Luvme Hair Summer Celebrity Style Curly Frontal Lace Wig Chemical Smell I Washed My Wig With Tide

100% virgin hair from one donor

Density 150%

12 inches

13x4 lace area

22.5 inches standard medium cap

Beautiful wig.

*Strong chemical odor wig must be washed before wearing.*

Hi everybody, this is urban, sweetheart Sarita, finally got a day off. So I'm coming to you with a review on this wig. I got not a couple of weeks ago. I opened it and it's from love me hair, put the info down in the description box of what I got. So this is what it looks like when it comes enjoy your hair journey from now on, Halina, the founder of lovely hair. So I got the 12 inches, it's a curly unit. You get a wig cap and little thing was an aircar strap if you want to sew it in some bobby pins. I think this is a some type of wax stick clips and tweezers, please and hair, and it's a card that tells you how to get a refund meet one on the back. Alright, so also you get another with your straps, some type of straps I've never seen before. I got a curl unit, guess what am a sense for me to pull the information up. I'Ve been so long since I've ordered it. Alright, this is the lace nice amount of lace on the inside the work wit. Oh, this is where those strap things must come in, so you can instead of someone at this one guess you can just use these and hook it like a bra strap has back lace, they go comb in the back adjustable straps. So with the cap is looking like stretchy, that's what the hair is looking like, wavy look in alright, let's just put it on real, quick and see what its gon na look like. I'M just moving the straps in a little bit. Well, I don't know why I just wanted to really get a feel. So, oh yeah, it was two caps on the side and one right then the top of the head. I don't know why you would put that on, but I wanted something shorter, I'm something that looked more NAT from ya know. I normally get them big old, diba, licious hair, so you can part good area and have it look really natural, whatever you're trying to do some style in the front. Alright, this comes all the way down to the ear. So what the hairline is looking like, yeah, if somebody did some plug-in, I'm not all in it that type of stuff, but that's what it's looking like fresh out the package. I know you got to do this. A lot of work. You'Re gon na have to do with this. I'M not Easter units like this. I like the ones we just put it on your head and go okay. So I'm gon na pause this and get the process started. Hi everybody, the sweethearts, attend ball, kept it I'm dry. All right, so I'm coming at you with finish off of this hair, I got I am a couple of days a few days ago. I am tried it on, took it out and showed it, and I didn't finish the video, because I noticed like a strong chemical smell from the wig. Now I got this from love me: hair, calm. It'S like a curly bob cuts. If you watch the beginning, you'll see everything when I started so anyway. This is the unit after I washed it. I cut the lace off and everything very curly. It smells a little coconutty, just a slight little faint, faint, very faint, smell of chemical, but I, when I took this wig off after I tried it on after the unboxing and try on this week had such a strong chemical smell. I mean I'm not putting this wave on without washing it because um, it's some smell, so strong. When I go out in the streets it was gon na, be so strong, two older. So I used my conditioner I first I rinsed it real good and a little bit of my lavender liquid soap and he's a little bit of this and switched it around and some water. And then I rinsed it real good and I put a whole bunch of this condition on it. Let it sit and came back, I thought rinsed it out real good. It still smell strong chemicals. So I did it again more of this this time and let it sit in there and the water with it, and I scrubbed it inside of the cap rinsed it out real, real good again more this, let it sit conditioner and still with smelling chemicals. So I had to go to the big boys I pulled out my tie. I had to pull out my tied and watch this damn wig with tie. Let it sit in soap, and then I rinsed it very very well, and this was on my second bottle of this I had to used to you - know let it sit and soften up real good. Alright, so and it's good, it smells like the coconut. It really does with, if I maybe it's just my imagination, still want to smell chemical, but it took me while watching this, damn wait. What I to get that smell out of there, the chemical smell so England, let's just try it on. I wasn't trying really for the ballcap method, because I didn't have a stocking. I couldn't brown color stocking caps. I just wanted one on and I knew I was gon na - have the lace forward of it. So it's just gon na look like you know that the dark route try to cover up some of them knots, but I like it, I figure I'm gon na, have to UM. You know play with it. I put a little bit of a styling mousse in it. I think is the coconut somebody's coconut, styling mousse and you know just define the curl some, but definitely once I install it, it should look good and, yes, I want to put on eye lashes. Yes, I'm scared cuz, I'm trying to go to work so I'm like. Oh, it's really appropriate to put on them long lashes. So anyway, I'm gon na secure it is down and I'll be right back. Alright everybody. So this is the finished, look put a little more leave-in conditioner to try to control the fly ways. Alright, give you aside, you gon na, draw a little more, hopefully, love you coulda did a little better with these baby hairs. I know I know I'm not worried about that. Now I'm running a little bit late for work, just want to get it on and get it out. Like. I said these girls are gon na dry, a little bit more, so I'm gon na keep Shawna up them, get them curly. So nice way, once you get the smell out of it, you'd be good. Very nice wig, it's believable! I believe my hair could be this length. I should put a little something in this part. Guess I'll do that for run out the door all right. I just wanted to get this video out, so y'all could see what it looks like like. I said it's different for me because I'm used to the booth big over here, I'm a rocket today, I'm a rocket well, I used was a little bit of the guys to be in the yellow, can just the tap of the gel to lay that piece down Right there but um, you know I want to take this back off as soon as I get home. So I ain't wasn't trying to secure it. Save my life all right, y'all have a good day. Thank you for watching hi everybody. I'M back. I just came from work, I want to say I got a lot of compliments on his hair lots of compliments. People thought it was my hair cuz. You know. Normally I wear hair down to here. Whatever I put some of the powder eyeshadow in the part that made it pop, it just looks, natural looks natural and I have to say, like I said after I washed that wig thoroughly with detergent, the smell is going unless smoke all day was coconut and the Little lights and of the perfume I cuz, I I take my perfume and I go real fast one, quick spray and let it fall. That'S not a little bit of my perfume and I still smell the coconut, then smell any more chemical smell. So I really what I just want to say. I don't understand how so I seen so many reviews for love me, hair company, that nobody at least videos I saw nobody mentioned that the wig has a very strong chemical smell when you first get it. I I just didn't understand that I thought should have been one of the top things you mentioned when somebody's getting a wig, I don't care how much older hair so off the lace melts or whatever. If they dig on, we got a smell to it. Strong chemical! I'M not saying nothing stank, but it's strong chemical say that it's be like you won't want to wash this way thorough when you first get it so you think about. But I know some people don't got this week after seeing reviews or whatever whatever and went out and just hair just smelling like chemical overload, because they saw you know you to look pretty and just you know, got it um fixed it up and worried. No, you have to wash this week to get that chemical smell out then go behind it, which a good conditioner that is sitting on there a while I, like I said I washed his hair with Tide. It'S still soft curls came back. I washed it with tied tied to get that chemical smell out, and then I went in with my good conditioner to me. It'S cheap, but it's good and let it sit for about thirty minutes then wash that out with cool water and let it dry. I think it dry for like two days I just let it sit and dry, but it came back. It'S beautiful, so many people was telling me they loved it. Oh, my god, your hair is beautiful, you know so full of life, and this it looks like right now. It'S nighttime it looks like a dark brown, maybe like a1 b2 or something out in public. It'S like a deep, rich brown when the light hits it deep. Rich brown, with little strings of, highlight like amber, amber nutty color it just beautiful, is beautiful, and I really love this week. I'M thinking about purchasing another one, one two color or something you know. No, I love my little light, honey, blondes or whatever. So I was thinking about getting one I'm trying to color it, but um yeah. I got so many compliments, I'm seriously considering getting another one beautiful wig. Now I'm done with it for today, but when I take it off, I'm gon na wash around a perimeter where I glue, you know gots to be glued it down and then probably put some more water. And what do you call it? The phone phone to get the curls more back to fine and put it on that weak head for a couple more days or whatever it's what up whenever I want to wear it again, but um yeah. This is a little lovely with lovely. I love it. I paid a hundred a little bit over a hundred dollars for this unit, well worth the money all right. So thank you again for watching. Please comment like and subscribe and I'll try to keep these videos coming by

Silly Mommy 4 Life: Thank you for doing a detailed reviewed n straight to the point video on this wig. I just purchased my first lace front wig from Luv Me as well. Girl yes my hair stank too. I’m going to soak n washed it as well hun. I loved your personality.

Carolyn Bee: I agree with you, had to wash my wig several times to get the horrible smell out. Your the first to tell the truth about their wigs.

lana bicar: This wig looks great on you , I’ve seen other videos but when you put it on i immediately purchased

Queenie: Thanks for your honest review! I have the wig also and you are so right about the smell I wash all my wigs before I wear them. I'm a new subscriber. Keep the awesome videos coming.

Chanda Robinson: I love my unit BUT GURLLLLL that smell is crazzzzyyyyy!! I'm watching mine in TIDE NOW!! THANK YOUUUU!

Jessika L: thanks for the honest review! I've ordered from luvme 3x and all of the units have come with a strong chemical odor i've got to start washing my units before i use them lol

Dildred Suttles: You did a very nice job looks very nice on you.

CONNIE HAYNES: Beautiful! I received mine today ordered last week. My wig not smell I will wash it anyway!

Shmyra Hopkins: TRUTH!!!!! I washed it in vinegar and shampoo 3 times. I'm about to wash it again in laundry detergent....ugh!

Dwan Avent: This review is about a year old but still helpful. I got my unit a couple of days ago & it smelled too so I am going to wash mine before wearing it. Gonna get me some glue. I do see where they have glueless units too. I am looking for a good USA based company though where returns are cheaper. If you ever tried returning anything to China, you would be in for a shock. Not worth it. I do love my unit. My 1st time installing a lace trial & error for me!

Knitsta: Thanks for your honest review. I've been stalking Luvme reviews and this unit is one of the most natural looking I've seen. What is the density?

Natasha Crawford: You did a great job im with you I wanna just shake nd go you gave me the courage to just cut that lace and go thank you for your video have a great day

Ty Ty: Thanks for this simple video! What's the name of the wing or the product number?? I've been stalking Luvme Hair for a while but seeing a lot of mixed reviews.

Sharlonda Smith: My smelled too! Same exact wig! I'm going to wash my too!

Sista Val: I wish I saw your video before I bought my wig. I had no choice but to write the company. I am going to try to wash mine. I was just afraid to mess up the curl pattern. Thanks for sharing.

Yvette Barnett: Looks great on you

Dinah DMM: The wig is really pretty

Goldia Felder: Looks really nice. I bought a different unit from LuvmeHair. When I tell you it was nice! It was nice. The unit was soft to touch. It felt like and looked like real hair. It didn’t have a strong order at all.

Carmen Puryear: Very, helpful!

Ruth Wilder: I'm new to this place front , have wondered if I should purchase this same wig since I'm an older women, don't have time to glue, spray ,glue etc... you look gorgeous in this unit...I'm going to make my purchase tonight..thanks for letting us know to wash this unit...

Ruth Wilder: Do you have an update on this unit??? How is it holding up??

Auntie Patti Ann's Place: My wig is so uneven. The hair feels spectacular; however, the wig is long in the front, at it's longest 12in; however, in the back, it's barely 8in. I just wasted that money, but for  a beginner's practice wig, it's ok. I would caution when purchasing.

MrQueenmeca: Did you get the perfect effortlessly edition? What's the difference oppose to basic?

Laura M Robinson: What is the name of your wig you got from Youth Beauty which you talked about in the video? That one was very nice.

Stephanie Braswell: I just ordered this wig it will be my first time ever wearing a wig..been wearing ponytails/ crochet hair. I notice it said basics edition just wondering is there 2 different types of this wig?

Sweet Thang: Yeah my wig had a strong smell to it

Michelle: LOL... had to wash the wig in tide!

Creative Inspirational Arts: Did yours come from China? I just ordered my first one and it’s coming from China. I pray I didn’t get scammed

Tinida Cherry: Yes people beware I Got my yesterday 4-1-20 First of all I waited 7 days for my yo come I did get the straps

Nikki Nicole: I just received mine and it smelled like nothing but chemical.. I might need to use some tide too or my moneyback..

Courtney Womack: Most wigs smell like that

Cassandra Houser: So I have washed mine still a smell so wash it in laundry soap? I even put apple cider vinegar. Please help the wig is really nice I would hate to send it back because I can’t remove the strong smell. Luvme needs the instructions for these wigs they are selling. Just for the smell. How to remove. Thanks for sharing your video

Auntie Patti Ann's Place: My wig looks nothing like the video nor the photo online. My hair is long on one side and short in the back. The curl is not even the same.

Ruth Wilder: Just got my unit not seems big

BGold Prosper: Whats the name of yours

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