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What is up Africana fam, it's your girl, young Africana and in today's video I'll, be showing you guys. This brand new technique called the double melt technique, which will have your lace, frontals, melted and Lasting for weeks. Okay, like this is a brand new technique that I'm willing to show you guys. So if you want to see how I achieved this look then keep on watching. So this hair sponsor is from West kiss hair, and this is the package that it comes in and in the packaging you do receive a satin dust bag. To put your wig in once, you're finished with your install and you want somewhere to place your wig at. They also do give away this baby hair comb as well. It'S pink, it has the brush, as well as the comb and you're, also giving a bun as well too you're, also giving a melt band as well too, to help melt your lace - and this is how the wig comes in. It comes in this poly bag and it does come listed. This is the invisible lace 26 inch and the hair density is 200 percent. So now I'm gon na go ahead and take it out the package. So apparently, these companies are really getting into the lazy wig. Aesthetic The Lazy Girl aesthetic when it comes to wigs so as y'all can see straight out the box. This wig does come pre-curled, so I'm about to take it off from the hair net, and this hair is pre-curled y'all and looking at the lace, the lace is pre-parted and pre-plucked excuse the little pop out real, quick but yeah y'all literally. I love that these companies are now really getting into the lazy, wig aesthetic. This is also pre-bleached. As you can see, the knots are bleached from the inside. It also comes with two Combs on the side and then one comb in the back and some protective lace. As well as a band, and one thing about West kiss is like notorious for, is that they give you space like equal space everywhere. I don't know if you've noticed lately, some other companies will probably just give you middle part spacing and then the rest of it would just be kind of like tracks on the side and stuff, and it's not really much. You can do or even really do like a deep side, part with West kiss, literally y'all, there's so much space for you to do whatever you want. You can do a side part. You could do a no part. You could do a middle part, all kinds of Parts, okay, all types of parts, so yeah, that's one thing. I really do love about this wig is. I have the Liberty to do whatever I want with so much space, and it is also pre-plucked. So I don't have to do anything at all and I actually really really love that y'all. So for all my beginners, this wig is absolutely perfect for you. The only thing you probably need to do is if this is not your skin tone, probably tint the lace as well as also um cut the lace, but other than that. This wig is completely made up on this. Wig fits perfectly and I got a big old head like my circumference of my head is 23.5, so it's pretty huge. It don't look like. I got a big head, but I got a big hat but yeah y'all. I don't know if y'all can see, but this wig fits perfectly. I love the hairline, it's kind of giving a little bit of a widow's peak and it fits around my hairline perfectly like perfectly perfectly, and this is how it looks like the curls and everything now the rest of y'all could be lazy girls, but I'm not a Lazy girl, I'm actually gon na, do a little bit of styling because I actually do want to side parts of the middle part, because I feel like I do middle parts very often, so I'm gon na do a side part with this. Look instead and do a little, you know Switcheroo, but overall this is very beginner girl, Lazy, Girl, friendly. You really don't have to do much to this wig at all. Besides, just plopping on your head and cut off the lace and possibly tint the lace, that's it and yeah. Let'S get to work y'all we about to transform this wig. Well, it's not really much transformation, but we're about to make this look. Look hot, okay, we're gon na make it look hot and to Tin my lace, I'm going in with the amazeo bay, smeared, lace, tint and the color mocha. This is like my absolute favorite lace tip to use because it fits my skin tone perfectly. So all my dark skin girls are looking for a nice lace, tint to not Gunk up your lace and for it to not have a reddish undertone, because this does not have a red undertone. Definitely go with the honestly obey smeared lace, tint in the color there Moshe or mocha. So what I'm gon na do is just open up. My lace like this. Just have it out I'm going to spray the back of the lace so like underneath the lace and I'll probably depending on the lace, probably do one to two layers, but I'm gon na do one layer first and let that dry for about 15 minutes and see How that dries to see if I need to do more so yeah, I'm literally just tinting it and I like to go in the front a little bit just to make sure I didn't miss the front, because the front is really like the important part. To be honest, and so far, for what it's looking like, the lace is taking the color really well, there's certain lace that cannot take lace tint at all, and I think it's because it's like how thick it is, or whatever like it's really hard to tint lace. At times, yeah I'm gon na go ahead and let that sit and let that dry for about 15 minutes you want to let it air dry and not uh, blow dry it. It'S like the color payoff could really show off. So after I did my two layers of the lace set on the wig, I let that dry for 15 minutes, and now I did my ball cap method off camera. I do have a video on how I did my ball cap method available and it's a recent one as well too so right now. What I'm doing is I'm cleaning off my hairline with 91 isopropyl alcohol and um a pad as well too, and I'm just going to go ahead and wipe down the area of any dirt or any oils around my hairline. So now I'm just going to go ahead and place. The wig, where I wanted to lay at and cut some two slits at near my temple areas and then flip the wig back and now I'm going in with my Erica J hold me down adhesive and I'm going to be doing two layers of the glue you Want to make sure that the layers are thin, you don't want to have too much glue and have the glue Bubble Up and I kind of go in a zigzag motion. When I apply it, I apply a little bit on the actual ball cap and a little bit on my skin, and now I'm just going to go ahead and use my ratel comb and use the metal part just to smear down that glue and wait until the First layer dries completely clear before I do my second one foreign completely clear: I'm going to go ahead and apply the middle flap first, and you want to make sure that you apply the hairline in front of the glue and not on top of it or behind It so I'm making sure that the hairline is in front of the glue and not behind it, and once I have it positioned where I want it to be, I'm not going to go ahead and use my hands to suppress it down into place, and now I'm Going to go in with my eyebrow razor and start razoring off the lace, I'm kind of going in a jagged motion. You don't want! You don't want to cut straight across because then you'll have like a obvious line of demarcation of where the lace starts in your skin and you don't want that. So just go in a zigzag motion and I'm going to do that on all sides of the hairline. All right and now I'm going to glue down any exposed, lace that didn't get glued down and I'm using the metal part of the rat tail comb just to kind of map out the perimeter of where the lace starts at and then I'm going to go ahead And do two layers of that and then press down the lace with the teeth of the comb foreign middle part. So I'm just going to go ahead and do a c curved side part, and it's just simply just you know, kind of curving the part and not having it straight. And then I did cut a little section in the back as well. Just to have the hair cover the tracks in the back, and I'm going in with my character, wax stick and my hot comb on the hottest setting just to kind of press out that hairline and everything it's nice and flat and like there's, no flyaways and now Onto the baby hairs, I'm doing four baby hairs, I'm doing two at the temple and then two at the tendrils, so just went ahead and carve out some baby hairs and I'm now trying them into place with my hot comb. You want to make sure that you press it down so that it is trained to be down and like be flat and then I'm just pressing up the hairline. So this is how my lace is looking like before the double melt. As you guys can see, I still have that white line of demarcation around my hairline, because it's not fully melted, so I'm using my Fantasia Spritz. This is the mecca. Whole spreads and I went ahead and spray it on a cap and I'm using my hands just to press down the Spritz into the lace and I'm gon na do that all around the hairline laughs. Now I went ahead and used the Melt bad and you want to make sure that you're stretching the Melt band first before you apply it onto your hair. You want to make sure that it stays stretched down and I did went ahead and tied the band and let that sit for about 15 minutes. So this is after the first melt and now go on to the second melt. We'Re going to do that same process again using the Fantasia Spritz Mega, hold and use my fingers just to press it down into my lace and then I'll be going into my Erica J fluff stuff um styling foam. So this is the Erica J fluff Stuff foam. I'M now going to go ahead and use some of the foam and use my finger and apply all my hairline as well foreign, and now I'm going to go in with the Melt band and want to make sure it's stretched out. And you want to place it on your hairline and wait 15 minutes and, as y'all can see, voila y'all see the Melt, there's no more white cast, it is completely gone and the lace is literally melted into my scalp. Also too. This will help with your wigs lasting a lot longer so now on to baby hairs. I am going to go ahead and use my scissors and cut my baby hairs about like an inch and a half long. I do cut it at like an angle and the closest to the hairline. It is the shorter the hair is going to be, and then I'm going to go ahead and cut my tendrils right below my ears and I'm using my tvx flat iron. This is the 3 8 flat iron, I'm gon na go ahead and just curl it upwards. I curl the temple areas up and then the sideburns down like inward actually - and I did want to add that I did get this technique from this hairstylist - I'm not sure exactly what her name is, but this was trending on Twitter. I believe and um what she just did was just the Spritz two times um, but I did add my little twist to it, because I do know that that the Erica J fluff stuff also can be used as a glueless install. So I just went ahead and did that and added my own Flair to this method and it worked out perfectly fine and my lace was not lifting for days, but now on two baby hairs. I am using the Erica J fluff stuff and I'm just using that to kind of soup by baby hairs into my hairline and now to finish off the look. I am going into the hair and just doing some light layers and I did kind of curl the front off camera as well, and these are pretty much. The finished results before I added my little flare to the bang area and now that my makeup is done off camera. These are the finished results. I hope you guys enjoy this video, try out this method, and let me know in the comments how it came out if it lasted for you and I'll see you guys in the next. 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