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Length: 12 inches

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Ethnicity: Jamaican

Race: Black

Nationality: American

Hey you guys summer is right around the corner, so you guys know it is curly wig season. Technically it is curly bob season. This wig is from Love Me hair. It is their casual blonde, highlights curly, minimalist, HD, lace, glueless C part short wig, you guys 100 human hair and once again a hundred percent glueless, which is something that we need for the summer. The cut is super cute and it's also very easy to install. So. First, I'm giving you guys a quick unboxing to show you everything that comes along with this wig love me, hair always likes to send a lot of goodies along with the wig in itself. So here is the wig here, as you guys can see. Those highlights are super cute and the curl pattern is really cute as well and look how thin those knots are on that lace. So this means you could technically take this wig and just throw it on right out the box. You guys, you don't have to bleach the knots it's completely optional for extra security. You have the Combs inside the wig, the adjustable straps at the bottom, and you also have an adjustable elastic band. That way, you can fit the wig perfectly to your head and there's also minimal lace that you need to work with, because it is a natural C part. So they pretty much did all the work for you. So now it is time to install I'm just showing you guys the wig, also showing you guys the adjustable elastic band. I like to tighten it as much as I can, because I, like my wigs to be tight and fitted. I don't want to have to worry about nothing and then I like to make use of the Combs that's inside the wig as well, because again I, like my wigs to be super secure and once I'm comfortable with how it's fitting and how it's looking. That'S when I cut off all the additional lace that I do not need foreign now, technically you guys, the install portion is done like we're, not adding any type of glue, we're not adding any type of spray. This is literally a throw on and go type of wig. So now that I cut off all that additional lace, I'm just going to add some makeup on the lace that is still left, because I really want to make sure that everything Blends seamlessly with my skin color. But, as you guys can see, the lace was pretty melted right beforehand, because it is an undetectable lace, which is something that love me. Hair is really really good at foreign okay, so that part is done as you guys can see. I keep running my fingers through the curls, because I was really feeling it. I really like the way that it looked so now, just adding some makeup onto that c part as well. Another good thing is that I did not have to part the wig. The part was already done for you um, like I told you guys earlier. The wig has minimal lace, so it is a defined C part. Okay, so I'm just adding some foundation in that part, and I'm also going in with my mascara one just to make sure the part isn't too wide and it's just fully defined. Thank you, okay, you guys so now it is time to style. Wasn'T that quick, quick and easy right, so all I have to do is just wet the hair. That'S literally, all that I did the highlights was popping. The curl texture was popping. All I had to do was wet the hair, but first you guys know how I am I go in with my wax stick and my hot comb just to make sure the top of the wig is laying a lot more flat and looking a lot more natural And I don't look like I have a wig on my head like an actual helmet head right. We don't want that. Also, just you guys know, the wig is 12 inches long and it is 150 density, and just so you guys know the wig does come pre-plucked as well. So no, I did not have to pluck anything regarding this wig everything came ready to go. Thank you, foreign. Okay, so now we are at the final stage of this wig install you guys, which is to style the hair. Now, if you want to, you, can actually leave the hair like this, if you prefer, but I am going to add some water and also just run my fingers through it run the brush through it to really make those curls pop and then also I'm running. My fingers through it because I want the hair to seem a lot more full. The curls were a lot more defined like, as you guys saw in the beginning of the video, but I really wanted this to be like full and effortless. So you do have that option as well. Just use some water run, your fingers through it use a nice defining brush and you'll be good to go. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. So the hair is pretty much still wet at this point, but I just really want you guys to take a look at the highlights. That'S popping the curls, that's popping is given like a water wave, Beach Wave type of effortless look, which is something that I really like, especially for the summer time, because you really just want something. That'S light and fluffy, and this wig gives you that, and it is 100 glueless as well and short Curly Bobs are really in right. Now, that's like the trend right now, so, if you're going on vacation or you just need a wig for the summer, this is the perfect wig for you and if you wear this wig outside in the summer, once that Sun hits those highlights, it's really going to Pop, so this is how the hair looked when it was pretty much like 89 dry. Once again, I stretched the curls out with my fingers, because I really wanted to be all natural and just effortless, so I will have all the information listed in the description box down below make sure you guys check them out. Shout out to love me here for sponsor today's video and thank you guys for tuning in

Abu Amirah: All this wigs you have been reviewing are just perfect for summer .. love it

Melinda Hall: Hey miss lady notification squad first. This is very pretty. Bob is great for the summer heat and the curls are popping. Thanks for sharing. Keep growing and for sure keep shining

Abu Amirah: Beautiful curls and highlights❤

Sammy Da Goat: Flawless Wig Lovely Curls

Natondeck: I’m about to be slayingggggf

Kanyia Harris: Hey sejayda

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