Curtain Bangs | Quick Start To Finish Install! No Glue No Leave-Out! Ft Gorgius

It's giving curtain bangs all 2022!. How pretty is this hairstyle! Watch me install this look from start to finish.

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History, while the others foreign living here and today, I'm going to be showing you exactly how I installed this beautiful wig - okay, it is so chocolate and y'all, it's really the bangs. For me, okay, these are called curtain bangs. I'Ve never tried this before. But honestly, I'm probably gon na try it again. This look is just so bomb. This is so easy to do. You can definitely do it. This is a glueless wig. Also, so there's no got to be sprayed. There'S no gel, there's! No, nothing and this wig is on pretty pretty good. So this chocolate brown highlight y shape, Swiss HD lace and loose width was sent to me by gorgeous, and you guys this wig, like I said, was so easy to install. It looks really really good. It'S so soft, I had very minimal shin, and that was only when I was plucking the lace a bit but y'all. This wig is a must-have, so stay tuned and watch me install this wig, and so this is how the wig it comes, and I love the box it's so so pretty, but gorgeous sent along some gifts. They gave a wig cap and a little pouch with lots of hair accessories, so there is a edge comb and brush there's a tweezer for like tweezing your lace, some hair clips bobby pins and an elastic band. If you want to add it in, but this one actually has a band of its own, and so you guys I'm just showing you the structure of the wig, it is so pretty and the lace y'all is amazing. So, as you can see, the lace actually has departments there's some Combs, also the it has its own van, like I told you guys and it's adjustable like I've, never seen an adjustable band like that. There'S also some adjustable straps and a comb also so for this wig, it's pretty pretty easy, I'm going in with my makeup powder brush and I'm just putting a little bit on my lace. Honestly, you didn't need to because, as you can see, it already was tinted, but I just wanted to put a little extra, and so I just popped this wig on and y'all. It was given a look already, so I'm going in with my Damani collection, hair wax you all know already. This is my go-to every install, so I'm just going to put some mostly on the lace by the part, and this is just going to help me to flatten up this area so that we can have a nice natural and a nice soft base at the at The lace foreign so once I have hot combed my hair and flattened it all down, I'm just going to go in with a scissors and just cut around the lace, and it's really really simple, because since this is like a closure, it wasn't much lace. I had to cut, and I'm also going to go in again with my concealer and I'm just putting some on my part I like to do this just to make my part stand out a little bit more. It'S definitely up to you, though I actually mixed my concealer and Foundation, just to give me that nice, perfect scalp color that I like I'm going to go in with some more of my wax stick with my hot comb, and this is also helping all of the Flyaways Just teaming everything down and making everything look, really nice and flat and smooth foreign. So once that is done, I'm just going to section out the bang like I said this is a curtain bang wig, so it already has its bangs cut. You can go ahead and cut a little bit more just to help shape it towards your face. I wanted to show you guys exactly what the wig gave and y'all it was. It was almost perfect, so this is just what I did. I went in with my curling barrel and I just emphasized the bangs and gave my hair a nice curl. I curled the curtain bang and a little bit more of the hair. Also, this part, I feel is so you could have cut if you wanted to cut it, but, like I said I wanted to show you guys the wig not really cut or anything. Yet, I'm definitely going to play around with this wig a little bit more foreign. So what I love about this hair is that it is so pretty. I love the curl texture. This is a loose wave and y'all. All you really have to do is comb this out, because the curls were so gorgeous on its own, and this is a chocolate brown highlight wig. So this is my first time really trying more of a chocolate wig. I'Ve tried highlights before, but this hair actually was chocolate also so not like a 1B or like a one. It was more of a like two and a four that type of real chocolate look, and I really really love it foreign guys. This is all of the styling with the hair. This is all I'm going to be doing is going in with my curling, with my curling iron, just to get the bangs, how I want them. I wanted it to have more of a a fall like I wanted to be really I wanted to emphasize the bang, so I made sure that my Banks were really really distinct and the curl was kind of tight so that it showed more of that curtain shape. On my face and y'all, this wig is finished, like all. I'M going to do is continue to play around with it a little bit with the curls and comb it out, but I love how this hair falls on my face. I love the color of the hair y'all. This is 100 human hair, so I know that the hair is going to last. I love that the lace is HD, so that provides a natural and luxurious quality of look foreign. Thank you, foreign, so much for watching this. Video, I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial and that you are going to get this wig. Like I said I do have a discount code below inside my description box, so check it out. I'M also gon na have the link to this wig in my description box. Also y'all, this wig is definitely a 10 out of 10. For me, it's the color, it's the texture, it's it's just the softness and definitely the bangs. Okay like y'all. This is a perfect fall wig like if you don't have this in your collection. You probably just don't, have a wig collection and that's just how I feel because this way it's just giving fall it's giving winter, and I love the look. Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next episode bye foreign. Thank you.

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