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Product Details:

Wig length: 18 inches

Weight: 280 g

Density 180%

Hair Color: chestnut brown

Hairline: pre-plucked,more natural

Can Be Dyed: yes

Straps adjustable

Wig Comb: 4 combs inside

Band: elastic band

Glueless? yes, can glueless

Lace: Swiss, medium brown


This is our website: http://bit.ly/2CxXcE2

FB: https://www.facebook.com/luvmehair/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/luvmehair/


Hi guys so welcome back to my channel, so this video is in collaboration. Would love me here. They were nice enough to send me actually a lot of booze, including my hair, of course, me their one hundred and eighty percent density 13 by four frontal legs weak and the chest nut brown color. That I also send me those lashes. We cab a hair clip called a wax stick, their very own, elastic band and bobby pins. I'M telling y'all I had good. I can little hair clips and squeezes yes ma'am. Panama magazine has all your hair care instructions in there and how to return and things like that um. So let's talk about what I think about the weeds at first. You know I was very scared because y'all know I don't. I don't really like this color on me: blades yeah. He came very nicely packaged. I really like that. The hair was soft and he actually felt I feel like it was styled before I got it because he had curls in it, and I liked the body way. Curls but like like somebody had curled it, I felt like it was very good. The lace was like a like a light, very, very light brown. It came with four cones and all it came with the adjustable strap like bra, strap thing, but it didn't come with the electric you're not hook it on there. So I don't know what that was about. Maybe they forgot, but um. What I did was just so. The last advantage they had with this so and it did come, pre plugs. It actually was pre plug very, very well. I did not plug this week or anything like that. Cuz I felt like it was. You know it was a plug. There would um, as you can see, the color is blended. Very good is the the black roots are routed through out, so this week didn't have like a sense like cap size that you can order anything like that, but this one you can, I feel like it, was big enough for all hair types, and you can just You know adjust it to your liking as you're cutting the lace. I always have trouble with my ear tip, so y'all just take your time with the each half this. Why I didn't show you um, because it just takes me a long time. This is in real time yeah. So I've tried to make sure that I didn't speed up. Also you guys, I did bleach my nuts for the first time. I want to make sure that I'm I told you I bit and I see why people blame. I mean bleach their nuts. I see why, because, as y'all can see dead legs, I haven't put anything on their lace and it blended right. In with my skin, like Hello um, this is 18 inches. Job is 180 percent DISA tea, like I said, I mean it's. The 13 by 4, I did get like light, shedding not a lot of tangling, but I did get like minimum tangling and I don't know why I tried to do my baby hairs before I actually styled it figured out. You know like what part, but I actually just excited for a side part now. This is a 13 by 4, so you don't get. You know I like 13 by 6, but this 13 by 4. I feel like it's very beginner friendly, but if you want a deep side part, you will not be able to do it with these, where the frontal face was. I do feel like it was a lot of volume in it, so you will have to sit down with your hot comb or whatever hot did you have um and in this clip yeah I did not glue anything down. It'S just coming like that for me. Having a lasted ban on there, so all I did was just so that elastic band to the flap city hair, I didn't do anything Vasia or anything like that and you as you can see it does get on flat. So you don't have to worry about that. But it does, it is and I'm giving the looks better. So I just honestly these are just cuz. I did watch it. You guys - and I want to make sure that I didn't put makeup on because you know this is the way I usually wear my wigs yeah I've dumped I'm really not paid of all the time. I just I love this week and I've been enjoying it. I'Ve been wearing for like a week and a half if you seen on my Instagram stories, I've been wearing it and I really like it yeah it curls very, very nicely idea and like a light layer of got to be on the curls, hey guys. So I just curl yeah, yes, yes ma'am! This is gon na look, Spivey, hello! Only thing! The only car that I would say is there is a lot of flyaways and short hair and I did not like it but um. That can be time and I'm giving your line again. Cuz like I can i buy. This is not glued down, not on the last clip on the clip the clip where I heard that I did glue the perimeter. Damn I mean look at that hairline yeah. That was my only calling out in each shades. It does. She is not alive, but he's sheets. So thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see, y'all even excellent. Alright,

SAWLIFE: Some things that i forgot to state in the video: This is advertised as a 180% density, but it was more like 120% to me. I would have like it be a bit fuller as stated but it was NOT THIN AT ALL. Also, i did use my flat iron to put some curls at the bottom of the unit after i washed and conditioned it. I did bleach my knots, but i didn’t leave it on long enough lol so there were still knots visible because these knots were dark. But you can barely see. Also i felt like i didn’t need to use a lot of powder, just a light application worked for me. There was no weird smell. Any other questions you have or any thing that i missed please feel free to ask me below, nicely, of course .

Danni Bee: Loving the side part on this one and those curls just seals the deal ❤️

Nikki Laniece: This is super cute! I love the color and I like how you did your own curls!

BriTanya' Lee: Yasss sis !! For the LuvMe hair collab #GOALS!! This color is so pretty you slayed this I love the curls you did unclockable okrrrtt!

Silky Saks: Okay love a wig that doesn't take a lot to slay! Also love when they have the strap so I can cut my edges some slack . Hairline is it too

TheHeartsandCake90: The voluminous curls you added at the end were beautiful the chestnut color is bomb

DiamondsCurls&Pearls: The color is pretty on you and your background is everything!

Shanise Nicole: That curl babybeeeeeeeee! No one NOT ONE gone clock my sis! Here for this collab sis and you tripping tie your laces you look good in this color! Keep slaying bihhhhh❤️

IsThatYourHairrr: This lace is melted, hunny! You always do a good job! Y'all know y'all wanna zoom in on that hairline. GO AHEAD! UNCLOCKABLE!

Nyla Allure: Omg this wig is just soo natural looking & I love the curls with the clip

ChastityJaye: They rolled out the red carpet sis!!!! This unit is nice!!!!!! Loving this color on you!!! I wish it was a 13x6 because I loooove me a good deep side part!!! And you sound like me with those knots! I always have such a hard time. I never know what I be doing wrong ‍♀️ But you rocked this one out sis!!! She still looking super natural and those curls came out pretty!! You beautiful sis!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes ma’am to the Slayage!!!! Keep that foot on they necks!!!

CassieThatGirl: I like that they feature the removable band! The brown is dark enough to not wash you out! I think! Lol Yesss ma’am! I love this! She’s laidddd!

queenie pie: you always show the best wigs

Tinuké: Heyyy binging through your vids, I've seen this company all over social media and I've been curious, I actually love the density at the top and yesss to bleaching knots, you slayed

Fee-Bee Romero: Girl this is pretty i love this color. At work sneaking to watch you lol

DeAnna Monet TV: They sent you so much!! Wow lol, I really love this chestnut brown on you!! You don’t like that color on you?

Shanise Nicole: Damnnnn it’s Christmas time in that BOX

The Blueprint: Mine didn’t come with the lashes, everything else was in there!! I bought mine tho. I love their hair. It looked pretty on you very cool season appropriate

TamDiva S: How did you tame the fly aways and filler hairs? It is still so thick for me. I wish I had not washed it so soon.

CassieThatGirl: Babyyyyy! This right here!


Magikalblackness: So u just gonna slay with no makeup thooooooo I wuv u sis

T. Latrice Carmichael: Great, real person review ..

Kie RaShon: Watching on break, will be back

LetzBegin: Watched yesterday but back to comment honey that hairline and color is a bop

Pure Heart: Pretty.

CassieThatGirl: C’MON BANGGG!

Kay Reed: Wow to the clips

Kie RaShon: Come on sis!!! Ayyyeeee

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