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Hi guys, I am back with another video and in today's video I'm doing a wig review and this wig is from oh my pretty. This comes in this really really cute pink box. I love it and on the back of the box, they have their social medias. So go check them out so before we even get into the wig. Obviously they sent us some goodies, so they sent us this Edgecomb brush in the comb nicely. Since that's this extra band, if you want to attach it to your wig, then I said: that's two HD wig caps really really good. Then they sent us this cute Bonnet. That says, oh and pretty it is the good Bonnet too. Look how cute this is. Oh, it is tight and last but not least, they sent a card with other social media. Now for the actual wig, we have a 26 inch water wave closure wig, it is pre-pucked. This looks really good and I am excited so the Cap Construction. These has to be my these have to be my favorite cap constructions that I've been loving so far. So it's it's literally just like this and there's like a elastic part like within the cap, and then we have the band. You know you can adjust it to make it tighter or looser and then, like there's, no cones, I hate the Combs. I can't stand the Combs and then we have the lace, the closure and that's it. So that's the Cap, Construction, which is I've, been loving so far, it's more comfortable to just wear it period. I'M gon na pop this thing on my head. Now I like highly doubt that I'm gon na have to do much to this wig because it already looks you know really good like it's. It came pre-plucked like look at that. It'S already pre-plucked and the lace isn't like a bunch already kind of cut for you a little bit but I'll go in and cut that, but yeah, that's what it looks like that's what the hair looks like this is the length that is super freaking, pretty the Hair is really soft, as you can see, and I didn't even like wet it yet you know so all right. So first things first obviously matching that lace to my skin color, because it's looking a little light, so I'm gon na use some Foundation, then just brush this I'm just going to take the wig turn that inside out and then just dab it all on there like That just cover the whole entire lace. I love closure wigs because it's not you know too much to work with and they still look really good um, especially if you're like a you know, you don't want to do too much. You just want to wear wigs. Like me, you know I don't want to do a lot. The closure, wigs baby, close your wigs okay, how look at that that looks so much better, so this wig is like tight enough to wear um like without any glue or anything like tight enough. So I'm just gon na go in and I just want to cut the lace just a teeny bit. It doesn't need like too much cutting, because like look at that, it's already like practically cut for you. I just wanna not have it like such a straight like just straight across you know what I mean. Oh there we go. It'S all my closure wigs. I noticed that I like to cut the lace, especially on the sides I like to cut it more towards, like almost non-existent. You know like leave some of my edges out. If that makes sense, I don't know all right. That looks good enough but, like I said you can wear this completely, you know glueless. I will say it is tight enough, but I'm gon na I'm not gon na like put glue glue on it, but I am going to use some got to be glue spray. So I'm just going to spray that right on the lace like that and then I'm gon na take my band and then just kind of lay it okay, I'm gon na leave that on for like tennis, five-ish minutes, okay, you guys so pretty dry. You don't need to leave it on for that long now. It'S time to see this wig's full potential with the water wave, I'm gon na take this spray bottle just water, just water in here and just spray spray. That'S it! Please make sure you coat all of the hair. Look at that length, crazy, all right, I'm gon na do this side all right. Okay, now the whole head is coated with water, and I'm just going to use this mousse just to make it extra. You know curly and to make the curls stay so cute. Look at that! Look at those curls popping foreign. I always say this: I made no baby hair on wigs type of person. I don't know I can just never do them right, like I really can't so, but this wiggle's, pretty good without baby Harris, doesn't need any baby hairs. Look at the lace! Look at that. You can even attempt to do a little side. Part if you want, like. I love emo okay, but you can even attempt to do a side part. This is the lathe like come on and the curls are super cute. Look at that hair is super soft like barely shedding it will shed because it's a wig but like barely I love. I really do like I said this. Wig is obviously grab and go like it took me about five minutes. To put this thing on, make it look cute like look at that, and it looks fantastic. So everything about this wig will be in the description box down below go check out all my pretty hair, wigs hair, whatever so cute. Look how flowy and it doesn't feel heavy on my head, which some curly wigs do, especially with the wrong lane. This feels very light, and I honestly love so so, if you enjoyed this video I'd say about this wig be in the description box down below. Like comment subscribe thanks for watching bye,

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