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You ready to play so this video is sponsored by Eunice hair, so this is their kinky wig. Now this is very reminiscent of my Italian Yaki, which I love, oh so much and where most of y'all probably found me. So it's a 13x4 transparent lace. It'S a 24 inch Kiki joint. It is a 150 density, and the unique thing about this wig is that the edges on it are already carved out for you. So it's more like a natural 4C is what they're calling it um Edge on the unit, and this is for people who just don't want that super slick. I call them the bat wings on everybody's frontals now, because I, since wig wearing, is so common now there's a lot of when you see somebody here, no matter how pretty it is, it still gives she got a wig on. So this is supposed to kind of combat that somewhat there's a couple of things that I love about. It there's a couple things. I don't love about it, so you know so we did the traditional bleaching of the knots I didn't soften these knots and I probably should have because I feel like the bleaching would have been a little bit easier had I done that these were a little bit More stubborn, but they lifted with no problems and they didn't bleed as bad either. I will say um a lot of my Yaki units. When I bleach the knots they turn extremely brassy really really quickly. So as far as my natural hair goes, we did a nice chop, so I'm really bald headed right now at the moment. So we'll come back in a couple of months and do a kind of update on this, but I chopped her all off. I got this little chicken head, bun we're gon na. Do the classic um stocking cap method, which we all know um so sick of this this method, I'm kind of I wish they would just make wigs with caps already in them. I know they tried that at some point, but it didn't really catch on like I wish it would have, because it would be a lot less work. So once I did this, I went ahead and tried it on just to kind of see what everything is. My biggest issue with these wigs a lot of times is to try to get the hairline to match mines. What I have to do, too much plug-in, and with this, what I didn't want to do is have to pluck the baby hair at all. Because again that was the point of the wig, so I'm like, I don't want to change too much that I don't need to, because again everybody is different, so I rather less is more so to install it. I used to use, I went ahead and did this. I know the backgrounds are changing like crazy, I'm everywhere girl. I shot this video in so many different places in the midst of doing 85 things. So this is what it looks like after I bleached it and went ahead and ran the pressing comb through um. Just because I was gon na do the half up and half down originally is what I was going to do and I opted against it just because I wanted to actually curl it, and I don't have my wand with me so at the moment. So I use the classic freeze spray, which I was also mad, because I brought another bottle when I really already had one in storage, which is just like uh. These metal bands are like a godsend, and this hair is a really thick and full. But it's really soft, which I love, and it also gives a very natural blow dry feel even after I have pressed the roots the ends of it still had a nice texture to it. Um here, I'm just going ahead and cutting the lace. Now this is not HD lace. This is a transparent lace, I'm not the biggest fan of transparent lace, because again you have to really melt it down. But luckily, for me, because of the unit and because of the edges, it was, you could not see it and I put little to no makeup on it and you just couldn't see it. But as you can probably tell my side burns with minerals that burns like the edges of my uh hair, they be dark out a nice amount and I don't want to have to keep on shaving the side of my hairline so yeah. But once I did it, as you can see, you can't tell, does it just look like I put my hair in the fun um, even my kitchen in the back is blend in some way um. So I was like well, let's just see how this looks after I take it down now. Obviously it looks like this would be great if you were one of those guys who just wanted a lot of hair, but you wanted to do the Omarion and Edge it up if you just comb this out and then use some clippers you'll be in there. Now. One thing that I didn't like about it is that it is a 13x4 and I love a good deep side part. So that's a no-go for this unit. That'S not gon na work, so I was like um. Okay, we can do the flip over. What'S up Ivy, we can do the classic flip over and kind of see how that goes, and at this point I was like okay, this is cute, but these edges are still quite coarse and coarser than my my real hair. So again, I'm gon na use this to see if this is gon na work, with the edge control or whatever, and this is what it looked like after I did take uh the pressing comb and go through it, and then I just use the baby hair brush And kind of went through it, but I wasn't trying to place it too perfectly, because what I didn't want it to do was look like what we're not trying to do. This just looks like when I wear my hair on a regular day, and I had a long day when I come home. It usually looks like this and she flows so naturally right um, but yeah I really did enjoy this. I do think this is for the natural girls if they would make this in the 13x6. This would be my probably everyday wig like seriously. This would be my everyday wig, because it's full, you don't have to do anything to it. The only thing I did was press the roots and that's just the roots of the top. I didn't do the back. I didn't blow dry it. I didn't do anything. It came just like this, so if you're looking for um just a natural wig, this is this lightness. Bathroom is flickering like crazy um, but it does have a very, very natural vibe to it. It'S just that, depending on the texture of your hair, will be will be dependent on how natural the edges are going to look because for me they were a little too tight. So that's why I had to go in with the pressing comb, but it still looked like when I actually press out my real hair. So to me it wouldn't make no difference. I would have loved to do this with just a super deep middle part and just left it like this, but because it's only a 13 by four that's, not gon na happen and of course I would have loved it with the side part. But we not with this unit. Unfortunately, however, this would be a great ponytail unit if you were suppress the roots, really really good and braid it down in like a Pocahontas braid, you can get away with that too. There'S it's endless at this point. I do like that they did give you the option for the more kinkier edges, but I wish they would have done it with two rows: the first baby hair row and then the row after that, so that, once you press them in opposite directions, they still have The same texture, this one has the same texture, but again I had to kind of mimic the back for the baby here, because again, one was just a little too tighter than the other one. But if this is your natural hair, texture you'll be perfect and even not even gluing it down, I glued it down because again it would. That was the point of the video, but even if you just have it, you can put it behind your hairline. If you really wanted to - and it was still really match - and you wouldn't be able to tell at all and but yeah the HD I mean would be nicer, but transparent is fine, so I hope you guys enjoyed this. Try this wig, if you're, looking for something natural and I'll catch y'all in money, blue

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Dee Machete: I just love when you surprise us with your presence. Keep doing what you're doing just the way you be doing it. Love you, Mali. I'm at the part where you said this would make a great ponytail wig because that's what I was thinking from the start. I was wishing you did it lol. I'm one of the natural girls that would probably love this one.

Wealllovemerylstreep !: I cannot STAND, the batwings people put on wigs! Yes, 4 years ago it looked more natural. But, now it's such an indicator! Continue to teach the girls!

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