What'S Tea!? | Sensationnel Synthetic What Lace 13X6 Frontal Hd Lace Wig - Glenna | Light Ash B

Hi Beautiful Peoples!

Finally popped open Ms. Glenna. I got her in Light Ash Brown. What do y'all think???

We are going to get into the deets in this video.

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One thing the girl's gon na do is sell out a wig honey. Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. My name is Kaya for those of you that are new. If you only welcome to the channel y'all today, I'm gon na start my way to tap it different only because I don't feel like sitting down so I'm gon na be standing as I install this wig, which I'm pretty sure is not going to cause any issues To be honest, it just feels a little bit better. This way I've been sitting all day. I need a stand so first up and I'm gon na have to change my shirt, because I have the feeling that this color is not going to go well with this shirt. Um yeah, that's what I'm gon na do I'm gon na answer. It is Glenna on social media, okay, um. I see this wig being posted absolutely everywhere. I have refused to watch any type of wig reviews on this unit because I want to see what she's going to look like and how I like her without having anybody else's opinion in my head. You know what I'm saying so I just want to see what is what is giving right here on this this model. This looks absolutely stunning and I got the exact color that is on the model. The light ash brown um, if you guys are unfamiliar with Sensational this unit, is from their what lace, collection Sensational is a wonderful awesome, amazing, and I know that sounded like the worst description words put together in order of a brand of a hairbrand. They have um synthetic wigs, they have human hair blend wigs and they have started doing some human hair wigs as well like full human hair and um. I like ponytails and all that good stuff. So they have like extensions. They have options. Okay and they're usually available online on beauty supply stores. You can check my description bar below I'll. Have some links there, they're also available in your local beauty supply store. So it's up to you where you want to purchase it from you can search for them online or you can search them in your hometown wherever you want to, but today I bought this one with my own money. I bought it from wig types. Let'S pop her open, oh wait: I got a film for tick. Tock too. This is in the paid post, you guys so um! That'S why I'm like a little bit all over the place, but whatever it's okay right! So now that I've changed my shirt, we can get this wig popped open. Let'S see what she's looking like. Okay, I already have an opinion hold on. I know that we all edit stuff, okay, we we have our, we add our edits and whatnot. It'S not giving the same color you get. What I'm saying like this looks like a little bit more golden on the stock card. It looks just a little more gold, it looks Ash, but it looks gold, but this literally looks like like a gray toned Ash, but is it might be cute? I don't know it might be cute, it's just start with putting it on. I wonder if I'm gon na need the this. I hope not. I don't want to pluck it. I hope it actually is giving what lace the inside has some Combs that are on the left and right side. You get your 13, I think it's 13 by four. Three: six: thirteen by six lace, space on the front, so you get 13 and the six inches back, and then you have some adjustable straps that are on the back of the unit. You get a little closer image view of what the color looks like pretty. It'S definitely pretty um. I think, though, I'm expecting a little I'm expecting something I don't know I don't know. Let me put my hot combat together, I'm thinking middle part, of course, but I do see how cap through, which means that it's not super full. That'S a good thing like you actually will see your scalp okay, my parting space is not giving of the hot comb needs to come into action, to kind of get everything flat and wearable like I want it to be. You think we can install this with glueless. I'M thinking so the roots and the French does have some baby hairs that see cool. Am I gon na use them? Probably not. This is what the lace looks like so far the hairline anyways and I mean I think, it'll, look fine like this, but you know depending on you, if you want to, if you can pluck it out, let me tell you something: Glenna, I'm not sure how I Feel about the color yet, but the actual style is giving. This is cute like I need this in Black. I'M gon na have to go online and not see if they got it everywhere. I know y'all don't sold this wig out, though, so I don't even going to get my hopes up foreign right now. I think this looks pretty cute okay, so we're gon na go in with a little bit of powder, because y'all can see that you know it's. It'S it's showing. We got ta blend that in somehow someway and I'm gon na use this powder first, I hope it's not going to be too light back. I feel like it might be too light is the 330 powder from Matt. I mean Mac Maybelline Fit Me. Let'S just try it in a little little corner, see what happens. What I was thinking was, I didn't want it to be too dark. Just a little bit of Hairspray lace spray right around this little honestly, even if I do it with my finger that might help. So I went in added some um powder underneath the lace, and then I sprayed just a little bit of spray like across my forehead, because I know like lace. Spray can really help with blending into your skin in some situations. So that's what I'm doing with this? One because I want to see what we can get it looking like, because it was just giving a lot of lace. First, I didn't like how all my lace was showing. Is it that's good? That'S good. I think I feel like. I would like this a little more if it was plugged out, but you you you you, you don't care. No, we just need to add something to The Parting space. I think kind of just open it up just a little bit right there in the front. So this is what the wig looks like guys after we finish, you can see the full length because it stops like right here on me, so it's not super long, but it is in the long family. This is what the hairline looks like like with wearing the wig straight out of the packaging. I didn't do any baby hairs that you guys are aware of. I didn't pluck the lace either, so this is full blown lace expectancy um. I, of course, did not glue down the sides. I only just put a little holding spray right there because I don't really be exposing my hair, my ear tab area like that, so I'm gon na be kind of rotating it out. If I'm being 100 honest with you, but the curls are gorgeous the curls are beautiful. I love exactly how this wig is made. I love the layers that are in it. I, like the curl pattern, the color, because I feel like that's what we want to get into right. This light ash brown situation, it's definitely giving light ash brown. I think that when I saw the stock card, like I mentioned earlier, I thought it was going to be a little more just a little more gold to it, even though the name is like ash brown. But if you look at the lady on the stock car, it looks like your hair is just a little bit of a golden undertone to it. But it is like really Ash like for real for real full blown Ash, and I also think that it's gon na give a different color, depending on your lighting situation. Um, like I just have one big LED box behind here, but I'm like Curious what it's gon na, like, if I add some more lights, so I'm gon na add some more lights and see what that coloring looks like, but I do think the color is gorgeous. I I the color had to grow on me. Let me start there. I put it on and I was like. Oh, this is giving like not my usual Norm, like it took me out of my comfort zone for sure, but after I kept it on for a minute, the color definitely grew me and I, like it a whole lot more now like. I would give this color in like a good, solid 9 out of ten, it's a very beautiful color. Let me add some more lighting, because I'm gon na try to see that too, oh and then look at the back. It'S just the flowing with me um. We can also do a side part situation, but y'all know my middle part girly. So this has more lighting because that's what I want y'all to see. Okay, so this is with additional lighting. I'M pretty sure you guys can tell the difference kind of got a lot of lights on me right now, so you can see with that difference. It'S pretty, though, right, I think it's gorgeous Sensational. You have a fan. I was a little a little nervous at the beginning. I ain't gon na lie. I was a little nervous at the beginning, but once we get it all together, she's getting, but I will say I do need to throw one more thing: mono unit, I'm not gon na, say it's all units, but mine is sheddy um. I feel, like you know. I keep having some pieces kind of flowing here and there, but it's not like OD, but it is shedding a little bit a little light tangle. You know you're gon na want to keep a brush on you and you see like when I brushed it out. Like that's what my brush looks like, if you guys are able to get your hands on it, I think you should try it out, see how you like it. I'M gon na put some links below where you can purchase it at online um. Thank you for watching. Let me know what you think about Miss Glenna and if you have tried her, let me know your thoughts now that I've tried it out, I'm about to go, sit and watch some YouTube videos on it and see what other people think about it, because I'm curious. So I think y'all for looking and watching and I'll see you guys in the next video bye y'all. Thank you.

Readings by CARA: Appreciate the review and tutorial !! ❤

All Things St.Marilyn: The curls are so cute

Prettieface Productions: Glowing❤

Jayne Tripplett: Go girl!

Alisa Mitchell: SUPER CUTE UNIT

Sammy Da Goat: First Comment Fabulous Wig Color You Slayed Another Wig


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