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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I'm Ashley for tuning in, for the first time today, I'm going to be doing a start to finish install I have gymnastics in about an hour with the kids, I'm trying to take them on a movie night, but I haven't Sold them yet because if I tell them that I have to take them, but if, after gymnastics I'm feeling lazy, I can just come home and just we can get something to eat anyways. I did a quick install. I had about 15 to 20 minutes to be able to get myself together, so I did a little bit of makeup Glam. I just feel good on a weekend and on a Friday night, when I put my makeup together, it makes me want to do something and it makes me feel good and confident and all those things. So I love the fact that why wig send me over this gorgeous easy super beginner friendly closure, lace, wig. I went ahead and washed it before um. I started this tutorial and guess what I used honest brand. I use my kids like at my bathtub. I have their body wash, which is like a body wash shampoo. I use that to wash this one time and then I use the conditioner and it like made this hair feel like butter. I don't recommend using my like your baby's products for your hair extensions, but when in need and like you, don't have anything handy at the moment it worked amazing. So I went ahead and did a good, wash and condition. So I can give you guys the best quality and the best look at this hair and we're gon na do a super beginner friendly install. This is gon na, be my go-to wig for the next week. When I go to boxing and stuff because it's closure, I can just go ahead and take it off. Take my shower. Take care of my real hair pop it back on. If I do need a little bit of reassurance because I'm going to be working out, I can just add a little one, two to the hairline and that's why I did ADD baby hair, because when I don't want to like install the wig, I don't want to Be able to see that lace? So that's why I add the baby hair here: anyways, I'm rambling, but without further Ado. Let'S go ahead and jump right into the tutorial. Okay, babies before we get started, I wanted to show you the wig dry down. I love how fluffy the baby hair is it just kind of moves as it wants all over, and this is the hair, and this is literally like in the middle of the night. You can kind of tell I fell asleep on the hair, but I wanted to show you how beautiful and fluffy it is once it dries down. You'Ll see a little bit more of that at the end of the video, but this is the beginning. This is the wig straight out of the sink shampoo and conditioner with the honest brand. Yes, my kids, shampoo and conditioner right there and I used it - did amazing smelled amazing - and this is the inside construction of the cap. We are working with a 20 inch loose wave. Hd 6x6 lace, closure wig. I love the fact that it has a breathable cap and if I did not mention it's 180 percent density, I'm going to start off by attaching or adding the adjustable strap behind. On my braids putting the rest of the wig on and now we're just going to go ahead and assess what we got working. This is the hairline I'm going to go ahead and pluck it out a little bit more in just a moment kind of deciding what I wanted to do a side part will work great, even though this is a closure, because it is a six by six. You can definitely do a curved part, a side part no part flip over. You can kind of do still a lot of versatile things with this wig I'm gon na go for a center part. So, let's start off by pulling the hair back. It'S always best. I kind of like get the hair out of the way for a clean. You know install clean everything if the hair is out of the way it just makes it easier for everything to be clean clean. So here I am just cutting off the excess lace. I love a good, fresh, eyebrow razor now. The key to these is making sure that they are fresh and sharp once they get dull. It just is a pain, and this is kind of the the lace, the excess lace against my complexion it Blends beautifully. So you don't have to really do too much to make it blend here. I am adding my adhesive of choice. I haven't used this one in a while. I don't think so. I was happy to pull this one out of the archive worked amazing, but because this wig does fit glueless, I just applied the product and I didn't worry about blow drying it because it's gon na just air dry. Naturally, I did also want to go in and kind of tweeze out the hairline. Now don't be, like me, don't do this. This can definitely tear a hole in your lace and I've done it many of times, but it's just my easy lazy way of thinning out the hairline I pulled out what would technically be considered baby hair and just kind of like did a pool method to kind Of like thin it out once I did that I kind of went back another like row of hair. If you will - and I just kind of like thinned that out as well, I just wanted it to be a little bit more um. You know like natural or thin in the front or for the hairline and again this works for me because I get I get it done in less than a minute, whereas if I plug and tweeze I'm gon na be here for a minute, but again I highly Recommend that you use your tweezers to get this done and use like a nice fresh, like sharp pear, then I went in with a second coat of that adhesive. It'S a glueless adhesive. It'S actually like an extra hold hairspray blow dry on a cool setting, because now I really want to bond the wig down and I really want it to be melted. I'M using that same eyebrow razor to kind of just do a jagged cut on the baby hair. I'M really wanting to form them not with edge control but with mousse, because I want them to be fluffy and like wispy and just kind of like perfectly curved, so that they can just move and lay as they please, but not necessarily like bonded down or like Melted to my complexion or my skin rather and so you're gon na see right here, I'm just kind of doing the work to kind of like make them the perfect length and then also again just forming them so that they can have the perfect swoop. Naturally, I'm using mousse, as I mentioned, to do that and again I'm just going in different directions. At some point I did kind of pull majority of the hair back because at some point I was like. Maybe I shouldn't do baby hair at all, but I feel like the advantage of working with like wavy hair, especially like loose wave or deep wave. I feel like you, can get away with Fuller, baby, hair and curl your baby hair and it kind of matches and blends, whereas, if you're doing like bone straight or like you know, like body wave, curls flat iron, curls or you know, curling iron curls, it's a Little bit better, if they're not like everywhere, if that makes any sense now, since I said we're going with a center part, let's go ahead and Stamp It Out wax stick paired with the electric hot comb. This is my favorite dynamic duo and I do use the back of the um flat iron or hot comb, because I do want to keep the waves. I don't want to like press it out per se. I just want to flatten it so that it just looks better to me and I do need to take care of my braids underneath. So if it does look a little bit more full, don't worry once the hair like dries, you won't be able to tail, but I definitely definitely definitely need to get my braids together underneath because they are a little bit bulky here. I'M combing it out once I went ahead and formed the baby hair with the Melt belt and just let it mold again. I wanted it to not be attached to my head, so I just want them to just sit there and just you know, lay as they may so now, I'm just going to go in with the Too Faced concealer, and this is going to do a awesome job At concealing The Parting and just making it so that you don't see the lace um or my cap underneath for that matter, and it just everything Blends and melts with my skin perfectly, as well as the foundation powder along the front. Now the bonus of washing and conditioning your hair before you install is that you will need much much less product and there will be much less work to do as far as the ends go. You guys know when I do a straight out of the box install. I use so much mousse and I kind of like that for me, but obviously this is just more efficient as far as just using even this looks like a lot, but if you've seen my videos where I do it straight out of the box, you know I Use a ton, I literally put a dent in that Nairobi mousse. This is my favorite mousse on my bundles or my wigs it just I don't know it does the job at adding the sheen. It definitely makes the curls or the waves pop beautifully. It dries. Well. It doesn't leave like a sticky residue or anything like that, but this is what the hair looks like once: you've styled it and you like clumped the hair with the denim brush and it's still like, maybe 70 80 percent wet, and this is what the hair looks. Like when it's completely dry, it's absolutely beautiful, I literally slept on it and you can see my makeup. I was knocked out. Sleep love the way this looks it's gon na just look natural for every day in ponytails and buns and down and then Pony. You know just everything I love it. Okay, love bugs, so we are done with this look. So, as I mentioned, this one did come from why wigs - and this is the packaging here, so this one did include some goodies inside. They did give me a pack of wig caps excuse my son, he's playing fortnite he's actually filming for his YouTube channels. Follow him kid Diamond. They gave me these little two strips here um. I didn't notice these beforehand, but I guess it's like that: fake scalp, where you can kind of like tape it in the inside and it's supposed to um help to make the lace look more like fake scalp or just like a perfect um tint to the lace. I think these may be too light for me, so I put these and I'm still gon na have to customize the um hair, so I did opt out of using these, but these are a great option again to help to not have to use um any like Um, what do I call this lace? Tint? If you will and this I have a cookout, because I first the package is super heavy and I was like. Did they send me two wigs because that wasn't um what we discussed is I'm like. Do they give you an extra wig, and I'm like this - is not a wig? What is this y'all? This is something that I've always wanted and never got for myself, and I'm actually super excited like super duper. Duper duper duper excited to have it because I feel official. Let me try to get it for you guys. I won't be able to show you guys in full, but get this they sent me a cape like I'm. A real hairstyle is like, oh, my gosh, so it has the gathering here to go around and it hooks. So it has the two hooks here together and hook it like this, and it's big enough that you know, of course, it'll cover a client or AKA myself or my kids and look. It has their logo on it and it's nice and long. So it definitely would cover someone up. I love this for me. I'M thinking about getting a Salon Suite. I don't know if I have to have a cosmic, my son, I don't know if I have to have a cosmetology license to get a slime Suite. I'M kind of considering getting a cosmetology license just in general um, but yeah, I'm so happy about this. I'M sorry I'm balling it back up, but I have so much stuff right here, but I love that for me, as you guys can see, the hair is filling out as it starts to dry. I hope you guys loved this tutorial be sure to check out why wigs this wig is absolutely a must-have for the spring and summer seasons. Direct link to this week is in the description box, as well as lists and Links of everything we used to complete. This look, thank you guys so much for watching and as always I'll see you in the next one smooches

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