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Foreign foreign foreign, hey guys, welcome back to ebonyline's YouTube channel. My name is Janiece and today I will be reviewing another unit for you guys, um today. The unit I have is it's by It's A Wig and it is there. It'S called Lucy long, loose wave 30.. So I'm guessing. That means it's 30 inches which looks accurate okay, so it is 30 inches long and it's on it's like a loose wave unit. Very pretty um. The color I'm reviewing today is Balayage go and if you know me, you know Balayage gold. That is like one of my favorite highlight colors. If I want to do, I still want dark hair, but I want a little you know highlights by leeage gold gon na. Do it every time. This is a glueless. It says that this is a glueless lace, wig, which is accurate. It is glueless. You can't wear this, the only coolest and it's comfortable too, like they did really good on the cap. Actual cap of the wig, and if you have a bigger head shape, this unit will be good for you. It'S so comfortable. It like barely feels like I I have a wig on like it don't feel like I have a wig on like it really doesn't it's so like you could sleep in this unit like and it won't irritate your head or you you'll forget. You have a wig on and then it is lightweight it's so lightweight, but not thin. They did really good. I feel like they really took that time with this wig. This is kind of one of my favorites, like it's so simple, but but the hair quality, the hair quality is feeling like human hair. Like it's so soft, it's so soft like no tangling, it's not tangling at all um. Am I getting any shedding? No it's giving. What lace? Okay, so they plugged it to Perfection um if you did want to go in and pluck um, they do give you if you do want to go in and plug they do give you room too. Look at that like yeah. If you want to go in and pluck or ADD, baby hair, it did come with baby hair too. But if you want to add more baby hair you you have the space to do so. I hate when, like they like some wigs, the track is up close. This one isn't it gives you like a little bit like if you want to go in and put the part what you really don't have to do, um you can't you have the option to do so, like you have the room to do so. This wig is everything for real y'all should get this one um. It said it's 100, it's 100 human hair premium mix. So it's a mixture of human hair and synthetic hair. But it's given more human, it's giving more 80 human 20 synthetic and we love that. That'S what it's getting me. I don't know what the mixture is, but that's what it's giving it does come in some specialty, colors, Balayage, caramel Balayage go Balayage chocolate and Balayage intense red. Oh that sounds cute. I wonder how that mix that sounds cute yeah. They don't have too much more on the stock car. It'S pretty much straight to the point and everything I put on the stock card. They'Re not lying normally they'd, be some companies. That'D be um, they'll, be telling the truth, but this one they telling the truth like. I will give her a 10 out of 10.. I think she ain't really good you and she'll last you. This one knows you instead of last year and you can straighten it. You could straighten her and she'll be equally cute and, like begin like, I think your hair would be like real shiny, real straight like bone straight. I think that'll be so cute um yeah yeah, so I suggest y'all get this unit. So if you do want to get this unit, click the link down below make sure you like comment and subscribe for more videos from us and have a good day. Bye foreign

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Very pretty! I love the style,color, long loose curls and texture

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