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Afsisterwig’s *NEW* Delicate Hairline Skin Melt Lace Wig

♥ All hand tied hairline, clean, delicate and natural, giving real SCALP vibe!

♥ No extra plucking needed, totally beginner friendly!

♥ Upgraded real skin melt swiss lace well blended with different skin tone!

The Skin Melt Wig is totally beginner-friendly, in the past three months, we have been making our best efforts to adding more density options, perfecting the plucking the hairline, adding the removable elastic band and optimizing the bleach technique to provide the perfect products.

INVISIBLE SWISS LACE: We upgrade our lace into Raschel net and bobbinet made of polyamide.The reason why we choose high-end swiss lace is that even with much higher price, it can be more invisible and undetectable especially when melting with glue. No matter what skin color you have, this skin melt lace will definitely match.

Wig SKU: AF0341

Wig length: 20 inch

Hair density: 150%

Cap size: Medium 22.5

Cap construction: 13x6 Lace Front

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About you, thank you, hey you guys, welcome and welcome back to my channel hello. I am back with another Hair video and if you think that you may be interested in today's Hair video, then please make sure that you keep on watching about you change that smiles. Please, thank you all about you about you all about you about you about you about you about you about you about you about me. Thank you, foreign. So today's here is sponsored by AF sister wig love them love them their hair. Their hair is everything they did send over some goodies, which was an edge control, slash comb brush. We have two Wii caps, also some bobby pins and a rubber band, a pink rubber band. So y'all, I don't like short hair and people always tell me, you have the head for everything. You have the hair for everything y'all. I don't feel like. I have the hair for everything I feel like. I have a funny shaved head. However, I still love myself and I have grown to love the shape of my head, but y'all I was kind of. I was kind of scared about this um. I didn't think that it was gon na look good on me, but it's cute and it's giving Megan good okay. I don't want to mess my hair up, but I do want to show y'all that this is a a deep 13 by six parting area. Like look, how far y'all look, how far back you could part with this honey, this is cute. This is a really cute, pixie haircut type of lace, front wig, and it's giving given giving like it's it's giving giving giving. I am absolutely loving this color. It does come with calms and adjustable straps inside of the Cap Construction, along with an elastic band for secureness. If you are the type of woman who likes glueless units, I'm sorry y'all. If you are the type of woman who likes bluish units, then you could definitely wear this glueless, but y'all it's it's giving. I need to add a little Foundation. To my part. I totally I totally forgot to do that. So this is actually a Milani like powder. Like cream like foundation - and this is in 275 Amber so I use this quite a bit for my parts, just to kind of you know touch it up, make it look more realistic, but y'all yeah. This hair is given man - I I don't even like short hair, but this kind of made me change my mind like it's very beautiful, their hair quality. I love their hair quality. I'Ve been working with them for the longest um. This is like the second human hair wig that I have reviewed on my channel when I first started - and I was just amazed at the Quality of their hair. Y'All was amazed and I love you y'all. I just love it. You will love it too. So all the details on this hair - it will be down in the description box below so make your purchase today to sleigh with J O K. Thank you guys so much for watching and tuning in. I really do appreciate it. Please make sure to like comment and subscribe hit that Bell for all post notifications. So every time that I post a what a video you will be notified catch y'all on my next video for a while. Thank you, foreign foreign

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