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Hi beautiful people! Ahhhh I got a sew-in!!! it's been way too long but I am loving the results, what do you guys think? Make sure to check out queen weave beauty ltd. if you are looking for bundles because they are honestly so good. I've been purchasing their hair on and off since high school and they have never steered me wrong. But thank you so much for watching, don't forget to like comment, and subscribe. See ya later!!! Thank you so much for watching today's video!

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Five shows made 3 million a week. You are now looking at the best, the elite too bad. You can't go and invest in physics for those of you who are new and for those of you who aren't welcome back to my channel. So today's video is going to be a hair video. I got ta weave you guys, I'm in my traditional sew-in era, but I got a weave and um. I wanted to share the bundles that I got with you all. This hair is from Queen weave Beauty LTD. They actually sent me these bundles and they're beautiful Point. Blank period this is, I haven't, had a sew-in in a while, but this is like the best sewing I've ever had in my life, this hair and my hair texture matched so well. I was actually shocked, but this video is just going to be the process of me getting the sew in and I'm gon na style it at the end. So I just wanted to show you guys what I did and yeah if you're interested keep on watching. So this is the packaging that the hair came in. They sent me four bundles of 20 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch and another 22 inch, so two twenties and 222 inches. This is their 100 light, Yaki virgin hair and this hair is supposed to mimic either relaxed. Hair or flat iron natural hair in the packaging, it comes with a booklet on how to take care of the hair and everything all the information about the hair. But moving on to the styling part, which is the fun part, I went to The Stylist that I found on Instagram. Her app name will be on the screen at styles of Faith she's in the DMV area. So if you're in the DMV area and if you're looking for a new hairstylist I'll, definitely recommend her, she was super sweet. I literally booked her last minute. We were joking about that, but she was super sweet and very talented. I'M it's just super nice, like I don't know about you guys, but I'd be scared to go to hair stylist nowadays, because all their rules don't get me wrong. She has rules and stuff like that, but you know sometimes these stylists out here their rules can intimidate. You like I'll just do it myself, like I just won't go type thing. I haven't had my hair like done by someone else in a long time, so this felt good. She washed blow dried and cornered my hair, and it just felt so good to have someone else touch. My scalp that wasn't me, like you guys like doing your hair, is actually a luxury, but she did a really good job and she worked super quick. So once again, if you're in the DMV area definitely check her out, definitely recommend her work, she did a phenomenal job and yeah. She was just super sweet, like literally the experience was 10 out of 10., as you guys can see. These are the bundles straight out of the packaging, and you guys can clearly see that it's not silky bundles when she was sewing it into my head. I just knew the blend would be Immaculate, because the texture alone was beautiful, but anyways a little bit more about the hair. So Queen weave beauty is a really good brand. Their hair. I can tell you from personal experience: I've purchased their hair throughout High School. Their hair will last you about two to three years. If you take prop upper care of them me and my cousin used to purchase their hair throughout High School. Literally, all the time like we had jobs when we were 15 and we were using our paychecks to buy Queen weave Beauty bundles because it was just that good, so they're, one of the OG brands that I really stick behind. So, if you're looking for new bundles for your sew in for your wigs or anything, they sell wigs too. So, if you're, just looking for a new hair brand, that will last you a long time like a really long time, definitely check out Queen Leaf Beauty. When I tell you, I still have bundles from them that I made into a wig from like 2017 2018. I still have that wig and it's going on strong I've dyed. It cut it dyed it red, got it back black everything and that hair still is going on strong, so you will be definitely paying for Quality. I promise you that but yeah I'm gon na stop talking now and you guys will see after she sews it in she curls it. I didn't get the chance to record that, because my camera kept cutting off, she curled it and she gave me some bombshell curls. So you guys will see that and then later on, you guys will see me styling it myself, so I'll check back in a few minutes, foreign guys. This is the final result of when she curled my hair and when I came back home from my appointment, you guys I felt so freaking pretty this day like I have to say this is the prettiest I've ever felt in my life, like I'm, not even being Dramatic, like I felt so, I felt like a freaking princess like are you kidding me and I wasn't even all the way cute that day, like look at the movement in this hair, the body the curls, like I looked like like Miss America, like Olivia Pope, like Just everything like what like please somebody crowned me: Miss America right now, because that's what it's given like, you guys see the bounce. Look at the bounce. You see the bounce, it's balancing bouncing bouncing anyways, but yeah. I felt so pretty this hair, the shine, the bounce, the curls it curled so beautifully it matched my hair so beautifully like y'all. Are you kidding me like? Oh my God, I really? Oh, my God. I want to go back to this day. So bad you don't even understand, but you guys yeah. This was how it looked like after my appointment definitely check out styles of Faith. Oh my God, she's amazing. She made me feel so pretty the bundles made me feel so pretty. I could not stop staring at myself and my hair. Oh, if you guys, are interested on how she curled this hair. She used a T3 iron, the Big Barrel, the biggest one I don't remember which number, but I just know it was a big barrel. I'M getting that iron whenever I can but anyways moving on to a couple days later I decided to curl my hair myself. It came out cute, but it didn't come out as nice as styles of face, but you know I'm not a hairstylist but I'll be trying. My best, you know it still came out. Cute still gave classy lady. I used this old flat iron that I was gifted. It'S not the best. I'M not gon na lie, it's not the best. It doesn't get hot, it's definitely not no T3, but it got the job done. I put some pin curls in it and you guys will see towards the end. I use this got to be Spray Wax because my leave out is pretty short because I don't know if you guys know this. I chopped my hair off like last year late last year. It'S still growing. It'S none, it's not that long. Yet you would think because it's growing and it's still short, I should probably not get a weave right now. I want to look cute. I one thing about me: listen I'm gon na keep my hair done. Okay, one thing about me: I'm Gon na Keep My here done and right now, I'm in my traditional sewing era - and I just thank God for the queen weave Beauty, because these bundles will be reused again and again and again and again amen, amen, because what I Can'T get over it like I can't but anyways. I don't want to wrap you guys up too much, because I've been talking throughout this whole video. Like I talk way too much, I use my flat iron to just make the curls a little bit more polished, but that was about it and you guys can see this hair is like literally so natural, so beautiful, I'm in love like every time. I'Ve posted it on my Instagram people are asking me if it's my real hair. I wish well soon soon come. It will be, don't worry soon come. This will be my real hair. Just wait on it. I promise you but yeah you guys. Let me know what you guys: think of this hair and my traditional sew-in era, I'm loving it so far. I love this hair. Definitely check out Queen weave Beauty. Everything that you see in this video will be linked down below. So if you have any questions or if you need anything from this video make sure to check out the description box, it will be their eyebrows. Let me know if you have any other questions, definitely check out Queen weave Beauty, I'll have all their information in the description box as well. I hope you all love this the way I did. I just feel like I've been a new era and let me know what you think about my traditional. So whenever my Olivia Pope era, my Miss America hair era, but I'm gon na finally stop talking you guys's ear off, because I've been talking way too much. But thank you guys so so much for watching this whole entire video. If you made it to the end shout out to you you're the best. I love you. Thank you guys so much for watching. I love you for watching. Please, please please don't forget to like comment and subscribe. It helps me out a lot and definitely don't forget to comment your thoughts about this hair but yeah. I hope you guys love the final results. I was in love, I'm still in love. I wish I could go back. I love this new era since I didn't physically talk in this video. You guys know how I close out my videos, I always blow you guys kisses at the end, so here's my kiss to you mwah. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you guys in the next one. Bye is the best, though

SimpliiSeun: Love it! Gorgeous!! Please do another update/maintenance/wash day video

Angel Rivo: I can't even see where your hair ends or where the weave starts, it's that good

Found Fourteen: Looks so natural ! It’s giving bad bih okay ❤

Unxxpected: It looks amazing

Naana Asiedu: You can’t tell me it isn’t yours babe! It looks so good!

Beth Ermias: no like it blends PERFECTLY

Akua: LMAOO pls ignore my mess up @7:47 I was editing this late at night And also ignore my face when I was curling my hair lol I make the most weirdest faces when I’m doing my hair Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe, ily

Dream Tok: you look so gorggggggggg

Rose Squ: The Queen Weave beauty Light Yaki bundles are so bad!! The hair is very thin, scratchy & dry, and sheds so much. I spent a lot of money to get the longer lengths and my sew in is so thin QWB only sends good hair to influencers so please never buy this hair!

Sweet C: 1:45 They be having rules a mile long and it's for regular stuff, like I know not to come with my hair dripping wet. Why is there a rule for the .01% of situations?

Beth Ermias: 10000/10

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