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Look at the part I ain't have to bleach nothing and it's giving what baby that's scalp. This scout stop playing, what's good loyal gang, so I'm back in this thing, y'all with another video. So I know y'all seen by that intro y'all I'm hype about this one. So we got another wig from Love Me hair. This is all the goodies that we received in our package. We got an elastic band and, of course, we got an edge brush and then right here y'all is the wig. This is the wig construction. This is their side, part glueless, lace, Bob wig. So let's go ahead and get into this install y'all already been seen by the intro. We got us another love me, hair, wig, okay, y'all know. I love me. Some lemon hair, so y'all already know what it is. I'M definitely excited for this Bob because it is starting to get really hot outside. So I don't really have a whole bunch of time, but y'all know when you ain't got a lot of time. Love me, hair, gon na get you right, okay! So what I love about this wig, first off, it's already parted baby, she's, already parted y'all, see that already parted and as y'all can see, it's not a whole bunch of lace to work with. But we got the lace where we need the like. So I'm not doing a ball cap, but one thing about love me: hair, wigs! You do not need a ball cap. Okay, um and I haven't really been too much of a fan of ball cap ball caps lately. Just because I feel like you just take up way too much time, let me go ahead and put it down to where I want it. I don't know if I want like a how deep I want to go with it, how deep I want to go with it, what y'all think, okay, I think I like it right here what y'all think I think I like that it's kind of like a off Off to the side part one thing about, let me hear wigs y'all, I'm just gon na let y'all in on this. It'S gon na give Scout right out the box, as y'all can see. It'S gon na give Scott right out the box, okay. So initially, what I'm noticing is that the hairline is kind of like a I don't know it has like a little curve in it and that's different. I will say: that's different now this side a few little curves, but on this side it really has like a little curve to it. So I'm just go ahead and pull the hair away from my face just like that, and then I'm just gon na go ahead and cut my lace off. So I think I'm gon na put just a little bit of my lace spray on it. Just because I'm extra y'all and I want to make sure that this wig isn't going anywhere. Thank you, foreign. Thank you, y'all already see by the smile of my face. I'M feeling myself, I don't know it's just giving like grown and sexy like it's just giving grown. It'S giving classy like I'm just I love me a good Bob. I love the cut. I love the fullness of this wig. Now I will say, like I said earlier, the hairline is shaped different. I don't know if y'all can tell, but if y'all could see like the hairline kind of goes like this now at first I'm like um, I don't know how I really feel about it, but I feel like it kind of helps, like kind of the style of The wig, I don't know it's just the way that it kind of Falls if y'all can see what I'm saying like it falls really nice. So, like I told y'all, I didn't have to go in and bleach the knots, but I am going to add some makeup on my part just because I always got ta have my makeup on my part. I feel like it just really helps just bring it all together. Y'All can really get into the cut y'all see that I'm really loving this side, like it has just like the cut, is just doing it for me. Let me turn to this side. So y'all can see so this side has a little bit more volume to it. It'S not just like straight down, y'all see the cut and, like I said, if I throw my hair back, throw my hair back like that. It just gives like I don't know it. Just gives like that feathered. Look, oh y'all, see that, like just just see that y'all see that just see how it falls see how it falls. One thing you do not want is no stiff Bob and I can tell you baby stiff, wear silverware when I move she's moving. Okay, y'all see that so I'm just gon na take my flat iron and just kind of help. It fall. How I want it to fall, so I'm just going to take my flat iron and just kind of bend it just a little bit and just make it go back. Just like that. Y'All see that y'all still don't talk about. Yes, if this had a little bit more just a few little layers in it yeah it is there, it is y'all, see it y'all see what I'm talking about as y'all saw I haven't had to plug none of this wig. I haven't plucked any of it. None the hairline is literally perfect, but I am going to just kind of clean up my part just a little bit get any of these extra hairs at the front since I'm not doing any baby hair with this look. Y'All know. I love me some baby hair, but honestly this wig does not need baby hair, I'm just going I'm just gon na put it out there. It'S probably been about 20 25 minutes, and I'm done like I'm done. I'M just like that. Like I told y'all these wigs the fact that they come pre-plugged pre-bleached, what you see is what you get okay as soon as I put it on. I already knew I was gon na, be in love with it. Now, like I said, the only kind I will say - and this is not even a con this side, because it has so much body and so much volume to it. I just wish it had a little bit of layers in it just a little bit so that way, when I do curl it back when I do take my flat iron and kind of curl it back that way, it just fall. Y'All y'all, just just getting into the cut like it's the angles. Y'All see I'm just sitting here with my head down like okay, look at the part, look at the part I didn't have to bleach nothing and it's giving what baby. Let'S go. Let'S Scout! Stop playing that Scout stop playing, but that's what it's looking like! You just throw it back one more time the people used to go to the salon. To get this look, they used to go sit in somebody's chair for hours to get this look to get this cut, but the fact that you can get this straight out. The box y'all see the hair moving. When I'm talking y'all see it y'all see what I'm talking about huh y'all the quality is unmatched. You can never go wrong with a classic Bob and baby. This is classic the times of going to the salon to get a bob over with when you can get it shipped to your doorstep. From love me here, baby words imma choose this every time, I'm ready for the summer trips. I can take my Bob with me on the go. I have a date day, one I got to buy day two I can handle long inches day. Three I could put back in the box like come on. Y'All come on. If you don't go, add this to the cart, but if you aren't looking for a classic Bob and you ain't trying to commit to cutting your hair baby go ahead and get you one of these go ahead and get you one of these, I'm gon na tell You this way gon na, be in rotation. This don't be the go-to vibe. For me. Let me know what y'all go to summer hairstyle. If you love you a good Bob, let me know in the comments down below make sure y'all use my code bl23 for 23 off of this wig and any other wig on their website, so make sure y'all click all the links in my description box, head on Over there to love me, hair check them out. Okay, okay, get y'all! One of these. Let me go ahead and get up close, so y'all can see that ain't. No, you know let me go ahead and move a little bit. So y'all already know that it's giving Scouts in real life - okay, real life - yeah - just add it to the card. That'S all! That'S all I'm gon na say leave me a comment down below go ahead and check out love me, hair and I'll see y'all in my next video love, y'all peace, loyal

Eva Byrd: I'm a big fan of luvme wigs. It looks great on you. Be blessed family ❤️

justina williamson: Yea you right. using the curling iron , while pull it back , it's extremely nice now. That little more layered, like you said, definitely loooove that too.

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T. C.: Yasssss now I'm luvn this unit.

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