Installing The Most Realistic Wig! Kinky Straight Wig With Kinky Edges@Geniuswigs #Hdlacewig

Same hair:

22 inches, 150%

Code: BL01 for 18% off

This is

GeniusWigsOfficial: Same hair: 22 inches, 150% Code: Ebony for 18% off

FleurRebelle: Looked better before the iron

Being human is so overrated💤yawns💤: the baby hairs give it looked so real before you layed the edges.

Cieara Wiggins: I’m just tryna figure out why people are not jumping on these wigs. I mean they are gorgeous!!

BlueYellow&Green: What's the point of getting a kinky wig if you're just gonna flat iron it anyway? "kinky but make it straight".

Emar Aga: Too damn expensive!

♡mya♡: wait if you wanted it to be straight why didn’t you just get a straight wig? it still looks amazing though ❤

kacy Lewis: Aww, Aliyah Muse has always been a cutie❤ Looks just like her mommies! Love the wig.

Z'Novia Caldwell: I wasn't really staring at the hair too much . She's fucking gorgeous!!!! Like drop dead beautiful. Damn

Sum'Thyn Serius: Girl you did that some Justice!!❤

Julia Jelkes: That looks like my hair

keysha: Your gorgeous.... Thanks for sharing

Angie Jordan: Gorgeous!

Tori Baby: Install is Amazing she looks like JT’s twin ❤️

Preciosa-Chiåluka: BW wearing their texture >>>

Butterfly101: This wig will sell out if they come down like wayyy down on the price

Keisha Calixte: Song?

Glory Enyatta: I am the only one who hates the baby hairs?

Velma Farmer: Where can I find this wig

Jendayi: Can someone tell me when this "baby hair" nightmare going to end. It just never look right to me, except on babies! The wig was looking right before she did all that to it

Tiffany Rose: Where can we find this?

Genesis L.: I would've liked to have seen this minus the baby hairs. Maybe I can find on YouTube.

GODDESS G: It was nice until the baby hair down to her eyebrows!

Buellaaa Smith: I want

ajones21606: Baby hairs and iron ruined it

Angel rose: So Cute

Nena Chula: Why so many baby hairs? Not hating

Alaydren Brown: She look like Jt

lovely goddess: It's cute but the baby hairs ugly .. I would have probably likes the baby hairs if u didn't put product o.n it

Ying Yang: How do I order?

Aleigha Goodwin: Ppl always puttin “the viral__” in front of somethin they’ve seen on the innanet smh

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