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Invisible HD Lace Upgraded Clean Hairline 13x6 Lace Wig Kinky Straight Hair [LFW97]

Length: 20 inches


13x6 Lace Frontal Wig

★ Upgraded Clean Hairline

★ Skin Melted HD Lace

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, mr fabulous i'm here with another video. This is a highly requested video everyone's been asking me regarding this hair review. They wanted me to do this review based on my pictures and stuff guys. Let'S just talk about this hair quickly. The company sent me a kinky straight hair in 22, inches invisible, um lace, 13x6. It was absolutely amazing. The quality on this hair is literally 100 of a hundred. I can't stress this enough, like the lace is super super thin and it just blends so well within my skin. I didn't have to like put any like foundation on the lace or anything it just naturally blended it was literally like. Where is the lace like you? Couldn'T even spot the lace at all um also, i want to talk to you guys about cutting the lace. You got to be very careful when you cut the lace because it is super super thin and it's like an hd quality, but it's an invisible lace. Um. The hair had no shedding guys the hair did not shed one bit, and this is my first time trying kinky straight hair. I'Ve actually just decided to just come out my comfort zone, but yeah like the hair came super super quick. It was shipped by fedex. The company, you know, responded really really well. They communicated with me to make sure that it got into the right hands. Um applying this wig was so so easy because, like i didn't have to like blend it with foundation or anything, it came already bleached. The hair was already bleached and plucked like can you believe this hair was bleach unplugged already when i took it out of the packaging? I didn't have to do nothing apart from apply it to my head. I decided to do the bold method, because i did. I wanted it to really melt like to look like it was coming from my root, which it did um i use, got to be spray and i'm just blow drying the hair to just put that melt in i've stopped using bold hold um. When i don't want to wear the wigs for like a very long time, um guys like this is literally just how the hair really looks like i did put this on social media. I'Ve got so much feedback. I'Ve got so many people asking me um, but the detail of this wig will be in the description box below. So, if you are interested in purchasing this wig definitely make sure you click the link in description box below to purchase this unit. I 100 recommend it. It comes with a lot of stuff in the packaging. Everything that you need to do your wig and install your wig. It comes into the box. I use the wax stick because i felt like the white stick was very much needed to just get rid of the unnecessary flyways um. I decided i'm just going to test this hair out to see if it can really hold curls. I wanted to see if the hair was really really good. I know it's kinky straight hair, but i've never wore kinky straight hair before so. I put it into a ponytail guys, as you can see, i'm just putting the um unnecessary hairs away and i'm about to put it in a ponytail. It came into a middle part, so of course you can see the middle part and already there i use my little curly one to just like flat down the bits that i'm gon na put in a bun and guys like so far. Everything is amazing, like i like the fact that the scalp is so bleached to the gods. Like perfection like you can see from the root, so i'm just putting everything into a ponytail guys wrapping it around quickly. It'S quite messy. I didn't do it perfect. I just wanted to show you something different um, as you can see, i'm just gon na curl it i didn't clean the whole entire hair. I just literally wanted to show you guys that her, the hair can really hold curls. So i decided to just kill the bits that's out in the ponytail so that you can see by the way a lot of people asked me on snapchat. Where did i get my curly one from i got it from amazon um? Literally it's one of the best. It'S really really good: it really really curls hair, really good and the curls really hold after herding the hair. I did realize that this hair is even so good like it when i said it was 100 or 100, it's even more now, because it holds curls, and this is the next following day. I wanted to show you guys how the hair looked after 24 hours of wearing the wig and how the curls are, as you can see the curls really hard, and that's it guys. Thank you so much for watching

Althea hly: You made this wig look like it’s growing from your scalp!! Totally sold it… I’m getting one!!! love your content, please keep it comin’ gurl

Angel: Looks really natural, love it!!

Official Chrissy2Cute: Big up Renee always love your work and you ❤️

Janise Wright: Super cute! I hope you’re feeling well

CorporateOne: Did you flat iron this wig before you put it on your head in this video Beautiful? If not..I love it!

Vir81go: This how wig suppose to look ole naturelle…

Mssugamoma🍭: Love your accent and the hair is beautiful!

Taviidon Music: I always enjoy watching your content❤❤

Jodi The Island Girl: YasssssLove this for you boo

Anita Canaan: Love your video♥️♥️

Blushin Beaute: I'm late to video but I been wanting to know. This hair is

Pretty Niecy: What cap size did you get?

Lucia Lima: Como posso comprar e preços e garantido quando chega?


Samantha M: Queen tings

Butyourdaddylikeit: Did it shed or tangle?

Violet Lawrence: ❤️❤️

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