Watch Me Slay This 360 Deep Wave Wig From Luvme Hair!!

Watch along as I install a 360 breathable deep wave wig from luv me hair. Purchase hair from link below, and use my code for $$ off!!!

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All the things I dreamed I lived in so many ways all the things I wanted. I had in so many ways struggle so many nights even a couple days compared to what was gave to me. I'M okay, never knew. All I really had to do was thinking Hindi really believed it before receive it, and now walk around this earth for jingus, because everything I really attract. I mean it. Thank you even though I probably said it enough. Thank you even though the light was rough. Okay. Let'S get this tutorial started. First of all, I got my hair from love me here. It came in this purple box and inside of the purple vehicle was my wig, so 360 breathable last week, so it has the lace around the perimeter and track sewn in on the middle. It did come with three cones and a strap on the inside. This is what the wig looks like straight out: the box. It is a deep wave and in 20 inches the lace did look like it came with bleach knots already and the lace actually matched my skin, so I didn't have to ten it you'll see when I open it up in the middle it kind of matches already. So I won't be bleaching the knives or tinting, but I will do a co-wash on the hair before I start, and this is the hair after I washed it. First, up is going to be to customize the frontal and to do that will be plucking and we're going to part each section and go in and pluck and I'm plucking random sections, I'm not plucking the actual front of the hairline. I want to take too much off of that, so I just part very small sections and go in and pluck randomly. You do want to make sure that you go back far enough because you want it to be a gradual hairline where it gets gradually thicker. So you'll see I'll keep on putting in random spots and the next step you'll see after I've customized one side. How is thinned out there and after that I want to take my concealer with a cloth and I'm gon na dab that into the lace I'll just turn the lacing inside out and dab it on inside, and this is just so. It matches my skin tone a little bit better and then I'll. Take my gas to be glued, freeze, spray and spray that into the lace, and I let it dry. And so these are just basic braids that you'll braid your hair and straight back and I'm applying got to be glued around the edges. And then I put my cap on and I blow-dry it on a cool setting. You want to make sure that that is completely dried and all around your edges and there I'm spraying a little bit more of the gossipy glue spray and again blow-drying in a cool setting and right here, I'm cutting the lace off and then you want to cut In an irregular pattern, not straight across nobody, here line looks like that straight across and here I'm just cutting the excess off of the stocking cap. So you don't have that big Bend and just make sure that you're cutting as much of the cap off in the front as you can without cutting your edges off no edges were lost in the making of this video and right here, I'm pressing down just making Sure it's in okay and there's seven taking my cloth and dampening it with the alcohol and cleaning off my forehead. Before I start putting the glue one and this stuff, I'm doing the glue making sure that I line my forehead with the glue in the same shape of my hairline, and then you use a tool whatever kind of tool. You can get your hands on that's flat. That can flatten the glue out to make it one thin layer, and then I put my wig on, I should've did it in the first step before I started to glue, but I did it this way and it's my tutorial so do how I did it yay. Just don't let the hair touch the glue, so this is the second layer and my husband telling me I'm beautiful, and then you let it dry in between make sure it's clear before you put the next layer on and I do three layers all together and then Flatten the glue out thin it out one thin layer and then I'm cleaning up any excess and then this seven wanna take the lace and push it into the glue making sure that I don't push the hair into the glue. So with my fingers, I'm just pressing down and massaging it's and make sure that the lace is stuck on the glue and just one more time making sure that I pressed in on the lace but not pressing the hair down into the glue and on its next Step, I'm going to part my hair around my ear and then cut off the excess hair so just part around the ear and clip the hair back and cut. We don't want this here, and this way it fits exactly to the size and shape of your head, and you see you can put down right in front of your ear a little bit of here and you'll. Do that on both sides. Just part, the hair clip the excess hair back and cut instant sideburns, and now your wig is fully customized to the size and shape of your head, and no one can borrow your week and right here. I'M just clipping off the excess lace that wasn't glued down because with me placing the glue in the shape of my hairline, the lace that didn't touch the glue is the lace that I don't need. So I just clip that off and I'm taking some more alcohol. Just to clean off my forehead, don't let the alcohol touch the lace because it does kind of loosen the glue up. I'M just cleaning up the glue. That'S on my skin, and here I'm just taking a little bit of glue and putting down a little piece of lace that wasn't glued down. I'M just pushing that in with the end of my rat tail comb and cleaning up some more and glue on my skin and making sure I take that glue out of my hair and customizing some more cutting into the shape that I need it in, and here Is the baby, your step, oh yeah, and to smooth the baby hairs? I just put a little bit of got to be glue free spray on my rat tail comb and smooth down my edges and so do the baby here. Is you just pull down just as hard any bit of here in the front and cut until you just have about a inch of hair and then that's the hair that you'll lay down and then this next step I want to take my diamond brush, give some Kisses from my husband and brush it out, I'm making sure that I wet the brush before I brush the hair out. It'S always best when you have curly hair to brush it. While it is wet, this hair is beautiful guys I love it. It does shed a little bit but that's to be expected with curly hair, but it does not tangle. I just make sure that I put mousse, which I'll do in the next step. After I get another kiss from her husband, I put some mousse on it and then just move the mousse out and brush it through and in these next steps, I'm just styling the hair to how I like to wear it. I do appreciate everybody watching this video. Thank you, and after the styling I'll place a couple clips and videos, that's how I like to wear the hair, a couple of styles that I liked. Well, I have the hair again. I did leave it in for a week and thanks for watching, remember how we used to sit around and think about the big one. Now it's crazy, how it all turned out.

fluffy and FABULOUS krys: Just ordered this wig for my birthday next weekend and was nervous about whether I sh ok us get it sewn on or not but thanks to you, I know I dont have to!

Melika stothart: The exact wig I want hoping it was nice . Thank youuu .

ariesb418: I love this! How long can we wear this ? I’m going on vacation and I don’t know if I should sew it or do it this way

Milady¹: "No edges were lost in the making of this video".

Sophisti K: “And no one can borrow your wig”

La Queena Warren: Beautiful!

Luvme Hair: Thanks dear! Love it❤

Camille B.: Hey! How long was shipping? And did you buy the wig or or did they send you the hair?

She wanna go viral 🔄: So how is the wig over time? Does it get thin and look weird like hair store wigs? Does it get matted and stiff? this your first wig from LuvMe? Or what or whaaaat? So curious because I want to order from them. Still just a little bit hesitant

amanda broadus: Hi. I just ordered this same hair. What hair products do you use to take care of the wig?

Sharon N: Aww, you look gorgeous. I need you to come to aunties hair :)


Charley Borderlon: I like this unit I'm just not sure about what length to get. How tall are you?

Rose Gold_7: This is a 20 inch?

Tanya Williams: I thought the 360 was glueless.

corruptedxvoid: How is the wig holding up.

Rutza Touze: Does the hair shed a lot ??

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