Luvme Hair Dark Plum Closure Wig | Old Hollywood Curls | Ready To Wear | Install And Review

LuvMe Hair Dark Plum Closure Wig | Old Hollywood Curls | Ready to Wear | Install and Review

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Length: 16 inches

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Hey guys for all the details on this dark, Plum body wave unit from Love Me hair, keep watching my rules who said they looking for me. It'S been a few racks on a shopping spree. Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. My name is Stephanie, and I'm going to be installing this, a beautiful old Hollywood curl unit from Love Me hair. So before we go any further, if you are new to my Channel, please do me a huge favor go ahead and hit that subscribe Button, as well as that notification Bell set it to all. So you do not miss a thing on my channel. So again, this unit was sent to me from Love Me hair, just look at the curls and look at the color. So before we go any further, I am going to just go ahead and jump to my unboxing, so you can see what this unit looked like. Just straight out of the box, all the goodies that came along with it also what I use to cut off the lace in the front of the unit with our pinking shears. If you've seen one of my previous videos, you know what I'm talking about, but if not just keep watching and you'll, see that so I'm going to show you the unboxing and how I cut off the lace and then I'm going to come back to go ahead And install this unit provide you with all the specs on this unit and the pros and cons. So you know what to do: keep watching all right guys when you see the purple and gold box, you know a unit of quality is inside. So, of course, we have the mesh bag to store the unit. The thank you letter and here is the unit I'll show you that in just a moment, but we have a pack of wig caps. Also, this iridescent back that says: love me, hair with an elastic band with a velcro and it's the leopard print. My fave also a pair of silver hoops and an edge brush. Also in the box is a user guide to show how to care for the hair as well as their return policy. So let's go ahead and take a look at this unit. So, as you can see, the unit already comes pre-styled with curls. So this is a dark, Plum body wave a 5x5 closure unit and, as you can see, the hairline is pre-pull it and the knots are bleach, two combs in the front, one in the back adjustable straps and the elastic band, and here I'm just giving you a Close-Up of this beautiful color as well as those curls, I did not co-wash this unit. I am going to wear this unit with these curls just straight out of the box, but first I need to cut off the lace, so I'm just clipping the hair back out of my way and I'm using my pinking shears and these shears leave a zigzag cut. So you do not have to take your time with cutting off the lace. This cuts, my lace, cutting time pretty much in half all I'm doing is just cutting straight across cutting as close to the hairline as possible, took maybe five seconds and a close-up. So you can see, but I'm going to give you a better look a little later. So I'm just taking these clips out of the hair, and I am using my flat brush to just comb straight down and as you can see, it's giving that old Hollywood effect. Don'T mind me and my nursing bra in the back? Yes, I still wear one. It'S super comfortable. Do not judge me, but I am just combing these curls just straight down and it's giving that old Hollywood look. So wine curls just combed out it's absolutely gorgeous and I'm just turning it around and combing all the way down all the way around. I told you all before that I'm going to start prepping my units as much as possible before I put them on my head. I just like to put on my units and go so as much as I could do in advance. I'M going to do that, so she is all ready for install all right guys, so I am back. Let'S go ahead and install this unit, so, as you saw, I did cut off the lace, but I wanted to give you all a close-up, so you can actually see what it looks like. So, as you can see, it already has those zigzags from the shears, those pinking shears, I'm always telling you all to cut off the lace in a zigzag motion to prevent any kind of lines of demarcation. I feel like I say that on repeat all the time, and this is exactly what I'm talking about, but cuts down the time in half. So all you need is those pinking shears. I got them on Amazon, for I think eight dollars and um came the very next day and makes lace cutting so much easier. So I'm going to go ahead and just throw on this unit super excited to try this one out um. So I feel like this one is going to be super easy to install, so I'm not even going to do a voiceover, I'm just going to go ahead and install, so I need to just adjust the um adjustable straps in the back. Also, while I'm doing this, I'm going to go ahead and provide you with these specs of this unit foreign. So again, this unit was sent to me from Love Me hair. I'M just going to put this elastic band behind the back of my head and, as you can see, this elastic band does not have um a way to adjust it. So it's just you know one size fits all. So I'm just going to put this around the back of my head and installing this back comb in the back of my head and the front comes in the front of my hair. So this is their classic dark, Plum body, wave, glueless, 5x5 closure of detectable HD lace unit. This is 16 inches. Long price is 299.90 um. This one is 60 inches, however, they do have lengths ranging from 16 inches all the way up to 24 inches um. It is clueless free parting closure, so I have it right now as a left side, part um, but you can part it as a middle part or a right side. Part C part. Whatever part you want to do. Um the color is a dark. Plum. Hairline is pre-plucked, um lace is top Swiss lace and this is again a 5x5 closure unit. If you can hear my daughter in the background, I do apologize, she is giving her dad a hard time downstairs, but I wanted to get you all this content as soon as possible. So this is just the unit just me just throwing it on. As you saw, I did not co-wash this unit at all. All I did was just brush through it with my flat brush, I'm not showing any kind of um shedding. There'S a couple of hairs in here from another unit that I was prepping as well, but as far as this unit, all you want to do is just brush straight down. Don'T use a comb on this one initially use a brush because you want to keep those old Hollywood like wand curls, and I was so prepared to just throw in my own wine curls into this unit. But just straight out of the box, those curls that came with it were stunning, so I did not even want to touch those, oh it's so gorgeous. Let me give you a close-up of this color, so I do feel like it's a little bit lighter here where the actual closure is and darker twists the ends. I am going to put a little bit of concealer right here in the parking lot. So don't you worry also, I did want to go ahead and um just flatten this out a little bit at the top. So I don't know if I said this, but it's 100 Virgin Hair 180 density hairline is pre-plugged. So here is the hairline, absolutely beautiful, and I am just using some. She is by wax stick Right Around The Parting line. I will put a link to this product in the description box and this is what it looks like if you don't know so. I already have my hot comb: all heated up, I'm gon na put it to 410 and just flatten this out just a little bit here at the top. So let me give you my pros and cons while we're doing this, so Pro number one for me, the color is Bomb um. I just love this dark purple. Color is really really pretty and not bright. I do not like really bright colors, and this one is a very subtle and beautiful. You can wear this one to work. You could wear this for date, nights um, very beautiful foreign for me, is the length I love the length on this unit. It does come in longer lengths. However, I do want to try out a shorter length on this unit and I love exactly where it stops on me. Super super. Pretty price is pretty reasonable, 299 dollars, but you know I have you covered with a promo code snh25 to get you 25 off 100 virgin hair. So, yes, you can wash it. You can straighten it. You can dye it um. All of that good stuff. I'M trying to multitask it and actually install the unit and give my pros and cons at the same time so bear with me um what else the hairline comes. Pre-Plucked. The knots are already bleached on this unit, which is really nice um. It'S a 5x5 closure unit. So you don't have to worry about ear to ear lace. This unit is a medium cap. Size fits my head, a very, very, very nicely ear tabs fall exactly where I need them to fall. However, there is quite a bit of stretch here in this unit as well, so if you do have a bigger head size um, I think you would be good to go with this unit. Also, this unit is glueless, so, as you can see, I did not glue anything down with this unit um and I'm not going to because it's just that effortless just look at this curl. The curls in combination with this color is absolutely gorgeous. It'S very sensual and burlesque ish. If that makes any sense to you, so I think I just made up that work. But um I'm going to just cut a little bit of baby hairs right here and do a little swoop, not too much. That'S pretty much it and then just a little bit of my garter's gel. This is just Eco, Styler, gel, nothing, fancy or anything. It'S the only thing that I have in here with me right now, so I'm not experiencing any kind of shedding with this unit. So no shedding no tingling foreign. This unit comes straight out of the box, ready to wear with this curl pattern. Um, it's just gorgeous the color. Let me give you all close up so like that dark, plum. Purple is just gorgeous love, it love it love! It love it okay, so just a little bit of concealer right here in The Parting line, and then I am going to wrap up this video. So just give me one second, all right, so let me go ahead and turn around, so I can show you all angles so of course front side, you're back inside again and front. So I was a little worried about this unit because it did look a lot lighter at the top than towards the ends. However, I really really love this. Even it's absolutely gorgeous and I love how it already comes out the box styled and ready to go and just ready to put on and go so definitely a beginner friendly unit. The color is gorgeous. The length is gorgeous. The curls are gorgeous no tangling, no snagging human hair um. It comes in different lengths, so you have variety there. I'M just gliding my fingers right through this unit and I'm in love. I am in love no negatives to this unit that I can think of um. Make sure to use my promo code to get you some monies off of this unit. Smh25 will get you 25 off again. This unit was 299.90 lovely hair. Thank you for sending me over this unit. Um. I'M also going to insert a video or a picture or something of me outside, so you can see the actual color um in natural light. So you got the inside color here and then on either side of me. It will be a video or picture of natural lights in this unit. Um, I'm gon na put everything down in the description box that you need link to love me hair's website, a link to this unit, my promo code as well snh25, I'm going to keep saying it over and over and over and over again. So you can just make sure to jot that down and use it anytime. You are shopping with love me. Hair um doesn't have to be this specific unit anytime, you shop with lovely hair. Make sure that you use my promo code. Snh25 25 off is big. I do not like paint full price for anything, so anytime there's a promo code. I am going to use it and I want to provide that to you as well um. I think that's it like comment subscribe, oh wait before I go. Let me give you all a close-up again of this hairline of this color of these curls um. But that's it like comment subscribe and, as always I'll see you all next time.

Gem M: Beautiful unit Stephanie! LuvMe is coming out with some really nice colors and styles for the summer! Loved the comparison of artificial and natural light I use a pinking shear too it works wonders, takes the guesswork out of cutting the lace.

Joey Septems: Absolutely stunning!!!Also thanks for all the details of the wig and the install.

Sammy Da Goat: Second Comment Lovely Dark Plum Wig Color Pretty Thumbnail

Brandon Henley: ❤❤❤ First

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