What Lace?! Water Wave Hd Lace Wig Install Ft.Recool Hair

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel. How are you guys enjoying the one week break when i love it? Not true, i know guys. I know guys i am coming back shortly. Okay, the hectic week is out the way so hopefully like in the next couple days. You guys will be getting a vlog, but today i am back with another hair video. Today'S video is sponsored by riku here, so they sent me over this package. I don't know no mega, do not get my sister put it on my head. So today i have this 20 inch, five by five body waist by the ways body wave lace, front wig. So this is how it is looking. This is body wave or sorry. It'S not somebody! It'S a water weave, because i was like what so. This is how it's looking it's very gorgeous. Already um the lace came pre-plugged and, as i said just now, it is a 5x5 lace, closure wig. This is how the inside of the cap is looking. We have three combs on the inside and some parting space here. So yeah this is what we're going to be getting into today. I want to see how that turned out, but before i go into the installation i also got some little goodies. It didn't come in the box, though it came in a separate drawstring bag, but i just got like a wig cap, an edges brush. This looks like a bunny and my one of my favorite colors. Actually my favorite color, my favorite color is blue. She didn't know. It'S in my favorite color, so i'm really appreciative of that and i also got some lashes. These are which are given carnival they're, given drama they're, giving excitement and a headband. So i'm not going to do any further talking. I'M just going to go ahead and get into the installation of the wig and then come back at the end and show you guys the final result. I don't know what you're going to go. So just stay tuned and yeah i'll see you guys at the end of the video but um you're, the better you'll see they'll, be calling me calling me me is time i breathe they're, the better me all right guys. So this is the finished product. I am absolutely innovating like is making me blush: okay, okay. I love this wig. So much like i'm gon na see what i wan na wet it up, i'm just going to keep it in its natural state. All i did was this same thing that i'm doing right now just run my fingers through it and it got to this volume mana light. I really marilla done it's so sad. It'S it just impressed me. It just had take ten across the wood stuff, so guys, if you are interested in getting this wig as usual, the information will be at the very top of my description box, as well as other frequent information. So you guys can go ahead and check them out. If one of them in the comment section below and as i mentioned before - guys it is a water wave wig. So of course you can go ahead and wake it up. If you want it looking more nice and defined and juicy, but right now, people - i i don't know i'm just i'll forget to i - i even forgot that it was a closure way, i'm just so in love with this wig right now. Only to understand it really. I'M it going like i'm just in love like. I think this is my favorite. I think this is my favorite way like i'm putting it out there like i'm yeah. This is this. Is my favorite week guys don't forget to like the video give it a thumbs up? If you enjoyed don't forget to subscribe and, as i said, i will be having a vlog coming shortly, so stay tuned for my channel for that stay tuned to my channel. For that, yes, so i'll see, you guys, i think that will be the next video that i see you guys in so until then just go and pick up myself and

Yoshi: GodsGift: This turned out beautifully ❤ one would have thought it was 13×6. I love it. It's a 10

Diva M: Beautiful hair Shammy. Loving the curls and texture. 10 out of 10 for sure.

John Spiro: Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 324 sentadillas son unos HOTBABY.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados Saludos desde la Cd.. de world los mortalesp abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k

Jasmine Lewis-francis: 10 out of 10

Samantha Mcclean: This looks good on you I just bought one but it does not look so long for the same 20inches


Amoy McCarthy: This is cuuuuute

Serika Clarke: Sammy you are looking gorgeous 10/10

Erica Nicole: So since it is only 5x5 closure , how do you keep the sides down? Does it have a comb?

Yoshi: GodsGift: Its the curls for me.

Rhonda Hill: 10 out of 10

Chrissy Campbell: 10s 10s 10s wig real niceeeeee

Shanianna: Watch pretty ❤️

Andrea Beal:

Ian Brown:

Prudence Wellington: 10/10

Wanda bella:

Summer: I am enjoying the holiday

Becoming H.E.R: 10‼️

Shanne Kerr: Hey Shammy

Danielle Campbell: 10

Karimah Lawrence:

Summer: 10/10

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