One Year Update On Luvmehair Wigs | The Good And Bad Side

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I often get comments asking how my LuvMeHair wigs are holding up so I figured why not make a video about it!

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I'Ll go back to my channel, I'm Angie radio, if you're new to my channel, make sure you click that subscribe button down below and if you like. This video, don't forget to like and share this video and please turn your about icon on. So you can stay up to date with any and all future posts, so this video is going to be about the love me hair, wigs I have about, I think, five weeks from them. Let me see one two, three, four five now before we get started or reviewing the love me hair, wigs, please keep in mind before y'all start to drag me in the comments, I'm not securing any of the wig. So if you see lifting at any point in this video just know that I'm literally swapping them out and just giving my opinion. So if you see you lifting that is the reason why it's been about a good year since I've had these wigs. So I can really give you all your my full opinion on them. If you are one that like investing your money and stuff and when it's the last a long time, this video is for you because that's the type of person I am, I don't actually don't care how much it is. If I buy something I want it to. Last a pretty good time, especially wigs, so this wig. This was like that 200 % density. I think it's like 200 to 20 percent density man, this wig, literally man. I have fun with this wig. This is probably my favorite out of all of the ways that I have from them. As you can see, it's still like it still looks pretty good. I have colored it countless numbers of times. I have never bleached a hair, but I use like box coloring to to dye this hair and I did have to cut like an inch off from the ends because, like the answers just looking raggedy granted with all the coloring, the heat, the styling, it does shed A little bit more then how it was shutting from the beginning, which I don't think the chef was bad, but to have this wig for over a year and it's like starting to shed think that's bad. It on. I feel like the quality, is pretty good too. So you can see these are like how the ends are. I do like this wig. If I had to purchase this wig again, I would I don't have anything bad to say about this way. Honestly, this is my favorite one. This big was oversized and it still is oversized. Oh so you guys can see this shirt here and the colors really really well. So this is all the hair from me just brushing it so, as you see so, decent amount of shed hair and in their website it did say that their wigs are good for about a year. So I was saying for this week to last as long as it did and it's still lasting. I would say this is a good investment moving on to the next week. I don't wear this wig as much as I do, the other wigs that I got from them. I do like this color here, but I feel like the closure was always like a little bit tough on my scalp and I don't know like it's not. I feel like the quality of the hair. Like is pretty good and this hair doesn't shed granite. I don't know if it's, because I don't really use the wig as much. I probably wore this about six times, not my favorite wig. I don't know if it's the style or what, but I'm not. I don't know I'm not a huge fan of it and, as you can see, this part is like kind of bumpy, but all you have to do. I'M looking at a mirror back here. If you guys are wondering all you have to do is like put a flat iron on it or like a curl wand to flatten it out so, and this is still not big head friendly, like it's kind of tight on my head, this is wake number two In the description box, this whole video - I was like rushing the whole thing, and this is how much hair came out. So what is that, like six strands, not bad here, if you're thinking about getting this one again, it's just not my style, I'm actually thinking about just selling it, because I don't wear it right at all. But this is how this week looks so great on quality. I feel like this hair quality quality is different from the other wigs that I got from them a little bit better. If you guys want to see the whole thing, that's how it looks moving on to the third way, so this wig is so problematic like. Not only did I have short hairs when I first got this wig, the wig is huge, even bigger than the 200 % density, and this is the one I try to cut baby hairs and I messed up, but I don't know like don't get me wrong when I actually like putting the time install it like it looks good, but the hairs stick together. It'S not the best quality of hair. It'S like they use it. I don't. I don't know it's like almost a different grade like this was literally my gym hair, because I just got tired of trying to work with it and maintain it to a point where I'm just like. Oh my god, this is like so too much work. So I'm just gon na only use this for gym purposes. I would not buy this wig again. I don't know this is the wig that they provided to me, but either way I would not get this wig. Had I known how it was gon na be, like you know, you're not paying a lot for these wigs, even though I feel like okay, one hundred eighty two hundred dollars, I mean I still feel like that's a lot of money, because I'm frugal, I just feel Like it's not worth the headache, if you have time to put in maintaining this wig, this wig might be the wig for you. I do like the closure, though. The closure look really really nice when I do style it when I did style in the past, like it looks really really good and I've parted it on not only in the middle but this side to get more close-up on. How looks how it looks this is the hair, so you can see this is the ends straggly. Oh you guys. This is week number four in the list. I still like this way very much, so I wish this wig was thicker. My only thing that I've noticed over time is that this wig sticks together as well, so it gets really really tangley and it has started to shed as well, but I feel like for me to have it this long, like I'm not mad at that either. It'S kind of expected: I did color this hair all the way to like that same brown, color and wig number, one that I shown in this video. I feel like this wig looks pretty pretty pretty good like for me to have it this long. It looks good. It'S just still a lot of work. I do curl this hair, often I but I was wearing it. I was curling it. I was styling it. I think I've only worn it in the middle. Sometimes I do to shift method because I'm lazy and I don't feel like making another part if I had the option to get this wig now and I knew how was going to be like a year plus later. I will get this wig only because I still feel like it looks nice, even though it's not a lot of density like I feel like it looks good. I keep looking at myself in the mirror. I need to see how it looks like, but I still feel like it looks good for what I I think I bought this one. I'M not sure it still looks good for the price that it is the shedding is minimal. It'S like it's the most natural looking wig that I have so I do like the lace closure. I like how long it is it stops at my a little past, my no it stops at my hips. So it's long just like I like it. Of course, I wish it was thicker, but I'm not mad at his thickness. So this is how it looks. So it's a really nice wig. You just have to put in a little bit more effort and maintain it. This is wing number five and I absolutely still love this wig. The only thing that I don't really like so much is the closure and I think, that's because of user error and that's watch like a few holes in it too, but I feel like the closure. Don'T look as natural as it did when I first got this way. The quality is just like the other bob, which was wig number two in this video. So I feel like it's a good quality wig. I did try to color the ends because you know my sister Kelly Rowland. She has like. She always has like a bob hairstyle and her ends are always like light brown. So that's the color I was going for. It didn't really work out too much, but you know I'm not mad at that either. I don't know if you could see it as much as in this video, like I tried to color it. I kind of could see it, but I don't know if you guys can this week is so cute. I'Ve been rocking this straight rocking it curled beach curls loose curls. I absolutely love this way. I do have to put a little powder, and in this part here only to make it not look as bad, because when you close look up close to it like it doesn't look the best. But at the same time it's not that bad from afar. And when I'm up close, I don't want it to look as bad either. If I had a choice to get again, I would, I will probably just leave the lace, as is. I don't even know why I thought I can make it look more honestly. I'M not gon na lie. I don't even know what my thought process was when I bleached this wig, because there was absolutely nothing wrong with the closure. Like I I don't know when I would buy again wig number four. I will buy again wig number five. I will buy again, I think I purchased one and five and four I don't know I want to say they gave that to me, but I'm not a hundred percent short. I know some companies, literally like some of the hair quality, is trashed like after you wearing it for like a month or multiple uses. It'S just like you know this week, didn't even last me five months, but this company for three out of five to last. As long as it did, I think that's great, and even I don't want to say three I would say four because, even though I don't really like number two for it to last, just as long as these, like it's pretty good. So overall love me here is not a bad company to purchase your wigs from I've. Seen a lot of mixed reviews like some people, are experiencing nothing but issues with their wigs or they getting the wrong product or the product doesn't look like the way my product looked like when I purchased it made the original video. I don't know. I do not work for this company, I'm just giving my honest opinion only because I'm that person that goes online to search up things to see how other people feel about it and I'm hoping that they tell them the truth, because if they say that is really Nice blah blah blah and I'm interested in buying it. You guys are the one that kind of pushed me to buy it like this. All. I have to say about these wigs any questions or comments. Please leave it in the comment section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Again, if you haven't already done so, what are you doing be a part of the Android crew connect with me, and I connect with you like. Let'S, let's be on that vibe, don't forget to subscribe, don't forget to like this video share this video and turn your about icon on, so you can stay up to date with all of my new future posts stay blessed and Happy Easter.

Sylvia Ijeoma: Yeah seriously, despite how they changed throughout the year, you still make it look good. They all can still be worn & that's all that matters. My fav is wig #4 too

Iamegotripn: Thank you for this great review! Very beautiful and my favorite one is also the first one!

Chinyere Nwachukwu: You make all the wigs look good!

Queen Christine: They look so good on you!

Chinyere Victorious: yasssss!!!! the wigs look good on you. My favorite is the bob short cut.

C N: Nice! My fave was wig #4!!

shay mcghee: I know this is off topic but how are you liking the necklace so far ? I watched your unboxing .

Her Excellency: so beautiful!! We stan!

Cathryn Sailor: What brand co!or do you use? Oh, I love the reviews.

Blogged By Brents: Just use your skin color foundation on that part Queen

da PENDER: How much are you selling the wig for?

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