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Coupon: "XRS186" for all products 15% off !!!

Coupon: "XRS186" for all products 15% off !!!


Wig in the video:

Style: Yaki straight

Length: 24’’

Lace : *NEW* 13*6 Front Clear Lace

Density: 200%


New *Clear Lace* & *Clean Hairline*

*Clear Lace* is Melting with Your Skin.

Clear & Transparent for Real!

*Clean Hairline* is Same as Our Own Hairline

Natural Hairline Transition


*New* CLEAR LACE is real clear lace, it’s undetectable on your head.

*New* CLEAN HAIRLINE is much more natural than regular pre-plucked hairline, we customized this natural hairline to make it melt skin much perfectly.


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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, so i'm back with another hair video and today's wig is from xrs beauty and i'm working with the yaki straight wig in the length 24 inches and the density is 180. So so, if you guys want to see how i installed and styled this wig then make sure you stay tuned and karen watching okay, so i'm gon na start off by straightening the hair, and you guys can see this is the hair in its natural state. So i'm gon na try and get this wig to be as silky as possible, and the best way to do that is to literally go in with your um hot comb first and then go ahead and use your hair straighteners. Because i feel like when you use your hot gum, it kind of helps to you know, get rid of the texture and you know straighten out the hair a bit before going in with your um hair straighteners. So that's actually how i got this hair to be as straight as it is. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god, okay! So this is the finished look guys. Can i just say: oh my god, listen this wig, this hair speechless, like i, don't even know what to say the hairline, the lace, the hair itself. Everything right now is just looking clean. This hair texture is everything i feel like. The only thing that puts me off kinky or yaki hair is like the straightening process, because bruh you're just there forever it takes forever to get your head to be silky straight. But i like the fact that, obviously you can wear it in its natural state or you can decide to um straighten the hair and have it still keep going straight like this, which is really nice as well. So so, when it comes to the lace on this wig, the lace is amazing. So basically this is their new, clear lace and i'm going to put this behind my hand now, so you guys can see. So this is what their new clear lace looks like. You. Can see how good it looks on the skin literally matches the skin perfectly as well so and then you have the regular brown lace, which is obviously more obvious on the skin. So what i'm going to do now is i'm going to glue the both of them on the back of my hand, so you can actually see the difference. You guys can see that the nuclear lace is literally undetectable, whereas the brown regular brown lace - it's more obvious, as you can see so yeah, i'm just so impressed with this wig and even when it comes to the hairline as well. So this is the new clean hair line which is more natural than you know. The regular free blocks - hairline, i literally didn't have to - i literally didn't - have to do anything to this wig. This is literally how it came from the box. I installed it straight out of the box and you know styled it so yeah, i'm just really impressed with this wig so like i said this wig is from xrs beauty and this is the yucky straight hair. So yeah i'm going to make sure to list all the links and details that you guys need to know about this wig in the description box. So please make sure you check below for anything. You would like to know and i'll catch you guys in my next one

Hope: Beautiful!I just wish hair companies would find a way to make the grid/knots in the 13x6 area completely invisible especially since they cost so much. There has to be a way for them to construct the grid in brown or something, that would be awesome

Beauté Sombre: I got this wig and installed yesterday. It is EVERYTHING

Clarice De Souza: No lies were told. This hair is everything

Lethu: The hair is everything but that's also because it's on you. you defs make everything 10× better

Louise Williams: Is it best to spray directly onto the lace or your skin first?

Ontemi M: I bought this same wig it truly is amazing hairline is superb, the only regret is that the cap was too big for me. Next time I will order a size small.

Labellemocha: danmm the hair is stunning you make me wanna get it

Pammie: Looks great... Throughout the day does it get poofy or does it stay bone straight?

posh princess: What make up did u use to tint the lace ?

According to Tash: This hair looks good

talitha ngcanga: This hair is everything Gbemi!! How would you rate the Remington straightener? I’m thinking of getting one.

Dee Luther: Great Video As Always Super Cute thumbnail tho Damn You Gorgeous As Hell Makeup always on Point EnJoy your Sunday Too Happy Early Valentine's day Be Bless n Stay safe always

arain764niara: Damn almost considered getting this until I saw the cost is basically rent

Tann Smith: Wow! Hi! What are your lip deets? Pretty!

Cake Pudding: Does this give the option of wig size. I have a small head

Palo Mbewe:

Kem Evans:

Érica Carvalho:

Latoya Andrews: yesss Bemi

Ninaaaa😘✨: Yassssss Sis Beautiful✨

Lace Wigs: prettyyyyyyyy Lady

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