Bohemian Curly 5X5 Closure Wig Install | *Beginner Friendly* No Baby Hair Needed Ft. Luvmehair

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Hair in this video: Boho-Chic | Flowy Bohemian Curly 5×5 Closure Lace Glueless Mid Part Long Wig 100% Human Hair

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, Jay and I'm back at again with another wigging stop. So today, I'm going to be showing you guys how I installed this closure wig from love me here. This is their Bohemian curly wig. It is in 24 inches guys. Let me tell you guys the curls yeah they're popping like I really really love this wig, so much so stay tuned and I'm gon na teach. You guys how I did this easy, quick, install, okay, okay, guys! So when you first get the box, it comes with the hair and then it has some goodies in there. You guys know. Let me hear, let's give you guys all these goodies. So next I'm gon na be using my Ruby kisses, 3D from cream foundation onto my um lace. I use a shade darker than me. It'S like one shade darker than me and I feel like it works better. Sometimes I use my own shade, but most of the time I'll use a level 16. yeah. Next, I'm going to be using my even spray, I'm going to be spraying it on top of the lace like the hairline and then I'm going to cut the lace off next after I use the even after I spray it, I'm going to unuse the blow dryer To blow dry it down, you can blow dry the lace while you're pressing it down with the comb, and it just makes everything so much easier foreign, please that is you guys already know that you're after even comes fruit spray. I always spread on the lace because it helps melt the lace um. I feel like on the sides. I didn't cut that close, so the sides kind of look weird, but it's using all that. Okay, just ignore that. Okay! Next, I'm gon na put the melting bin on and I think I left it on for like 30 minutes. Actually I don't remember how much I left it on, but usually I leave my melting band on for, like 10 minutes 20. 30. Like around those times, I never leave it on for more than 30 minutes, and I don't think I ever leave it on for less than 10 minutes. So after that I use my hot comb and I start to press the hair down. I really tried my best on the other side like this side was fine, but on the other side it was painful. So it kind of looks a little bumpy towards the end, and I'm very sorry about that. But just bear with me guys. Honestly, if you do a better job than me, it won't look like this. It'Ll look a lot more flatter: okay, okay guys, so I just wanted to give you guys the basics of the wig really thickly. So this is their five by five flowy Bohemian curly wig. I got this in 24 inches. I don't know the density on this, I'm pretty sure it's 150, when you look at it. I know, for fact, is now 180 and we all know it is not 200 or 250. So this is giving me 150 density, um yeah. It doesn't look that big and I think it's perfect for the summer, because if you're gon na wear curly hair, that's going to be long, don't want it to be super super thick. I honestly see myself wearing this on vacation or something the length is perfect. The curls are perfect: it's a closure wig at the same time like that means little to no maintenance at all. Like I really really like this wig in terms of like pre-pucking, I wore this wig um Straight Out of the Box, guys I did not bleach. Nor did I pluck the way you guys saw how the hairline looks like in the earlier, but if you guys want to go back in and pack the wig you can so yeah in terms of shedding. I got like little to no shedding um. Then again, I only have this wig for about like two weeks now. If you guys want me to come back and do an update, I definitely can like any wigs that I've, you know done a video on you, guys, I'm going to come back and do like a one month or two up two months update. Let me know guys. I will definitely do it just comment down below and I'll. Let you guys know how the wig is holding up all right. That'S what your house yeah, I like it crowded

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