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- Biosilk (

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Hey guys welcome to my channel. My name is fatima if you're new here and today we're doing a hair, video, so sun right here actually sent me this wig, which i will be installing this is their straight hair, wig, 24 inches, i believe um. This is super cute, it's 150 density, so it's able to get super super super flat, as you guys can see it's so flat. I love how this install turned out and i'm excited to show you guys how i got my hair to look like this. With that. Being said, let's get right into this video hey guys, so the first thing i'm going to do is um. Do the whole wig cap bald cap method, so i'm going to use ghost bond and go around the perimeter of my hairline just to glue this wig cap down so that we can get on with the install so okay. So this is what the wig is. Looking like, they sent me, 24 inches um of their straight hair, which is what i asked for. I think this is 150 density, so it's just like the regular straight wig and i'm going to install it. I think how i'm going to style. This is just do like a middle part and then um do my little baby hairs and then have it like behind my hair, because i really like that look and i miss that look as well. Okay, so i placed foundation on the inside of the lace. This is a transparent lace unit um, so yeah, please foundation on the inside, and now i'm going to cut the ear tabs off before we do that, though, i'm going to cut these clips on the side off and i'm just going to tighten the wig a little Bit it is, it does feel a little bit big, so i'm going to um bring this in just a little bit tighter. Sometimes i like to crisscross these on the back these little things right here i like to crisscross them because sometimes wigs that, like a lot of times, wigs are just too big for me. Oh, this wig is gon na lay flat, look at it, okay, so this wig actually fits really nicely um. I don't know if i should take this off yeah. I might just do that. So, let's start off by cutting the ear tubs off okay. So now i'm going to start cutting the lace off i'm going to just hold this down um. While i do so, and i'm going to start with the front place, i'm going to take this little part piece of hair off, because i don't want the the hairline to come too low on my forehead. So i'm just going to take this much hair off. Okay! So i cut this side off. It'S looking good we're gon na do the other side as well, and it's laying super flat. This wig fits really nicely okay. So before i go ahead and glue this lace down, i am going to wipe off all of the makeup on my forehead. I'M gon na wipe off all of the makeup from my forehead, where the lace is gon na go so that it doesn't get mixed up with the glue, and so now that that is done. We are ready to place the glue down. So i'm going to go section by section, starting with like the middle part. Okay, that looks good it's properly stuck down. The edges of the lace are not stuck down, so i'm gon na um glue that down as well, but i'm gon na do that after so i'm gon na do this side now, my okay, so everything is now glued down and stuck okay, and so now we're Gon na tie this down, so it can um just like really set in place, so i'm going to take some spritz and then go across the hairline just spray. Everything um just in case there's anything that, like hasn't glued down like a small piece that hasn't glued down or something like that. This will make sure that everything is really like flat and melted, basically so, okay, so, while that that sets i'm just gon na flatten. This out, using my hot comb and my character wax stick. I'M also going to straighten the hair using biosilk. Okay. So i straightened everything the hair is now straight. So i'm going to take this off this elastic band. She is flat. Okay, so yeah, i'm gon na. Do my baby hairs now, okay, so i've poured out some of the hair that i'm going to use to do my baby hairs, there's not a lot of hair, but i'm just going to go in and pluck the hair the hairline before this. So so i'm going to do the same thing to this side. I feel like this is already kind of plucked over here, so i'm not going to take too much you and i'm just going to curl the bottoms of this hair because i don't like how it looks when it's just straight like this. So i'm just going to curl a little bit okay, so i'm pretty much done um this hairstyle. The only thing that i'm going to do now is add some concealer in my part, and then i will do the black spray and then we'll pretty much okay. So now we're done. I really like the way. Okay, so we're pretty much done here. I love the way this turned out. I love the middle part and i love the way i did my baby hairs. Everything looks really soft, um and super flat. This wig is super super flat, so i really love that and, like i said, i added some curls at the bottom, just like a sailor, moon vibe, which is super cute. Thank you december here for partnering up with me on this video. I love how this turned out. I love this hair and how the install turned out so with that being said, thank you guys for watching, if you guys, like the video of course, hit the like button and subscribe of course, if you're new here, i will see you guys in the next one.

Dominican Kandie: super, super cute! I love curling my ends too. Tfs

Real Advantage Productions: Start to finish straight hair wig install and beginner friendly, Fatima Bah. I like it! You did a good job with this one. The wig looks good on you. I like how you chose to edit and record this video. I like the outfit you chose to wear. The audio and video quality for this vid is outstanding. You make this YouTube thing look good! Great video. I have just subcvscribed to your channel. So congrats, you got another one

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