Perfect Summer Blunt Cut Bob Wig Install Ft Unice Hair

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Foreign over there and you nice hair. I absolutely absolutely absolutely love them. As a matter of fact, I just filmed another Wig by them, I'm not sure to order these being uploaded, but I'll be sure to link it either at the end or right here, um, and then we was So I'm hoping that this week will provide us with the same Sledge, because right now they have a 100 success rate with us. We really really like them all right. Y'All subscribe. I always forget to say that so y'all know that I like to take everything out of the shipping packaging with y'all on camera, because I like to be transparent in what you're gon na get when you get home when you get it home, all right did, I Say you know what I mean um, so it came in the shipping bag, but I wanted to point out that they also included a little dressing, gown and y'all these little extras matter when you are about to spend some coin all human hair. So this is a little dressing gown, which is really really cute um. The unit came in this silk sack and in this box um hard box too. So that's great for storage um. It says United cannot be defined cramp off all right, so I see the wig. It looked like a little Bob for those of you that, like short hair, because the last one was straight and 24 inches now, don't they seen the wig they sent an edge band with their name on it. They said. Oh lord, lord okay, they said some stocking caps and inside of the bag. They sit yet another Edge band, uh, another pack of stocking cap, some eyelashes and a little makeup brush. So that's cool. That'S neat, like I said you feel a little bit better about spending. The money about the spin all right, so I'm reading the details about this weave straight up the packaging. But, like always look in the description box, you'll see the details. This wig is a bob and it is 12 inches long straight to the point: nothing fancy! Nothing! You ain't got not too much: okay um! I hope it has this, but and it does it got some bomb Construction all right. So here's the unit, first of all, that's kind of giving just on my hand, I'm trying to get this knit all blower. Okay, we got somebody okay and then, as far as the wig construction, you get a common back adjustable straps, a small piece of lace. You get the band also secure or sewn directly into the leaf, which is Bomb it'll, make it lay flush to your little bald head. And then you get this like four by four parting space, but look at the Box because yeah they could be a 5x5 6x6. 14 by 14 - I don't know, but it looks like a four by four parting space. I come to the right and a comb to the left. Okay, before I cut off that lace, let's put her on and see oh yeah, this came, the band came off shut up girl. You knew what it was when you clicked on this video. You knew how I was coming unprepared, oh okay, uh! Let'S apply to my head and see what she looks like I'm three minutes in already: oh okay, all right y'all! So normally I don't like a bob on me. Okay, so you're gon na have to just play with that. The part okay! Normally, I don't like a bob on me, but this is giving very Olivia Pope Vibes on yeah. Let us actually yeah do I want it in the middle y'all, the middle? No! No. I think I do want it over here at the right, yeah y'all. Let'S cut off this lace and play around with this one, I really think I'm gon na like it, even though I normally hate Bobs and then I'll come back with my final thoughts, be right back every time, YouTube videos, I won't surprise. I am all right y'all. So I'm back with my final thoughts on this little Bob and y'all. This is so cute and it brought back a lot of movies for me because, back when I wore soap sew-ins when I had him back when the war sew-ins, my cousin, who does this, she would often put me in an angled bob like this, and I absolutely Loved it um, so it's a little nostalgic for me. I absolutely love this league. The quality of the hair is nice. The ease of this wig is nice and I think the length is perfect for this hot summer that we all know it's coming right. Um, there's nothing. I have no cons about this wig, but y'all. That'S every time, I'm working with a unit from you, nice hair. I absolutely love them like. I said. If you're, looking at description box, you'll see a direct link to this little cutie, patootie um as well as all of the details like I said, maybe not in this week - maybe it's your auntie Anita. Maybe it's your uncle Arthur, whichever one something to me and you, nice hair, and I promise we will find a unit that they like whether they want something long that they can sit on or a little short full cap, not an interlaced pixie. They can put on the marsh down at church hour, whichever one it's in my way and me United's hair will get them right until next time, y'all, which will be very soon bye.

Dana Foster: The density is perfect and this looks so natural

Precious Paschal: There is not a wig you can't wear! Love it!

Clairice Allen: I love the density. The length is just right. Looks really nice on you. You rock these wigs.

Teena Taylor: This is so pretty on you, I love the natural density ❤️

Deva19xx Dee Jones: This is so pretty Jess and it looks very nice and natural on you ❤️‍

Cynthia Cummings: I LOVE IT!! I love a bob, because they're perfect for the hot summer weather. ❤❤❤

DeChana Henley: Cute and natural!!❤

Francess Sanders: I love this wig sis

patrice moore: This unit look so natural !!! I really like this

Mave: Jess, your new upload schedule got me twisted! Now I'm home at night so I can catch it early like usual. Love ya boo ❤️

R D: Unice hair is always so chic❤

Lady Ree: Love it!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

Murielle Saint Louis: I love all your videos. You keep me laughing you the best girl.

Robin Perryman: I like it. Just the right length and not too thick.

Treia McGee: Ooo I’m fittin to get this!!

Tina BlackberryRose: ♥️♥️♥️ this bob. You look Beautiful. Tyfs✨✨.

Angela Hrabowskie: I like it

Delores Hill: Very nice I love bobs seems like when I get them they don't act right that one looked simple

Kimberly Kyles: Gm Jess it’s good seeing you an I ❤️ unit ❤️ & lightThx for vid. Peace and blessings and happiness and prosperity Amen

StarriSkye: Cute

Sherika: Ok bob

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