I Found The Perfect Summer Hair Ft. Yg Wigs

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Hair Structure: 13x6 HD Swiss Lace Wigs

Hair Style: Straight

Hair Color: Bright Rainbow Colored

Hair Density: 180%

Hair Length: 22inch

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Look at him hi welcome back to my channel, and today's video is brought to you by YG wigs. You know what I'm saying you know feeling so today, YG wig sent me this hair is a long black straight wig, with these nice colorful streaks in it or whatever. I'Ve never had a wig like this, and it's in this beautiful thing. I'Ve ever seen, there's a little goodie bag or whatever that has normal wig caps and new HD wig caps. So here's what an HD wig cap is like it's more see-through and transparent, it's easier to make a light, scalp and then here's a normal one. There'S no isn't as transparent as the little more you know pale and then here's like a comparison of the two. So you know normal HD see you see what I'm saying here there you go, let's get into it. Thank you, foreign Roblox. What'S up come on foreign side by side, you could be my baby anymore. This ring here represents foreign. Thank you. I could see you soon. Oh my God, my love, thank you. Baby deny us mountains. Thank you and this hair is from, like I said earlier, from YG, wigs and, of course, all of the hair details and everything like that will be linked in the description. You already know what this is girl. If you want the same here - and I would suggest you get the same here - it'll be linked in my description box, good period Point Blank die period, yeah yeah, I like this hair. This is so unique and it's so cute. It can be very much. Summertime Loving Loving in the summer time so yeah, but that's about today's video um, don't forget to create your own happiness and I'll see you next time. I decide to do my hair again. My eyes are on red because I got lash extension, the wamp one, I'm not explaining myself to you my eyes, just a little irritated, I'm not high mind your business. I love you bye!

dhirrali: gurl u r SLAYING that wig. and the lashes and makeup is on point. onye posting makes my day sm better. the heart is heartinggg

mushroomcat: onye always makes my day when she posts, no matter what!

lovely lay : I love when onye posts

Yita Lita: That is a good looking wig.❤

Isla G Sanchez: ok oneybabyyy always slays like her wigs he makeup her persanality is evrething love you!


God Of All Noot Noots Idk: Love the look

{JAZZY}: I finally made itttt but ouuuu girl you look so pretty

Jalashia: Girl you are and left no crumbs❤


Chickledee: Weeeoooowoww! Amazing Oney!! Haven’t even finished the vid and I love the lil streaks!!!❤❤❤❤

BABAGRULL: When onye posts, I get so happy:) I love youu

Bbyseppe: The hair ate!! Also your really pretty<3

Cherry Reed: She is so sweet and beautiful I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️

Ruby😀: you look gorgeous

BbyJxyyy: Onye you ate that shit tf up.

Liannie Florentino: It’s soooooo pretty

Litty Lala: yessss it look great!

Lauren Vitatoe: You are so pretty

Nyla Britton: Hey girl I luv you so much❤❤❤❤❤you’re so pretty

Depressed_Teen: it's giving eat the girls down dis summer!! yassss babe!!!

Tanasia Carter: It's giving BRATZ! girl imma have to cop thattttt

Your_mom2324: Slay I’m a big fan

Theyfw Kiki: She’s so pretty

• axtoniaa • : ONYE???? STUNNING?? YES

Genay Williams: 9 minutes agoooo?? Yea must know I’m on it love the vibe

Unknown: Its giving scalpp

Mxkzy: Onyeeeelove ❤❤❤❤❤

Yourfav_kk🦋...: Omg i love her face sm i just wanna kiss it

The best audios : We need a confession videooooooo

DaeDae Dior: Such a pretty gurl

Mxkzy: Finally!!!

Anime Food: ❤❤

Jaila Henderson: ❤❤❤


ItsLeah: Once you so pretty

Philia Simms: Love you frfr

TheFacelessFairyGirl: Slayyyyy and first! ❤️

Z4sister: I love you and the viz


Theyhate_Rae🤨: Perioddddd

upclose camera cat: she ate all of them

sayah: hi loveeeeee

DANIELLA FREEMAN: What happened to the HEARTwasnt it hearting at the time.... Still love you thought❤

Dylanfineasfff: Six minutes

Ruby😀: ahh 20 secondss lolls


Zoey Plays: Ayeeeee

Daisyiix: 33 secs ago wow

Ruby😀: first

fy tb: 1st? ‍♀


spamerzfromhell: your SOO pretty❤this is why i love women.

Theyhate_Rae🤨: First

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