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Foreign with another video, this one is going to be brought to you by a company on Amazon, but before I get into all the details, please make sure to hit the Subscribe button. If you aren't subscribed already and if you are subscribed to my Channel, please make sure to turn those notifications on. So you don't miss out on any of our videos. The company that sentence over is called yes girl and I'm super excited to try out this wig. Once they sent me the picture and I went on Amazon and I've seen that the reviews were good. I was like okay, let me see what it's about so I'm just gon na open up everything they sent over a wig cap, and then this is their little booklet right here, super cute, okay inside it just tells you about the hair, also how to take care Of the hair and then on the back of the card, it just tells you more about the company. It came with this little kit. Right here looks like it has a edge brush, also an elastic band. It'S an elastic band to put around the hairline just so you can let everything go in. This is the bag that it comes in this little satin bag. Let'S open it up, it's the unit that I will be showing you guys today. This is their HD kinky straight texture, Bob wig. This one does come with a c part, and this is in the length 10 inches. That'S what this Cap Construction is looking like. So there's the C part two Combs on the side. You get a comb in the back, your adjustable, strap and an elastic band put some lace to cut off in the back. I just went ahead and adjusted my straps, and this elastic band is sewn on it's an adjustable one. So I'm going to go ahead and put this on, so I can see what this hairline is looking like, so the fit on this is actually really good on me. Um on the side, it does sit above my ear, these little ear tabs right here. So I don't feel like it's going to bother my ear at all, so I'm happy about that um for extra security. You can always go in and just kind of body pan it down. If you don't want it to move, and then let's get into this hairline, this does come with the kinky edges. I might pluck that out a little bit more just because I do feel like they are a bit thick burning space on this dial is: is nice? It'S nice and open, and I like how it's already pre-parted, especially if you like, are a side part girl. The only thing I wish about the C part is that it lets you choose if you want it on the right side or the left side, because I prefer my parting space on the right side, but I'm still going to make it do what it do. So with the parting, it does state that it is six and a half inches wide and then it's four inches back. It feels really nice and soft. You can definitely tell that it has a good amount of density to it and I, like the length I'm just gon na, have to like I said kind of, pluck this out a little bit because behind these edges let me show y'all what it looks like behind These edges, I'm trying not to pull out too much of the hair towards the back and only focus on the edges. Okay, so behind these edges you can see like the track. So what I like that they did is that they kind of put the edges right here so like, if you kind of want to flip the hair back you're, not going to look at track. I'M happy about that, and I know I'm holding on to this little stream right here. Let me try to move it out of the way but yeah I do like that they did that. So you don't have to worry about those tracks showing on the side and then the edges go all the way over here too um like I said, I just feel like it's a little bit too thick, so I'm gon na thin it out, but not thin. It out enough to where I feel like I'm going to you know be looking at that track. I feel like it looks good. I don't feel like I'm gon na have to go in and add any tint spray um. It looks like it's already been pre-bleached, so that's a good thing: yeah I'm gon na go ahead and get to styling this unit, because I'm definitely excited to see what it's going to look like once, I kind of hook everything out up in here and then, of Course I will be back to show you guys. The final look. Thank you, foreign foreign foreign foreign. Thank you. I'M done selling this wig and the only thing that took me a while to do was flat iron, his hair, installing this hair. It took me no time. I only honestly sprayed like right in this area, there's still some lace on like this side, but I didn't spray it because I didn't feel like it needed to be sprayed and besides that, the hair was going to be covering it up anyway. So yeah just focused on the front area um and the lace Blended down perfectly. I didn't put any powder in the lace: got ta, be able to take a little bit of my sponge that I had makeup on and kind of covered up like right here in the front where I feel like it was just like a little bit too light. But other than that, the lace Blends in perfectly also see me put a little bit of powder into The Parting space and The Parting space y'all. It looks so good, like I said: you're not gon na have to go in and worry about bleaching the knots or anything just because it comes literally ready to wear, and I just put a little bit of powder just to kind of make it look more scalp-like. But I feel like it looks really good. It Go around the front of the hairline and pluck out some of the kinky edges just because I feel like they were a bit too thick um. I thinned them out, and I just kind of swooped a little bit. Usually I don't swoop, like my kinky edges, but I wanted it to look really like flatter on this side. You can still see some of that, where it's kind of covering up that dark track and then right in this area, I plucked out some more, but I didn't want to pluck it out too much and then I just used my wax stick and my blow dryer And my brush to kind of brush them back to make them look, you know more natural. The only thing I will say is on this side. They were extremely too thick, so I had to end up running my hot comb a little bit on these edges, because the way that I wanted to wear my hair, the Kiki edges, were like getting in the way like I couldn't even push this to the side. Just because of how thick they were so me, adding a little bit of heat, definitely helped out. I did try to go in and pluck a little bit more, but I didn't want to plug too much, because I was going to end up running into some tracks. So I feel like how combing that was definitely the best option, especially because the hair is going to fall over anyway. So nobody's really going to see. It then make sure to section off the hair when it came to adding heat. You seen that it was more more texture straight out of the package, but once I added my heat to it, it did knock off some of those waves and crimps, but it's still texture and it's still very, very thick. So if you are going to rock this in the summertime I mean just know, you are going to get a very good amount of hair, not playing when it came to the density on this unit, and I have my flat iron turned up to 450. Okay, my flat iron goes all the way up to 475, so this is the texture after adding the heat to it. So I added like a slight bump on this side, so it can kind of like flow back like this. I was thinking about adding a little bit of layers, but I was like you know what maybe just curl it a little bit and I like the way that it came out. So the hair is just like not directly in my face. The top of this unit lays down very flat, did add some heat just to kind of knock it down a little bit more. I noticed a very small amount of flyaways and a little bit of shorter hairs, but nothing too much. I did end up putting some of my Sleek in Shine Serum throughout this hair. Just so it could have more of a Sleek effect. Hair feels really soft, like even out the package. It feels really soft um. I didn't really get a lot of shedding with this unit. The only shedding that I did see was in the front once I started to pluck out those kinky edges, but during The Styling process I didn't have any issues at all when it comes to Tangles. I'M not getting any at this moment, I do foresee Sun probably happening in the nape area, especially like I said, if you're going to rock this in the summertime - and it's going to be hot to me, that is just bound to happen to me - is very affordable. It'S 119 dollars for this 10 inch. They also offer the 5x5 HD lace. If you just want like a little bit more options - and you don't want to be stuck with the side part and they offer that starting at 16 inches all the way up to 22 inches, but it is going to cost you of course, some more money, y'all She'S really cute the texture on this is popping, definitely like how this was pretty much ready to wear, because when it comes to the kinky edges, it's just a personal prefer on how you want to wrap them, but even with customizing them. It didn't take me any time at all. The longest thing was flat: ironing the hair just to kind of make sure that it got straight. Do you guys think about this Bob, like I said she is really cute she's thick but she's cute. If you are feeling this one, I am going to make sure to leave all the details Down Below in the description area once again, guys do not forget to subscribe to my channel turn those notifications on share and, like this video and I'll, see you guys next Time bye guys, thank you.

Simply Sherelle : Ok Bob wiggggggg! Let me know what you think about this beauty

Love Yourself: Happy Tuesday This bob is absolutely gorgeous. I love the thick density and the lace and parting parting looks great. This looks very natural. Have a Blessed Day "Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished, you have done for us."

lneal2800: Hey Sherelle now one things first the texture is gorgeous Yasgirl is a bomb company! This Bob is beautiful can go wrong with a good bob! Look very natural and you slayed this unit beautifully❤ now the hairline just need a lil plucking to your liking but it's nice!

crysten brooks: Yes ma'am BOB!!!! This unit is so pretty and looks so beginner friendly. Love the parting space. And the way it frames your faceeeee.... I would have liked for them to push that front track back just a tab bit. But other than that.....I'd rock her lol. Thank you for this review!!

Lovely Lasean: This wig looks great! Super natural and it didn’t take long to get it lookin good!

Kie RaShon: the thickness looks so good, I love the flow of this wig. YAAASSSSS GIRL!

IsThatYourHairrr: This bob is bobbin!! Love it, Sherelle

Pyt G: This looks so pretty!! It's the density for me. Tfs this beauty.

Sybil Davis: Hey Sherelle, I love this unit and I love it on you too!!!!

shargrant11: GIRL HAVE YOU BEEN GOING THOUGH MY GOOGLE SEARCH HISTORY! How did you know???? this was so on time!

Jackie Randolph: Hey Sherelle I am feeling this wig it's beautiful and short.

patrice moore: This hair look thick and I love it !!!!

Ericka Bell: Sis, you slayed it

Que Hunt: Very natural looking

Ginger z: omg I love this will be buying imma dye it cause my hair is brown I love it yes I gotta get it

Fifi: It's very beautiful wig! You look really nice.

Esther Sowell: It was rough out of the box baby girl you worked it it look pretty i can't get with the texture ❤

Daniel Simpson: This unit looks great. Just the edges

SLSand75: I love the texture but with kinky straight I feel like It would look better in a lighter density. It looks really thick. Baby that hair needs a hot comb!!! It’s cute, tho! I love it

A W: Right or Left part? Did I miss you telling us. Sorry if I missed it.

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