment down below? Let me know hi guys welcome to my channel. If you are new here. My name is Crystal: if you are a returner subscriber to the title, this is a unit from Love Me hair. Now, love me. Hair was the first brand that I have ever got a human hair from and I'm gon na stick beside them. I had to jump on the bandwagon and get the kinky edges. So that's what this is and honey. Let me tell you: I don't ever want to use it without kinky edges, because this is given very much scalp like it. It'S given very much. This is my hair. You can't tell me otherwise that this is not my hair. I mean I paid for so it's mine, but it's giving it it's mine. Okay. Now this is a undetectable lace and it is kinky straight. I did flat iron it because it was giving very much bushy so once I flat iron it it looks so natural. I don't have no complaints out of this unit. Okay, the lace is a 5x5 closure, which means you got. You can part it. Whichever way you want to part it, I just chose to keep it down the center um, the next time I wear it, I'm pretty sure I might wear like a little bit differently. I might put a little side part, I don't know yet, but I'ma sit true to my center part, because I, like I love a center part. This is 22 inches, so it's fairly long. It goes right above my booty. Okay, so I did bleach the knots it did come pre-plucked and pre-bleached, but I did bleach the knots because that's what I wanted to do. That'S my business, but I actually, I think I made it look a little bit um more natural y'all. Tell me um like how did I do don't look at that part y'all. Tell me like how did I do the bleach are not over bleached like setting my game up for 2023 honey y'all need to go on over to love me hair. Get you one of these because you need it. This hair is super soft. It is so soft. That'S why I love hair from Love. Me hair come up with a name because I love it and you know I try to do the little viral hairstyle but ciao. I tried, but the to be like this is gon na, be my everyday hair, because it's giving life honey, it is given natural. It is given you need this. It is given. Thank you. Love me, hair for making this unit like I did, trim down the baby hairs just a little bit. Normally, I would put some of my concealer or my Foundation like in my part. I ain't even do that. All I did was straighten the hair put it on my head. While I cut the lace, I didn't cut it in any specific shape. I just followed the hairline that was on the lace cut that put it on my head, put some mousse on my edges and called it a day like I love this unit like where is my lace like? Where is it because I don't see it, I don't see it. I was up close honey 22 inches. Yes, me, please yo, I'm in love, so cute and it is so full like. I don't know what density density this is but thick it is thick and I don't have no complaints about it at all. So, let's not forget that that this is a glueless unit. Okay, I didn't put anything on this unit. I didn't put a single spray of glue. Nothing single, like nothing, y'all see that come on now, it's glueless, so all I got ta do in the morning is just put this thing on and go put it on and go like it is so full it is. So full it's so soft, zero complaints, highly recommend you're welcome head on over to love me hair. Get you this unit! You will not be disappointed if you have not subscribed to my channel go ahead and subscribe leave a comment down below. Let me know, do you like it? Are you getting one? Did I lay my edges? Did I do the thing? Okay, let me know so until the next time bye, foreign foreign

Sheroya Purdie: Love it... it look so natural! I been waiting for a real person to get it so I can see!! Gonna order one now

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