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Baby girl, you know me I'm outside hey guys. I want to come back to my channel now. This video is sponsored by love me here once again like I feel like you guys are tired of hearing me. So you love me here, but I'm not so anyways. So this video is sponsored by love me here and they sent me this beautiful pre-curled um. I think this. This looks like a 22 inch wig, but because it's curled up it looks more like a 20, but it is 22 inches, I'm pretty sure um. So they sent me this unit. So I think it is a 13x4 front tall. I don't remember the term so there's two different terms there I think there's front of and there's lace front. I think this is a lace front because they only have The Parting space in the middle, but on the sides they're not much parting. Space like this is all the lace that came so I think this is a lace front and that's a lace frontal. I think so. I might be wrong, but I think so anyways. So they sent me this beautiful pre-curl, so it was pre-curled. All I had to do was pretty much um bleach the unit and then obviously install it and because I bleached it and I had to wash like the top part here, I had to curl over that part, but the rest of it was still curled. I didn't need to do anything um, but with that being said, let me just show you guys what they sent me inside the package. So we are known the infamous purple packages, purple package, um and inside the package they sent me some stocking cap. They sent me a pouch, and this pouch has some earrings, some um elastic band with the velcro strap and some baby hair combs, and also they sent me the Hair Care label. So it tells you how to care for your hair and other information that you might need, and also a little baggie to put my wig in when I'm done wearing it. That is pretty much always sent to me inside the package. Now, if you guys love to see how I end up getting this look then definitely keep on watching um baby girl. You know me I'm outside foreign foreign, for you tonight, you see me baby need to get done done. I see potential. I Just Got ta Sing, though, if you had a twin, I would still choose face to face. Thank you hey on me. I sweaty nosy said he put some money on my head. I guess we gon na see. I won't put no money on. It said my on me: I got ta be single for a while sweet imitation, isn't flattery, it's just annoying me names and finding peace, baby, baby peace. Honestly, I sound like a fair trade to me. Foreign. All you want is the same thing. Get your ass! An apartment put you inside a G Class, that's just a starter kit, plenty things kind of life, but none of them is the thought of it new piece around my neck. So this is the final look. I hope you guys enjoyed this one once again. I would love to thank love me here for sponsoring this video. The link to the week will be down in the description box, so, if you guys would love to purchase this week, definitely check that down below, but for now this is the end, and I will definitely see you guys in my next one bye,

Nola Sunflower: You look stunning. The wig is giving glam, prom-ish &your complete look came together nicely.

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