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Foreign, stop that hey everyone welcome back to my channel, I'm back with another video for you guys, listen! This wig is given natural and I'm living for this hairline, and I'm going to show you guys how I installed this look from start to finish literally fresh out the box to melt my wig down, I'm going to be applying my wig cap first and I'm using A HD wig cap - you can get these on Amazon I'll link it in the description box down below. So I'm going to go ahead and apply some bold whole Liquid Gold to my hairline right by the forehead to melt this wig cap down now, while my ball cap is here doing its thing, because I have to let this dry and it takes around like five To ten minutes to dry, I'm gon na show you guys the wig and show you what it looks like fresh out. The box and the wig that I'll be rocking today is from Wow African hair. I have worn their wigs before in the past and I will tell you this the new wigs that they have been coming out with recently. I'Ve tried three of the new wigs recently and when I tell you these hairline they're clean, like they are tweezed to Perfection, you literally do not need to tweeze the hair whatsoever. As for bleaching the knots you don't need to bleach the knots. However, I am a bit of a perfectionist, so let me see how the knots is looking on this one. I went with black hair and it's the kinky textured wig that I will be showing you guys today. This is what the wig looks like fresh out. The box, it does have a bit of texture to it kind of have like. If I straighten it, it will have more of a relaxer look, so it's not bone straight hair, and this is what the hairline is. Looking like you guys like, are you seeing that I literally do not have to tweeze this so yeah? That is what the hairline is looking like. It looks really clean. As for bleaching the knots I really don't have to bleach it. I see a little bit of knots dark, but it's not that serious, like I could still get away with not bleaching the knots on this wig. You guys always ask how does the wig look in the back and most wigs? They have a comb in the back to secure it in the back. So this is what I use in the back, and this one is a lot larger than the one on the side, so it fits in the back perfectly as for the ones in the side. I always talk about this guys. I don't know why we companies put this in the wigs, because I do not use these at all. I don't know anyone who uses these, they don't make any sense to me. I feel like all they do is just pull on your edges. I always take these out and I leave the one in the back. I'M just going to go ahead and cut off that extra. This is not lace. I'M going to cut off the extra wig cap that I don't need anymore, I'm just using some makeup wipes just to wipe away any of that product. That is sitting on my forehead, because I want my skin to be nice and clean for when I apply my wig, because this wig cap is super thin. I have to go in with some Foundation to cover the hair, or else when I put my wig on all you're going to see. Is my hair peeping through, so I'm going to go in with a foundation that I would usually use on my face so something that matches my skin as close as possible just to use that to cover the hair? Okay, I'm actually getting my entire life from this hairline like I don't have to do anything to this wig, and I love that. I love the fact that I can literally just pull it out the box pop it in my head and I don't have to tweeze it. I don't have to bleach it like yes, ma'am. Okay, now, as you can see, the hairline is very low, so I'm gon na have to take some of this out, because my hairline does not go that low and it's just gon na look really unnatural on me all right. So, as you can see, I took out these two little pieces and it's just to give the hairline a more natural, realistic. Look because before it looked like it was just going straight across and I kind of like that whole widow's peak look because I naturally have a Widow's pick. Obviously mine does not go this low, but I naturally have one so I like when my wigs hop up. I had to go back in voiceover mode because I cannot talk and cut the lace at the same time. Okay, so I'm just gon na go ahead and cut away that air part. This is the part I hate, cutting the most so make sure you're really patient. With that and I went in with this big scissors - I don't know what it's called it's like one of those zigzag scissors. I saw it on Tick Tock. I wanted to try it, but it kind of sucks. I don't really love it, because it's really hard to use anyways, I'm applying some lace glue to my forehead area. You can use pretty much any lace, glue brand that you love the most. The reason why I don't really mention the one that I use it's because it's my own and it's not out yet. I know I've been talking about this forever, but I promise you it's coming out soon. I'M not even supposed to be talking about it at all, but yeah anyways, so I'm applying it to my forehead area. I did two layers, so you want to wait until it dries clear and then go in with a second layer. Some people do four or five layers, but I don't plan on keeping this on for very long. I'M probably just gon na wear it for the day, but I'm definitely gon na wear this wig. I do wear my wigs more than once guys it's so that I don't really like sleeping in wigs, I'm just gon na go in with my hot comb. Now just to melt down that glue. You guys, I have changed my method on how I apply my wigs. You guys are used to me cutting my lace in sections, because I always mention how much easier it is, and it is easier if you don't want to make a mistake in your noodle wigs, but I have been applying wigs for a while now. So I think I can do it this way, and I've tried this when I really really like how it looks - and I didn't add any glue to the side, so I'm going to do that right now, so you want to wait till it dries clear. I was a little impatient just a little, so you can kind of see my glue, but don't worry it's gon na go away, so I went back in my hot comb just to melt down the lace on this wig. Honestly, this lace looks so bomb and this hairline looks so bomb like I'm very impressed with this. So I'm just tying it down right now and I'm gon na go in my blow dryer, and I just do this and melt the glue down. She is melted and she's, not even fully melted. Just yet guys. I haven't even put on any like molten product, and I can already tell you this week was Flawless Now You See Me talk about some baby hairs right here. You guys know I don't really rock with the baby hair thing like I said this wig the hairline was very low, which I don't have a problem with that. I actually think it looks really good, but I have to make sure that it works with my face. You know I don't want to have too much hair and then all my face is gone, so I'm taking out some of this hair, so I can cut away all this extraness and I'm just gon na go in with this eyebrow razor and just cut it away. So I don't really hate the eyebrow razor to cut it, but I feel like when I use my scissors. I kind of have a little bit more control over how I like cut in my lace. I know everyone has their own preference on how they do things. Just really like going in with the scissors just to get the little tiny lace that the razor didn't get go ahead and I'm going to do my makeup off camera and then I will finish styling up this wig and I will be right back all right. So my makeup is all done. I'M gon na go ahead and start styling. This wig, as you can see like we need to flatten her down a bit, so I'm actually going to go in with my hot palm and flatten it honestly. I think I need to get a new hot comb, because I feel like this one is not really heating up that. Well, lately, I'm just gon na go in and part this wig okay and I'm just gon na go in with a little bit of this hair wax right here just to flatten it down. I mean this one's looking a little raggedy. I don't know where it's from. I think I got it with one of my wigs, so one of the wigs that I bought, I got this with it and you can get hair wax from like Amazon Sally's any beauty supply store. You can find a hair wax that works best for you. This one is, okay, gets the job done and I really don't have any like favorites. When it comes to this stuff, I mean look, how flat she looks. Listen. I am here for this wig, I'm loving the texture. Texture is definitely given. The lace is Flawless, so I'm gon na go in with my flat iron and this wig already had layers to it. It'S 22 inches, but it's a little bit longer on me. I'M not the tallest person, guys, I'm like five foot, five and a half I have to put the half in there but yeah. I go on my flat iron and just curl it under just so. You can see the layers a bit more. I'M gon na go in with my little baby Curl. It'S not curl nice, a baby flat iron and I'm gon na create some little edges. Um you don't have to. If you don't want to so I'm going to go ahead and cut some edges away and I'm using my eyebrow razor. This is not the eyebrow razor girl get it together. Um. This is one of those Sharon Combs, I'm just cutting away the hi baby. There'S my baby: she wants to come on here and say hi so before I turn the microphone off, because I did not want to kill the battery because I knew I was going to do some parts in voiceover but yeah. Let'S get back to the hair, I'm gon na go in with some edge control. I don't remember the brand of the one that I use, but I will list it in the description box down below and I'm just creating, like, I said, just little natural looking baby hairs, I don't like the over the top stuff. It is not for me, it doesn't suit me, so I went in with some hair mousse and I'm just gon na go ahead and melt down the lace now so we're gon na melt down the lace and left it on for about five, ten minutes and voila. This is the completed. Look I'm so here for this wig like this is gon na, be one of my go-to wigs. I love the texture. I love how clean the hairline looks. Hopefully you guys learned something from this video. I hope you guys enjoy it thumbs up. The video, if you do, I will see you guys in another video very soon. I love you guys and thank you so much for watching bye.

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