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Oh what'd, it do. What do you do back again coming through who that is that ain't? Nobody was told me so about to do this. Hair do okay, and I am in love. She is absolutely beautiful. She is stunning she is giving full of body. She is just a big big Vibe, okay, I'm so here for her anyways. Today'S hair comes from. I want to say this right. I don't want to butcher this, but I'm struggling. Is it signature? I feel like it's signature, I mean if it's not, if I'm, if I'm saying it right, if I'm saying it wrong, if I'm saying it wrong, go ahead. Let me know in the comments how I'm supposed to say this, but I do believe it says: Senator Signature Hair is sponsored today's video and I am absolutely in love with this unit. It is so pretty. She is giving a big big vibe to me, like she's. Just stunning she is a 26 inch body wave and she might not look like 26 inches, but trust me. She is because I actually curled it up. You know so there's a bit of shrinkage right there, but she's a 26 inch body, wave, she's, 220 density and she is stunning and as usual I use my bendy rollers to curl her up and get her going because I love my bendy rollers like when it Comes to I'm going to curl my hair, I'm going to curl my unit off okay, I'm not gon na sit here! Pretend like you sometimes like. No, I mean I do all of that, sir. No! No, my mannequined over the Salt Man Pearl it over there. So anyways I love curling, my hair on my mannequin head on with the Bendy rollers. You know I mean like it's just easy. I can go and sit for an hour and chill out now today. I did leave this for two hours because I did Spritz her down and it's a lot of hair. It'S really really full, so she needed some extra loving a little extra time to dry, absolutely love the hair. She is thick, she is beautiful. The ends are healthy. I mean she is just stunning: this is some really beautiful: high quality, hair, okay and I'm gon na just put this in there. You know like how sometimes you get a lot of gray hairs inside of the unit which is natural, which is totally fine. There'S none of that in this unit like this unit, I don't know if they dyed it. If they, I don't know, I don't know okay but she's, just giving Perfection. She is absolutely stunning. She is going to I'm going to turn her into an everyday wig, because I absolutely love this unit, so so much for all the information on this unit. Everything will be listed Down Below in the description box, so make sure you check out Signature, Hair and once again shout out to them for sponsoring today's video, hey, you used to never do what's best. For me, I was such a hopeless fool. I just kept making the same mistakes Me From Myself can't be interested you're, the one. I really need my baby. All right, you are not a friend. Let me please, I pray to the Lord. I rise to the Lord okay, so um. Normally I don't talk through these type of videos because I feel, like one I've been doing it for so long. Two, it's self-explanatory, like you really don't need to see a lot anyway, so I'm just gon na explain what it is that I'm doing. Yada yada is what I'm saying so. First things: first, I'm gon na use my gex wig grip thing of a jiggy and what I like to do, because I can't stand that little tag right there. I like to just put this on the opposite direction. It still gives the same effect, because this is nothing more than a piece of like velvety fabric, like you know, folded over and stitched together. So if you flip it over, you get the same result without having that tag. Peeping through we don't wear one boo-boo. We wear two: okay, if you want your weight to stay on all day, comfortably two, the wig Bond, the lace Bond whatever, because I'm going to glue this down. This is a 13 by 16., I'm 13 by 6, not 13 by 16, 13 by 6 front frontal. So I'm going to be using the bull, hold little gold girl, okay, beautiful wig, I'm so excited. I love hair girl. Y'All! Don'T understand! Okay! I love hair. Okay! Oh this is It's Gon na fit good too. I can feel it look at that ear to air situated it's giving now. I did not pluck okay. If you want a pluck, you can go ahead and pluck I'm not gon na pluck, because I'm gon na do baby hairs and I actually like mine, looking full, like you sometimes like for me like that, does not look bad at all. You know I like mine, kind of full, if you don't like yours, full, then by all means, go ahead and do you, okay, so I'm gon na start in the center you're gon na use your fingers to kind of spread this out. Some people use like a comb or a spatula. I kind of like to use my fingers because my fingers kind of warm it up. You know and help spread it out better. It just does okay and, as you can tell I put that on my forehead, but this is a literal gel, so it washes out with water. This is not one of those hardcore type of wig glues, because I get a lot of questions on this product. I just hop in the shower and let the like water run. Basically, I'm gon na set this back a little bit because I feel like it's too forward. I like how that looks right there and we're gon na stick that down. It'S literally disappeared foreign. I just like to go in and white because you can see. I have a lot of glue residue around here girl. I see some of y'all walking out here. Listen if you don't clean that up and stop the foolishness. Okay, get your little wet rag or, if you're, using the hardcore glue girl. Please, okay, do something do something you can't be out here with crusty edges. Now, okay, you've gone from bad to worse, okay, okay, so I brought you in closer, so you guys can really see how this be looking. You know, as you can tell, the lace doesn't look bad at all. Okay, it looks pretty good, so we're just gon na brush out some of the baby hairs get those baby hairs that were there already and we're gon na cut them. Now, when it comes to baby hairs, I find that it depends on the type of baby hairs. You like now personally for me, I like the full forehead type of baby hairs. I know a lot of people love this type of baby hair, just the baby hair right here and that's it. That'S totally fine, but as for me, I'm not a fan. I'M really not a fan when it comes to mimicking baby hairs. I always use like a person who has naturally short baby hairs. You know and look at how that is actually situated, and then I go from there. So I like to cut them really really short, because I'm just trying to hide the very edge of the lace and trying to make it look as natural as possible. Okay, so I'm gon na go in with my water jelly. This is a Japanese gel. It just reminds me of the eco-friendly Eco Styler, gel eco-friendly Eco, Styler, gel it's oil, free water-based, good stuff. Okay, let me please now that I have that I would take hairspray mousse anything to just kind of like melt the lace and like little Fray, aways and stuff like really get those to lay down, so I'm gon na be using moves today, because I just need To finish this up, okay and I'm just gon na foreign - just really get it all over, and this is a medium hold type of mousse. This also helps with any type of ashiness and then now that it's all saturated I'm going to go in with my head tie thingamajigi and I don't have the back pull down yet I kind of just leave that up as you can tell, because I want to Deal I want to secure that lace area and then go back in and just wipe up anything that got dripped down with my damp Rag and then I'm gon na blow dry it with cool. Oh my baby, my baby down, you are not a friend, I'm not a naughty right. It rise you're right tonight, don't make plans. Tonight. Lord everything been safe. Baby, you mean more to me baby. Yes, that is it for this hair tutorial. I hope you guys enjoyed that super super easy super quick, like I mean, listen, get in the mirror and start to practice, and you will be able to do this like a pro. I promise you, if you're into plucking, you know go ahead and plug. I don't have a problem with that, but as for me, I'm just kind of like over it. I want to finesse these wigs exactly how they come out of the package without me having to do anything to it like that should be the goal. You know what I'm saying like you spend so much money, and then you get the hair and you still have to be working on it like. So I just want to do it straight out. The package love love, love. Once again, all the information for this unit will be down in the description box, so make sure you check out Signature Hair okay. If it is your first time here, go ahead and subscribe, join the track come on Envy or a happy Bunch. You like to keep it nice and clean and classy in here, give the video a thumbs up. If you liked it. Okay share the video, because sharing is caring, comment down below because want to hear from you guys follow me on all of my social media platforms: Tick, Tock, IG. Everything is under my name and yeah until the next video take care of yourselves, and I will see you guys really really soon.

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